Life ain't a fairy tale
We try to dream
Only can dream so well
Capitalize on the good
Until we lose our eyes
What is, what the fuck should
Half done, half seeing the demise
Pent up, done up, come back
Just to talk for and against the past
Have a pizza just to throw it down
As the sauce splatters the wall and
Bites me in the ass
If only I had a bite of that
My fault, it's gone it's done
Our stomach like brain is so fun
Try to tell ya where I'm coming from
Not as easy, emotions like everyone
Just a bit worse, not the worst
We want to grow more, but
We both hate the sun, what a curse
At least it's not a play to rehearse
Me and my jazz band make little sense
Not at all, with no alcohol, to a pretty princess
Where within that do you admit
If you're like me, on the outside is where you sit
Try to convey where I am
You already see me against the wall
Yet I know my margin of crap
It can fill up seven times a public stall
Writings on the side and back of us all
It matches the toilet bowl
A lot of shit within it
Deep down I think you see
It's you and me, not our fall
It'd be better if it was none
But so many still admire the mall
Changes; we crawl, walk, we crawl
Can we stand back up
Endeaver, get shot, live again
Die, then live forever
Bought new shoes and hoodies we'll treasure
If we got back the pizza
At least we'll feel it our our butt hole
Three to ten inch, what's the measure

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