There is hope for us
There is distance between you and I
We have just enough
And it comes as no surprise

I was in between
You were matches and kerosene
Is you conscience clear
Can you get it clean

Did you celebrate without me
Did you tell them all about me
Did you sell me out
If you ever had a doubt

Kiss me on the mouth
Can you sing for me
Can you sing it out
Kiss me on the mouth

Does it get you off
Get it off your chest
Such an awful year
Such an awful mess

Can't write, you can't sing
You can't do anything at all
Is there someone here
Can you make the call
Please make the call

And the ambulance is here
And if I haven't made it clear

Kiss me on the mouth
Did you sell me out
If you ever had a doubt
Kiss me on the mouth
Can you sing for me
Can you sing it out

There is hope for us
There are constants that we can't define
Is it all used up
Are we out of time

Did you sell me out
Well if you ever had a doubt

Kiss me on the mouth
Now the ambulance is here
And if I still haven't made it clear
Kiss me on the mouth
Can you sing for me
Can you sing it out

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    General Commentit's about a guy trying to salvage what was left of a relationship, hence the title of the song "there is hope for us". he felt he did everything in his power to keep the relationship from self destructing.

    "i was inbetween, you were matches and kerosene"

    the girl has moved on with her life and the guy still wonders if he still means anything to her, or if she has forgotten him almost as a lark.

    "did you celebrate without me? did you tell them all about me?"

    he wants more than anything to prove to her that his love for her was true.

    "if you ever had a doubt, kiss me on the mouth"

    he feels that kissing him on the mouth (an act notably similar to resuscitation) would not only re-unveil their love for each other, but would also revive their broken relationship. thus, his metophorical dying plea to her:

    "kiss me on the mouth"

    he tries to convince her that her life now isn't as complete or as truly happy as when they were together.

    "you can't write, you can't sing, you can't do anything at all"

    he wants her to make an attempt to reach out and save him to show him that she still cares.

    "is there someone here, can you make the call, please make the call"

    this line also reflects his feeling of desperation and fear that someone else might be part of her life.

    what he wants her to understand, is that although it may have seemed logical to break up at the time, love is a very irrational thing. it defies all logic. there are "constants [they] can't define."

    the last verse sums up and reemphasizes his want for her to be as complete and happy only as he knew her. if only she would kiss him on the mouth give their relationship another chance.

    "can you sing for me? can you sing it out?"
    heartbeats_xxxon April 09, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti never really got into this band, but as of late, i've learned to love this song
    passionfrenzyon April 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI completely agree with passionfrenzy.
    but...sense this website is songMEANINGS
    I guess it would be the right place to say that I don't think I completely get this song....
    JamieLou007on April 28, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti got the feeling of a long-term-serious-on-off-relationship, if you can follow that. I didnt think about it that way until a friend (ironicaly one of such a relationship) pointed out the kiss me on the mouth in the sense that a kiss is the place where there is the most honesty, thus truth about one's feelings.
    kill-in-tonson September 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti a new thought also just popped into my mind, it is kind of a stretch, but maybe if the entire thing is looked as an OD that one person watches and tries to save the ODer's like with rescue breathing, but at the same time is responsible, and then afterwards the issue becomes unspoken, or almost taboo and this is a way to confront it
    kill-in-tonson September 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwow, "kill-in-tons", that actually does make sense. the whole ambulance thing and all.

    but since i believe that people can have their completely different reactions to it, i kind of feel like the singer is singing about someone they love but it kills them to love them. it just feels like, during the "kiss me on the mouth", they love them a lot but know that the person, i don't know, may not love them back/enough/as much?
    just the tone of it sounds kind of desolate and slightly sesperate and kind of grabs my heart every time i listen to this song.

    this song made "jealous sound" one of my favorite bands.
    beardedlady222on January 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti agree with the resucitation thing, but i think of it as more in the relationship sense. like, trying to revive a dying thing they can't let go of. but that's just my interpretation because this song is personal to me
    njfoxboxon January 28, 2006   Link

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