"You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" as written by and Gerard Way Frank Iero....
In the middle of a gun fight
In the center of a restaurant
They say, come with your arms raised high
Well, they're never gonna get me,
And like a bullet through a flock of doves
To wage this war against your faith in me
Your life, will never be the same
On your mother's eyes, say a prayer say a prayer

Now, but I can't
And I don't know
How we're just two men as God had made us
Well, I can't, well, I can
Too much, too late, or just not enough of this
Pain in my heart for your dying wish
I'll kiss your lips again

They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost
My cellmate's a killer, they made me do push-ups (in drag)
But nobody cares if you're losing yourself am I losing myself
Well, I miss my mom
Will they give me the chair
Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you dare
Ah, nobody knows all the trouble I've seen

Now, but I can't
And I don't know
How we're just two men as God had made us
Well, I can't, well, I can
Too much, too late, or just not enough of this
Pain in my heart for your dying wish
I'll kiss your lips again

To your room
What they ask of you
Will make you want to say, so long
Well, I don't remember
Why remember you

Do you have the keys to the hotel
'Cause I'm gonna string this motherfucker on fire (fire)

Life is but a dream for the dead
And well I, I won't go down by myself
But I'll go down with my friends
Now now now now, now now now, now now now, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

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"You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison" as written by Gerard Way Frank Iero


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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison song meanings
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    General Commentvery interesting SSAUnsub, gerard's a brilliant songwriter, i say it again. he uses fantasy and metaphors beautifully as landscapes while expressing personal relationship angst.
    reebliteon April 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think the meaning is obvious, in concerts Gerard says "THIS SONG IS ABOUT BEING SODOMIZED IN JAIL!", and on the CD cover Gerard writes, "BERT FOR BEING MY CELL MATE"; so my conclusion is that the song is about Gerard getting fucked in the ass by Bert
    uranus182on February 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCan we actually get over the whole conversations about how amazing the used are or how good MCR is in concert and just actually get on with the song meanings? It is called songMEANINGS.net, not "ohmyeffinggodthey'resohawt.net", people!

    Anywho, yes this song is amazing. This CD is a concept album, and I think this is referring to how he gets sent to jail after killing a bunch of people to try to bring his girlfriend back to life (which is the concept of the entire album) but that's just me...-shrug-
    ashoincognitoon August 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNot many may figure this. After all, This song has "prison" in the name. It is somewhat a metaphor for death, or kind of being in huge pain before death, or purgatory, in my honest opinion. One of my favorites because of Gerard's emotion in the way background: "I miss my mom" that part made me cry last night. I had been crying already just a little, but... That much emotion is powerful.
    Mskibajr51on March 27, 2013   Link
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    General Commentyea i know Bert is on this song, i just wish i knew where. they don't even list him in the liner notes, i just read it in a newsletter from The Used.
    also the new Used single references MCR. I thought that was cool.
    caffeinesamuraion October 12, 2004   Link
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    General Commentalso I suspect it's Bert doing that giggle after the song ends. he does a whole bunch of crap like that after songs on the new Used. :-D
    caffeinesamuraion October 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOkay apparently (according to an interview with Gerard Way in Kerrang magazine - can't remember the date tho - soz) Gerard said something about this song being written about him having to kiss Bert McCracken from The Used in a game of Truth or Dare ... I dunno how true this is but it's what he said :)
    roia_cloverleafon November 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI read in an interview that this song was about being on tour and living with 15 other people and losing your indentity.Also the part about doing pushups in drag is true,haha.
    karol3000on January 21, 2005   Link
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    General Commentok heres someone elses point of view I thank this person cause I agree with his opinion

    In the middle of a gun fight - he was waisted and depressed (or in the middle of his inner fight=both possibilitys are posible)
    In the center of a restaurant - the center-in his soul... restaurant-probably refering to his body(i know it's funny, but in some way it makes sence)... this line you can also understand as virtual
    They say, - they-refering to friends, people that care about him
    "come with your arms raised high!" - they want him to open up and come clear about it-what he is doing with his life (in the way: "this has to stop")
    Well they're never gonna get me - doubt that they(friends/family/therapist) will understand his problems OR doubt that he's a hopeless case
    Like a bullet through a flock of doves - (bullet-issues/problems/addiction... doves-metaphor for freedom)- telling how hopeless it is
    To wage this war against - to start therapy
    your faith in me, - faith-his beliefs (refering to addiction/depression) - he believes that there is nothing that could help or save him
    Your life will never be the same - therapy will change(help him) his current bliefs
    On your mother's eyes say a prayer - (this part is little tricky... your mother's eyes-he could be refering to Elena (your-like the mother of his mom/dad) or he is talking about his mom?!=i think it's Elena) - prayer-he is really praying to her(Elena), asking her for "help" OR prayer stands for asking for help(therapist)
    Say a prayer. -family/friends asking/begging him to find himself some help.
    Now. - he can be commanding himself or others are (screem shows his/there determination)
    But I can't. And I don't know - doubts that he can't do it. he doesn't know where to seek for it(help)... doubt/uncertinty about getting in therapy
    How we're just human as God had made us - (totally wrong-he is singing just too men, and not just human) too men-his pride would suffer if he would show everyone that he can't fight it alone(he would show his weakness that he can't solve his issus/problems himself)... as God had made us (not mad!! wrong again) - all men are the same when it comes to this (they are the one that feel that they have to be the one to take care of family, friends,... and not be the one that would need help for themself - just the whole virility stuff... it's in men natur, you know...they are all the same when it comes to this part)
    Well I can't, well I can - he's struggeling...convicing himself about the decision
    Too much, too late and just not enough of this - he's wondering: too much-too much problems...too late-hopeless case...or not enough of this (and not: us!!)-not enough of courage/reasons for it(therapy/help)
    Paying more for your dying wish - totally wrong!!! not enough of this pain in my heart for your dying wish - he's not prepared to die so young... there are still thing that he wants to experience in his life - wondering that mabey his wish of dying (selfdistruction/suicide) isn't strong inof
    I kiss your lips again - kiss-is metaphor for fulfilling wishes(god damn, read psychology people!!!) ...we can say that he decided to obey/open up/get some help
    We lost three of the cards, -(who the fuck wrote this god damn lyrics?!)-wrong again!!!- they all cheat at cards - they all-refering to guys like him... cheat at cards-pretending that everything is ok (not putting right(honest) "cards on the table")
    and the checkers are lost - he doesn't have really figured out what is white and what is black (what is good for him and what isn't)
    My cellmate is a killer, - cellmate-soul splits on two men... a killer-suicidal/addicted part of him
    they (and not-he) made me do push-ups in drag - they-probably refering to his fears/problems/addiction... pushups in drag-he probably wanted to say that his f/p/a are making him opening up (push-ups) more difficul (in drag)
    Well nobody cares if you're losing yourself - nobody cares-refering to alcohol and drugs... losing yourself-getting addicted
    Am I losing myself? - wondering if he's getting addicted OR he doubts that he still understands himselfs(problems,what caused them, why is he doing all this)... wondering if he is he getting insane?!
    Well, I miss my mom - mom(mother)-could be metaphor for safety... so he misses feeling safe,sane,... (mabey he misses the safety of drugs/alco?!-can't tell) ... but it seems that this is the only part that he's really sure of
    Will they give me the chair, - they-again refering to issues/fears... the chair-well i think it's metaphor for help (if you wisit a therapist, first they give you a chair or sofa)
    or lethal injection - will "they" make him overdose (lethel injection=shot of cocaine)
    or swing from the rope if you dare- swing from the rope -make him hang himself(suicide)... do you dare-a provocative question addressed to himself
    But nobody knows, imma drop my soap - what the fuck is this???! -it's: Oh nobody know all the troulbe I seen - but they (refering to therapist/friends/family) still didn't experiance it... they will never know how it is if you're in such as shit as he is/was
    To your room - room-his inner being... the therapists want him to open up to them
    What they ask from you - it's not that easy for him to do that
    Will make you want to sit so long - if he'll open up he won't stop, the words/fealings will just flow out all at once
    But I dont remember - but he can't do it all at once
    Why remember? ... you - wondering if he should do it, why should he anyway? searching for reasons to open up, to fase that "dark"(suicidal/addicted) part of him (you)
    Do you have the keys to the hotel?! - (probably refering to therapist) if he knows how to help him open up and face it
    'Cause I'm gonna string this motherfucker on fire! (FIRE!!)-he's really determined(he's screemming when he's singing that part=isn't that inof of a sign?!) that he'll do it... make an end to it(addiction/suicide)
    Life is but a dream for the dead - noraml life is a dream(wish) of every addicted and/or suicidal person
    And well I, I can't (and not: wont) go down by myself, But i'll go down with my friends - he won't be able to work throught it alone, but he's not afraid anymore, cause he know's that there are all this people(friends) that are going to help him work this out
    Take it like a man! - fight it! be strong! don't give up! (probably an impuls refering not just to himself but to fans as well)

    -thank you person who wrote this meaning
    shiroon June 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI'm fairly certain that this song is about incarcerated gays. And not just because of the title. It's possible it was inspired by a make out session with Bert, but I think it's bigger than that.

    There's a line "we're just two men as god had made us" that tells that it's one man speaking to another. And then "I'll kiss your lips again" they're in love. "my cellmate's a killer; they make me do push ups in drag" this line tells that he's in prison (like the title) and to me implies that he's gay because why else would his cellmates choose drag to mess with him in? Then there's some lines that sound like they're about a prison rape.

    Also, in the live version on the Life on the Murder scene cd he says that it's about "five beautiful boys who done went to jail".
    betterinredon August 02, 2007   Link

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