(drifters sample: make the music play)
make the, make the music play just a little slower (x3)
...Mister Jason, Charlie Bawls, Take it slow...

At first kids used to doubt
'Til they hear the drunken, funky tune come out
boomin out the speakers of ya room screamin DUDE, GET OUT!
boost ya clout, I write words ta dice herbs
Cooler than an Eskimo in an igloo with iceburgs
Sweater's on ya back, ya track, had enough of that
You rap like a model: Waste-lines; got nothin fat
You suck, takin it raw, ya jaw's bruised up
Charlie 'Bawls' while you're in stalls throwin' ya brews up
in the Jon
Thinkin' you strong? We can get it on
Charlie hustled back when E40 was PM DAWN
Speakin' holdin' heat but you ain't never seen guns
Ya team be rockin' vests, but they the HEAVY D ones
I seen some shine hops, I seen some buy props
I seen some guys flop that have more raps than Thai spots
Combine thoughts with Mister Jason
To expose the lame-to-pro ratio
Make you hoe-fakers know, take it slow

Make the music play just a little slower (x4)

You front like ???
Plus ya man's wack too
I reach back, spit on my hand before I smack you
You act too hard with ya squad of pee-ons
Think you all HIGH N MIGHTY cause you got your EONs
While you outside gettin' ya free on
I be onstage spittin' blades while Mister J puts the beat on
Write three songs in one night with future sights like DEON
Got more hot-lines than psychics I might spit
flip a dyke's script
Steal chicks who like SKITZ
Not the type to rock a mic to get dame
I got enough game to get a chain 'fore I get a name
Let it rain, I'll weather any storm
Earth, Wind & form
This old school cat's gotten head in every dorm
& still gettin warm
Warnin' ya'll kids retire
Otherwise get scorched by CHARLIE's great BAWLS of fire
Take it slow!

Make the music play just a little slower (x4)

Yo, well I be spittin' the flames while I'm fuckin' ya dame
Rippin ya chain, get some fame then I'm switchin my name
I Went from CHECK to CHARLIE, from playin sax to trollys
split like Ali's & keep it locked like a Molly
Respond when you call me? Probably not
Catch me at the baller spot
tryin' ta cock-tails like molotov
Barbershop talk, CHECKMARK holds the clippers
In motion pictures co-starring the golden zipper
Hope the liquor lasts all nite
Cause we the type to view life as just one long night
& do it right
I like bruisin' mics, Nike shoes & dice
Sex under blue lights 'til I choose my wife
the boojy type, hate me so much like Kelis
cause my fleet's in they're Penthouse suites
Bangin' beats made by MISTER JASON
The reason why kids'll pace in
We rip the nation when he brings the kicks & bass in

Make the music play just a little slower (x4)

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