"Right Behind You" as written by Brandon Flowers and Stuart Price....
As by the door to get to Heaven
Seven trumpets big and bright
You hear it coming in the middle of the night
A caution to the children
Time to turn your crimson white

We've all got reservations
Trials will come suddenly
And without explanation
But you were born with goodness
You were born with goodness
Wherever you go now

I'm right behind you
In the light of hope
I'll be beside you
On that dusty road
And if you get blind, well that's alright
Wicked winds blow with grace and might
Cling to the ways of my name
When you touch the stone

Break your word over me
Sinking in the quicksand
Break your word
Don't you see?
You're breaking me down now

I'm right behind you
In the light of hope
I'll be beside you on that dusty road
When no one expects you to deny
And no one accepts your reasons why
You cling to the ways of my name
When you touch the stone

No one expects you to deny
And no one accepts your reasons why
You cling to the ways of my name
When you touch the stone

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"Right Behind You" as written by Brandon Flowers Stuart Price

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    General CommentI love this song! I can't get it out of my head. It's like straight out of the Book of Revelation.

    To me, it sounds like "And if you get blind, well that's alright" and "When you touch the stone."

    And I'm pretty sure "I break your word over me" is just "Break your word, over me." I see it as him singing from God's perspective and "I break.." wouldn't really make sense.

    kbb02on September 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe way i interpret this song is a narrative from a person who has died, addressing the person they love. A few reasons for this, when he mentions trials coming suddenly and without explanation, I imagine he is talking about untimely deaths; when he talks about being born with goodness, this is reassurance to the person that they are capable of coping. As well as this i think the line 'Wherever you Go Now' is juxtaposed with the chorus to say 'wherever you go now I'm right behind you'. 'In the light of hope' is maybe referencing the person's faith that Flowers is singing to, kind of like, "you're hoping to be with me again, and i am with you, which is why it is light'.
    'When you touch the stone' I think is the person visiting his gravestone and clinging on to his memory through their grief. When Flowers says 'No-one expects you to deny and, and no-one accepts your reasons why' i think hes talking about how other people expect the person to move on, and don't see why they keep clinging to his memory.
    That's me done, sorry if i bored you. But it's an amazing song :)
    thisboy91on August 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMormons believe in the 2nd coming of Christ, that he will come again. They believe that when he comes back, the angels will sound the trumpet, that's why they have an angel on top of their temple with the trumpet. They clothe in white in their temples. They too believe Jesus is always by them/behind them. Could be what this song means?
    Patricklog12on October 01, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis song's my favourite in the album!
    If you get blind well tha's all right...it's like someone who's not from the same faith or background and perhaps lost in other paths, but there's always that friend who wants to walk with her/him even in dusty roads, an always be right behind.
    Not sure what it means: break your words over me, you're breaking me down now... could be the other person not allowing the other one to reach out and is cutting off from him/her, and the other one not giving up. Truly amazing song about true friendship!!!
    hannahloveflowerson October 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favourite! There is such a deep feeling in this song!
    Helenflamingomadon October 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentDoubting what the other thinks is only gonna bring more darkness and confusion. Being there for one another and believe in each other is the way. That's what the song is about. Make contacts.
    flamingorealon September 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAgain a song of strong relationship, a promise to be there for each other in everything-i'm right behind you in the light of hope, i'll be beside you on that dusty road...; pretty straight forward.
    Most of Flamingo's album is orientated towards his faith and beliefs. I don't know much about his beliefs, but the Mormons are well known for sticking for each other. They're a solid community. There's definitely a sense of momonism in his album to be fair. I don't mind it, I like his songs and admire him.
    Trevor64on June 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds a lot like the story of the Brother of Jared from the Book of Mormon. The brother of Jared (Mahonri Moriancumr) was an ancient prophet and had great faith. The Lord commanded him to build a ship that was completely sealed, the brother of Jared asked the Lord to touch some stones that he brought with him to the top of a mountain that they might glow and produce light. The Lord did this and afterwords he was permitted to see the spirit body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Interesting parallels.
    TanRojoon January 14, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI don't know what this song means, but it sucks. Let's not forget Flowers said that he wanted to write more spiritual lyrics, and there whatever it means to him, am not religious, I don't understand spiritual meanings/language, but agree with many, this song leaves you with a wam feeling.
    kotcut529on October 23, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhile I'm not super Christian, I find myself drawn to this song. As somebody who knows what type of person Brandon Flowers is, I cannot believe that this song is ENTIRELY and only restricted to religious meaning. Look at his body of works (via The Killers and in his solo career): his lyrics are complex, and there is more than one dimension to most songs. I believe that this song is no different. There is absolutely no doubt that this song is dedicated to his religious faith...but at the same time,I choose to listen to it through the ears of a romantiscist. As so many other of the Flowers'/The Killers' songs have been made of, I believe this song carries some romanticism about it, although...again, I can't deny that it is deeply sprinkled with religious/spiritual inspiration.

    Bottom line: Am I the only one who believes that Brandon Flowers is smart enough to realize that when he's writing these songs he is placing multi-dimensional emotions/emphases on them??????!
    analytical1canthelpiton December 14, 2010   Link

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