At first kids doubt
'til they hear the Skitzofrenik big mouth spit out
in ya house tellin' you ta GET OUT
Got big clout from here to a rep I'm tearing & better
Hotter than a kid or fly swatter wearing a leather w/ a sweater underneath
run ya beak, you ain't doing no justice
your crew & those broads with you booin'
though, you suck, you're fall back lines are all used up
Who's up next? MR.CHECKS.
So throw ya brews up in the air
Show me you care about the real skills
Beer spills all in your hair, nobody cares still
CHECKMARK makes ya head bop with all the head talk
I pull out cards but I ain't losing like the Red Sox
At crunch time I got punchlines like time clocks
At night I rhyme raw, watch all the dimes flock
to the potent MC, you can smoke and O-Z
Homie, the trees won't help you get as open as me
so slow it down

[HOOK x2]
Get down to the Skitzofrenik sound
Checkmark, Gerard & Eric Brown
Spittin rounds of the raw sound
All the frauds get clowned so...
(Call that boy Rodgers and slow it down)

I come six-feet, one-inch tall
code name; Charlie Bawls
Borrow ya doll, body & all
Be prepared for a horrible fall
Pimp strut to a crawl
CHECKMARK rocks you all on the conference call
You dropped the ball, I picked it up and ran
flip my tongue like a freaky dyke with a dental dam
Go off the mental,
Man driving drunk in the rental van
Makin' moves with E to instrumental dance
smooth like lentle an'
Graduated from cans to bottles, pedal-brakes to throttles,
Hood rats to models, Swatch to Movado
Follow my lead
I'm copping everything I want while you borrowing weed
I'm sorry your speed ain't enough to keep up with Skitz
We deep up in ya chick while you're beatin' ya prick,
Sleep & get ripped
I'm taking out half the joint
While you other cats get thrashed by cabbin' points
Slow it down...


You'll never see CHECKMARK hangin' out on ya block
No need to search for a purse 'cause they're always in stock
And plus my new release is guaranteed like Blockbuster
Your style lost luster,
Guess your pops musta' bounced on you clown
because you don't sound legitimate
A little Skitz is what you get
Either spit a split,
switch the pitch to knuckles
You can't ball with chuckles
Crush them skirts then turn chicks with belt buckles
Much too much for you to touch
I thrust & rush ya mind behind offensive lines like the bust
Plus if I gave you a noose, you couldn't hang
Your little rap committee is kiddie like Chitty-Bang
I swang the band, Nikes slicker than Rick
Revenge right with jams tighter than stretchpants
I ram mics down the throats of those who oppose
the Skitz flows
Get exposed like hoes after shows, That's how it goes
Slow it down...


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