"Take Away The Pain" as written by and Seth Brooks Binzer Anthony Robert Crawford....
Take away the pain
And let me fly away
Take away the pain
And let me fly away

This is a last dance
My last chance
To get it right

At first glance
You might think my life looks nice
But if you look a little closer
I walk on thin ice

I'm one slip from death
Twelve steps from paradise
A young america, riddled from
Defects of character

A reject, caught in the web
Of mass hysteria
I pray for the world to change
I've seen my friends
Killed in pain

One fix from the end
One drink from insane
I'm stained

I'm lost with my brain broke
Comes second from smoked outs
To livin' the great hopes

So if your gonna save me
Better save me now
I'm an escape artist
With no escape

I need a way out
My life is way out
The same old played out
Stuck on the same route

So I'm takin' a leap of faith
Hopin' I win this race
Hopin' this time I'm blessed
And don't miss

Cause I know and God knows
I really worked hard for this


Now when I get away from trouble
I go lookin' for more
Takin' two steps back
From the bridge to the shore

Tryin' to hustle muscles sore
From doin the devil's chores
Runnin' from my problems
Every gettin' to the door

Been runnin' 'round in circles
Down a dead end roads
I don't know where I'm going
But I act like I know

Borrowin' money
To pay back what I owe
My head's a three-ring circus
I'm a one man show

Another tatooed freak
I was born in the jar
I was meant to be a sick confused
Loser rock star

So who's the puppet master
I went from county jail
To an open night disaster
Livin' faster gettin' faster

Now mamma's on the front porch
Sippin' on some wine
When daddys in his office
And he's choppin' up some limes
My sister's in the backyard
Smokin' on the green
My brother's in the basement
Cookin' methamphetamine


These thoughts collected
I'm tryin' to alter my perspective
I'm commin' to a hault
And to stop is my objective

Time is runnin' out
My luck is runnin' thin
I stuggled too long not to win
Or die tryin'

I see the clock tickin'
My entire time is flyin'
I'm smilin' at defeats till
Inside I'm cryin'

Lookin' at the sky
Askin' why I can't live
A simple life its a lie
To say the grass ain't
Greener on the other side

A poor excuse for heaven sent
Cause I can't climb the fence
No matter how hard I try
I'm wrapped in barbbed-wire
Wonderin' who's on my side

Rusty knives in my back there's
No where left for me to hide
I'm wrapped up in sin
So I'm in for a ride

I'd commit suicide
But I don't want to die
I'm sick of gettin' high
And I'm sick of these games

There's not enough drugs to take
To take away the pain

Take away the pain, and let me fly away
Take away the pain, and let me fly away
Take away the pain, and let me fly away
Take away the pain, and let me fly away

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"Take Away the Pain" as written by Seth Brooks Binzer Anthony Robert Crawford


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