Oh searching tired of love grown up, now it all falls out,
oh lovely dreamer, magic prince,
come and swoop you up, swoop you up.
but now no I, just might guess,
man at all, i'll grow up, I came your way.
nobody so special, will dream us away,
nobody to sweep you away,
and oh light, oh light come and lift me up.

Oh light please, come lift me up,
oh sweet light come lift me up,
when you go down, remember your steps as a baby,
remembering how you walked,
remembering all the sweetest dreamin' you did,
while you tick-tack alone.

Now all gone, there's nothin' left,
but your dream I wrote in a song.
Just like the bent back of an old woman,
you know it's all gone and severed alone,
and so I rhyme.

So now all your secrets,
they all look the same as all inside,
she feels swallowed up, oh she feels tired as she could,
but creepin' will roll us along.

But it's all over, oh,
it's all alone, so long,
oh Lucy's alone,
sweet Lucy loves the way of the world,
like the bent back of an old woman.

Why soon, this way ?
Why soon, my way ?

I came cryin' till you came, upon my knees,
beggin father lift me up please,
but no, answer came down, oh flower child,
just emptiness inside of me.

Oh light lift me up, please lift me up,
come down and pick me away.
Forgive me all my selfish ways,
sweet light pick me up from my misery.

Why, do I come back to you,
the way, I do,
the way, I picture you,
in the way that I picture you.

Lift me up from the bottom to the top,
lift me up, sweet light.
Lift me up from the bottom to the top,
lift me up, sweet light.
Lift me up from bottom to the top,
lift me up, sweet light.
Lift me up from the bottom to the top,
lift me up, sweet light

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    Song MeaningLight=Love. No feeling is more illuminating. Doesn't necessarily refer to God, as he is openly agnostic. I think he's talking about his lovely lady.
    spiercew07on January 08, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI personally love this song and I think it's kinda a miz between a love song and another one of Dave's refrences to the Lord songs, obviously The Lord is the light.
    Just1_BigEyedFishon March 31, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI too love this song. I wish it would actually get played and/or remembered. It seems like the meaning is pretty simple...it's about being tired of life and the monotony, and the light is a reference to God. Light lift me up...lord help me, lift me from "the bottom to the top."
    ItsAllIWanton January 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI just love to hear Dave's voice when he says "Oh light lift me up..."

    IheartDaveon February 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commentof course we see dave speaking in analogies and anamorphic language. the story of the light is a representation of the fall of man from Gods mountain.
    man is invisible spirit. his origination is observed dwelling in God house atop the mountain
    God has chooses man to become like God. knowing the difference between good and evil.
    the fall is introduced as adam/eve "falls" from or descends from the the invisible world of spirit to the visible passing through a higher frequency change to a slower frequency
    passing from invisible, to light, to physical. as adam finds himself in eden seperated from his wife eve.
    from this point we hear the cry to return back into the light back to the top of Gods mountain.
    light lift me up..as the denotation of light being God the female attribute of God..the Holy Spirit...el Shaddie

    this is the same as the fre symbol dave loves..the fire destroys the physical leaving only the flame of the light.. another denotation of returning to Gods house atop his mountain or "heaven".

    you could say that man dwells in the light.
    we just forgot
    Me2on October 17, 2006   Link

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