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Apple Trees Lyrics

deep inside my eye, there is part of you
you still look the same, though you're upside down
so much time has passed since i saw you last

an apple pie, the number pi
i studied you in math class
i did all my work but never got your digits

take a number like 5, times 10, times 10 again
500 miles of apple orchards to defend

deep inside my core, there is part of you
you still look the same, though you're grown up now
why are you still in my eye?
will your memory ever die?

an apple tree, a family tree
we'll plant ours together
the roots will hold forever and forever

what can i say? i won't delay, i'm leaving today
500 miles of apple orchards in my way

a mackintosh, a macintosh
you messaged me all winter
i'd write replies and still feel like a loser

pack an apple to eat, go hit the street, get on your feet
500 miles of apple orchards 'til we meet

i'm taking a stand
with apple in hand
i pull up my sleeve
it's time that i make like an apple tree and leave
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Dec 17, 2001
15 Meanings
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I can totally relate to this song, I think it's about having a crush on somebody and wanting to get over it but u just can't and they won't leave ur mind because deep down u still love them

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Yeah, I also think it's about a crush. I feel exactly what the song speaks of, I wish I could get over her...grrr.

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no kidding. it always reminds me of this one guy that i blew not one but two chances on. he was my ideal guy.

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Such good lyrics, I agree that its about a crush

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yea thats the great thing about this band because everyones had a crush in a class their in and they get no work done because they spend their time trying ,unsuccessfully , to get with this girl but it goes on to say that this ccrush, i think hes talkin about his first one, became part of his core being. because noone ever forgets a first crush but this crush last for a long time and hinders his life making him unable to leave and in the end he does get over it but not after getting a piece of the apple orchard

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yeah, awesome song, it's probably about some girl he met while picking apples in an apple orchard

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i had a crush on my math teacher, so lame-o me thinks of this song. "an apple pie, the number pi, i studied you in math class, i did all my work but never got your digits" it's like i did all my work byt i never got his digits. derp.

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haha, yeah well, there was this girl on my math class and I had a huge crush for 2 years... and still counting. haha. and yeah, it can't really leave.

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It's more than just a crush; He falls in love with a girl at school when they are little. He ends up talking to her years later, online (on his Mac.. get it? :P), after she or he has moved away.. And he still likes her and feels like a dork replying to her. But, the distance doesn't matter, because he's FINALLY going to act on it... Something he's never did before.

So it is a crush, and online relationships/reunions, and finally going for who you love. So it's even more awesome.

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first ozma song that i ever listened to during highschool, i was going through this as i listened to the music, haha, great song, you try of thinking of what to say your move, until youre too late, but then you get a second chance along the road

you still look the same, except youre grown up now

except youre upside down

and i wrote replies but still felt like a loser

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