The gold rush is on
And I'm leaving you Mom
The casons are rolling along
I know that sister's
Still living in sin
When I've time I'll judge her again

I tried my best
Like you said

Good friends are wishing
Goodbyes and good lucks
While husbands and wives have a last hug
I drank till I was unable to stand
The sickle, the noose and the firebrand

Waste, I'm a waste of time

So I tried and I tried
But it all went wrong
Oh, my best

You were my trumpeter swan
All along

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    General CommentThe "Gold Rush" is on and I'm leaving you Mom, the Caissons (that is the correct spelling) are rolling along

    He is in the Army and leaving for a deployment. The Caissons are rolling along refers to the U.S. Army Song, "The Army Goes Rolling Along

    The part about his sister.... Hmmm
    I take it as, he is telling his mom that he is about to leave for this deployment/War and she is just complaining about his sister's life choices, and he is like, "Okay I'll pass judgment on her (sarcastically) as soon as I get through all my problems/current situation"

    Good Friends are wishing... Husbands and wives...
    Again solidifies the, military predeployment hypothesis. Friends saying good by, good luck. And spouses tring to get that one last hug before the plane takes off..

    I drank till I was un able to stand - I think this is litteral.
    The sickle the noose and the firebrand,
    I think the sickle represents death (it is commonly mistaken for the scythe which the Grimm Reaper holds)
    The noose represents self destruction and the firebrand represents the Agitator. These are all the images conjured up while drunk. The thought/fear that Death could be waiting at this next deployment. The thought that I volunteered for this ... and now I could die (suicide?) and now in his drunken state the "firebrand" maybe asking why the hell are we going to fight.

    You were my Trumpeter Swan - This part eludes me...
    Symbol of fidelity? Beauty?
    world_trvleron June 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure this song is about the band (the Envy Corps) getting ready to leave for tour...
    I don't think Luke (the lead singer) has ever been to war...
    A great song, nonetheless!
    The feeling you get when you hear "I trieeeeedddd my bessssstttt, liiiiiike you saiiid..." is indescribable.
    A truly deep song about trying your hardest, and just hoping others are content with what you have produced.
    MusicalLoveon October 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNeil Young told you what went down After the Goldrush.
    The Envy Corps are just trying to let you know how it was Before the Goldrush.
    enjoyyourrootson December 09, 2008   Link

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