(Craig G)
my shit is swifter, the lyrical rhyme drifter
I'll brush you in the ass and then I'll shake you wit' a salt shifter
My shit is nice, when I rhyme, suffice
on April 23rd, the thumb??? is heard
my shit is swifter, I be with the lyrical style flip, b
niggas get bust they ass quick as 360

now 360, now don't dare to dis me
I grab the microphone and start to solve all mysteries
like this, everytime yo I do exist
grab the microphone and give your whole f'n head a twist
lyrical bliss, hey brother this is true
I tell you what, brotha I can regurgitate up on you
just like that up on that track as far as I see
I tell you what you're a fake ass replica of me

(Craig G)
yo fuck that nigga, my shit is ill, fuck ya wack promo
lookin like a Rastafarian ??
I blow slow, bash niggas in the face
my shit's swift, I'll spray ya ass down with mace
and not Mase that wack MC down with BadBoy
playin with a rubber ducky, treat you like a sad toy
my shit's swifter, I dress like a drifter
punch you in the face and walk off holdin ya liver

yeah. Punch me in the face you'll get laced
I grab the microphone one time and you can taste
one time, grab the microphone non stop
knock you to the ground, get out my way, count up your loss
hip hop flows through my veins, I maintain
I grab the microphone and start to bring yo ass pain
aw yeah, yeah brother you don't understand
Fuck you and I'll also battle ya man
what's up with that?

(Craig G)
uh, come up with the beat switch
I'll beat you like a cheap bitch
check the fuckin style, like the way I speak shit
rugged, raw, bust the grammar
well I told ya go back to Indiana & get Mike Tyson out the slammer
I slam like a bammer
fuck that country shit, my style's rugged
your face got that bumpy shit
I'm swift, I said I'm nice with this
don't try to cut me off, kid
don't try and cut me off shit

don't try to flip, nig' I cut you off so
I got the bumpy shit
tell you what, I'm a take you to a different place
when I look at you you remind me of a pizza face
pepperoni, you're nothing but a fuckin' phony
after this battle, yo bitch I'll get a Tony
the real macaroni, with a jam you can groove
take another look Craig, cause my shit is smooth

(Craig G)
yo my shit is incredible, damn it not to mention
when I was rhymin you was home sittin in detention
like LL said, right now you fell dread
my shit's swift when I reach bust you with a pearlhead

Oh I'll tell you what, yo I like it just like that
in the back you was suckin on the dick of Kool G Rap
if he was here he, know for a fact
you know what he would tell you, yo don't fuck with Supernat

(Craig G)
Yo, my shit is wack?
your breath smell like the poorest
if you knew about hip hop my shit came out before his
word, fuck you, suck my dick, and your moms suck my dick
and fuck that trick

I tell you what, Oh no, I gotta freakin blow
I see your dad is a bitch and your moms is my hoe
?? sippin, one time brotha I got her whippin
I fucked your sister and now I got her ass pimpin
also she on my quarter all the time
screw dat, now we going head to head with rhyme

(Craig G)
Yo one time fo ya mind, you cross the real
bust ya ass in rhyme, then you lost ya deal
then I frost ya skill, then I brush ya steel??
then I crush ya skill, then I bust ya pill???
my shit's nicer than any rap device
smack you in ya head, pull out my razor, cut you twice

I tell you what, Craig
you don't really sound like you used to
you ain't had a deal since you rolled with the Juice Crew
I kill that shit anytime that I can flip it
when I start to kick it, truly that's the ticket

(Craig G)
check it out yo, I brush your ass on the table
you hear my shit everyday on Hott, got my own label
I blow tables, got em and spin em
say you wack in this battle son, you ain't even winning
I met your man with the red shirt on the network
flip microphones apart showing rap expert
break niggas, watch the text work, POW!
layin on the floor, how the fuck you like me now?

I tell you what I'mma let the rhyme straight out the cage
everytime I wish that you could give me some stage
hey just like this, one time brotha I get wild
stop running around, you're too hype, I'm kicking freestyles

(Craig G)
Yo I stand here brotha, yo I start to grind
time to chill, it's like you a ?????
I gave you yours so let me give you mine
me & you nigga we going straight up mind for mind
look me in my face, look me in my eyes
understand you in for a surprise
understand I told you what, where's my scruples?
this motherfucka still ain't look me in my pupils

Yo word to my mutha, I won't stop, true
word to my mutha, son. got nothin to lose
cruise like a car in cruise control
you could lose the whole battle when you step in my face
now you wanna look at me in my face, man you're kidding me
I'll cut you off live of all ya energy??

(Craig G)
Craig G! Shut that shit off!Fuck That!
word up son nigga rhymes n' rage
in fact get ya ass off the stage
m shit's swift, check the technique when I rip
I don't give a fuck my styles go *blip-blip*
yo just like that first game when I had Atari
Fuck you Supernatural, word...I'm sorry

Fuck me? Yeah, brotha fuck you
I grab the microphone and that's exactly what I'll do
telekinetic, yeah brothas start to think
get out the way muscle man you still inside the ring
I'm the king with the flavor that I bring
everytime I flip it yo I'm doin my thing
Hip Hop, MC wit MC
I'll punch you in the face like I was Jack Dempsy

(Craig G)
fuck that, yo, you know the flavor kid
the only way you get your props is cause you bought
your whole neighborhood
I savor would bust you in ya grill with the rhymes dats kill
fuck that. you see that dancing nigga bout to make his way to the stage
my shit's swift, in fact out the cage, enrage
yo I step on the speaker
turn around and to your face I'll tell you that your weaker

I tell you what, yo Craig, yo that's all good
you talk shit said about my whole neighborhood
so peep it kid, you know exactly where I live
the last time we battled you brought your whole street kid

yelling: hold up hold up hold up
bunch of wack ass talking.
Craig's mad and starts yelling "on my son" like 20 times
Supernat's pissed cause Craig stepped on the mic and killed the battle.

So tell me.....who do you think won?

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Clash of the Titans (Supernat & Craig G battle) song meanings
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