Emily, The crowd has gathered here
but it is not because of you.
Emily, the taste of blood in their mouths,
I can't imagine what they'll do.
But it doesn't matter what they'll do to me.

Emily, have they forgotten you
when they set their sights on me?
They will hang me from the rope tonight
Will you be waiting there for me?
Will our souls remember where we said we'd meet
on the way out of this town?
I'm leaving one way or the other, Emily.
There's nothing left here for me now.

Emily, it's so quiet now.
It's like the calm before a storm.

They will punish me for what he did to you
But either way it's all my fault,
'Cause I made the man who laid his hands on you.
And I would tear him down, but I feel like a dead man
and what can a dead man do?

Emily: This is not your fault
Tom: I'm leaving one way or the other, Emily.
Emily: This is not your fault
Tom: There's nothing left here for me now.

Here comes the blow.
We find the only man who loved her...
We find the only man who'd give his life
to see her once again... We find this man
Emily: Not Guilty!
Tom: Guilty... I am Guilty.

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The State vs. Thomas Light song meanings
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    General CommentIt isn't (just) Emily who says "Not Guilty" at the end- It's the whole jury. Thomas Light was tried in court and found to be innocent.
    I'm pretty sure... It does seem to work better that way, as the next song has the masses on the verge of rioting, demanding his blood. They don't think he's innocent, and they want to see him punished. They think he's getting away.
    Anyway, this song isn't too hard to understand. Tom is pretty depressed. He's lost his love, his life is ruined, he has nothing left. He says explicitly in the song that he feels like a dead man, and there's nothing left for him anymore. He's practically hit rock bottom. He doesn't care what happens to him. He almost wants to be sentenced to death so he can go join his wife in the afterlife. I don't think there's too much else in this song... it's Tom's lament.
    Shutyourmouth2on October 18, 2010   Link

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