Have you ever felt like you don't belong
Never fit in except in your favorite song
Have you felt anxiety, not just nerves
Your mind no where near at ease

Whether you are too high or too sober
Irony is you are actually much lower
Questioning more than your existence
Existential, or identity crisis

It could come in waves
Or be for a certain season
Maybe it was how you were raised
Now trying to find your reason

You don't want to distance yourself
Maybe you do because it helps
Perhaps you made too many mistakes
Mind can take over after heartbreaks

It was not intended to be the one hated
But you know what was not appreciated
You too can do just as much hating
Justified from your own side of debating

What if they never truly hated
What if you took things too serious
Apprehension when it's not needed
Or you were unwell, they could not see it

There's a feeling in your chest
Though you lose feeling in your hands
What you do feel is not the best
You think nobody understands

At times it gets worse
There are times you can ride it out
It could be over stimulation
Or you may not know what it's about

You might not be in the moment
Are you just too aware of it
Overthinking, a distance between others
Feeling like a piece of shit

Fears are only in the mind
Let go, easier said than done
Anxiety falls on a spectrum
You're never the only one

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