"Work it out ft. Chali 2na" as written by and James Edward/allen Alexander....
yo yo, uh uh. YO!

React on contact with Supernat'
we blow ya wig back
best believe dat, he's back
you feelin' that revolutionary street rap
we Dilate, activate, yo demonstrate
Supernat, and I'm ready to work it out
Dilated, and we ready to work it out
J5, and we ready to work it out
2na Fish get on mic and work it out!

Now let's sit back and inhale this nice tree
while words ricochet like Denzel and Ice-T
come lyrically feisty
embedded like lice be
flow nicely
some women can truly entice me
but watch the quiet ones
no glocks & fire guns
bust shots with paragraphs
that blocked entire lungs
burn crops at marathons
want stocks and barabonds
with Rakaa & Supernat'
we blowin' like Sarah Vaughan

YO! My uzi weighs a ton like Fat Joe and Big Pun
Tommy Hilfiger made Tommy Boy a Tommy gun
three-hundred and fifty-seven style deception
pistol grip pumped, aimed in your direction
uh, armed and strapped and packed for the attack
for any situation an' trip, we blast it back
driveby's, uh, walkups we give a fuck
I light it up off the back of a Uhaul truck!

Yo I preach over the S-3000 computer
with Supernatural, Jurassic 5, and Joe Buddha
the type to rock, sign a autograph and spark a lot
but never feed the birds pecking in the parking lot
Dilated expand, worldwide, watch me land
watch them watch in North Hollywood to Knottingham
it's me that makes you p-p-p-panic something frantic
Rakaa aka Iriscience and New Planet


There's principalities involved in this
we dominatrix classical
J5 with Dilated and Supernatural
we bring the heat to ya heart
when we meet, call me Mark
ripping beats all apart
the L-A-U-K-N-Y, we fly, connection
gets eternal like reflection
when you enter the session we traffic like an intersection
different shades of complexion gon' be feeling this blessing
feeling the blessing inside the session
yo, it's classic, flow with Jurassic
MC's they get they ass kicked
blast quick straight off the dome when I throw it like Chali 2na putting it down, natural born poet
I kill, he's real with the skills, we start to build Supercool ain't no fool, yeah, drum fills and tracks
Joe Budda hooked it up you like that
when I hear a fat beat, break it down, can't fight that
shed the light on Mark7, use the mic as a weapon
uniting brothas, yeah MC's should stop guessing,
start fessing
yo brotha we keep it live
kicking lyrics, yo with a universal vibe...

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