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Hoodwink Lyrics

Someday they will build monuments for us.
People like me walk out the door,
We'll pull you out into the streets
Of far off countries. If I'm ready to go,
How could I let you dwell in delight?

Oh see, all things are so bright and spiritual.
These seeds are growing in extraordinary colors.
Convinced? Even I believe that I have grown something.
It's cased in light.

Don't you worry about me, I'm gone.
Don't you worry about me.
I'm off in a distant place

Where I can be the signifier,
Not that which is signified.
The referent, convincing us (you and me both),
For you, my smile is like bow, bow, bow, bow.

Out here there is no 'under the skin.'
And the form of every other
Is hidden under covers.

Let us sleep
In ease of dark.

We couldn't rest
With this sense of duty hanging off of our chests.
Peeled away, we had to get back from where the
Grip of our hands could lift us from the failures
In the eyes of men, to form our scales and weigh
Our words, good again.
To form our scales in the eyes of men,
To weigh our words
And make ourselves good again.
14 Meanings
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For listeners of Boy Sets Fire -- does anyone else think his voice sounds SO similar to the singer in BSF?

good song.

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aside from giaramita's endless hype, this is the song that got me completely immersed in this band.

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its small, but you forgot the "so nevermind" at the beginning of the song.

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Someone online posted these lyrics with the first lines being a quote of the officer who invented the gas chamber. If that's the case... the way it's being quoted really adds depth to the song.

The lines

"Even I believe that I have grown something."

It's interesting to hear Matt sing "i believe that I(you've) grown something." he changes it mid word... which is really really interesting.

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uh, the clapping/stomping part during the "Don't you worry about me" is one of the coolest things evar. especially live...

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the "so nevermind" part at the beginning isn't part of the official lyrics in the cd liner; that's why i didn't include it.

ps: if you're unsure if you like anathallo or not, go see them live. they're breathtaking.

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thoughts and comments on the meaning? and yes, they are quite the show live.

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the lyrics to this song are beautiful. i love anathallo. and the clapping/stomping is amazing. its so neat how something like that can turn into another instrument.

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i saw them live with Brand New at Kool Haus on May 18th and they are PHENOMENAL live!

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missionary almost vibe from it? if referent is referring to the cross and signifier being a true follower of Christ and signified being just a Christian? its a stretch

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