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Je saigne encore Lyrics

Il a le droit de poser ses mains sur ton corps
Il a le droit de respirer ton odeur
Il a même le droit aux regards qui le rendent plus fort
Mais moi la chaleur de ta voix dans le coeur

Et ça fait mal crois-moi, une lame
Enfoncée loin dans mon âme
Regarde en toi même pas l'ombre d'une larme

Et je saigne encore, je souris à la mort
Tout ce rouge sur mon corps
Je te blesse dans un dernier effort

Il aime caresser ton visage quand tu t'endors
Et toi tu te permets de dire encore, encore
Je sais que ce qui ne tue pas nous rend plus fort
Mais moi, mais moi, je suis déjà mort
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May 06, 2004
6 Meanings
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this song is about a man who see his ex go out with another guy. One of the best song of Kyo

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I looooooove this song. I can understand the overarching meaning and most of the phrases, but some of the things they say are still lost on me. Can a fluent french speaker post a translation? I've searched all over the net for something but have come up with nothing :(

Anyways, this is probably my favorite song... it captures the feeling and portrays it almost poet-like. Just amazing

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the phrases obviously sound better in french, but here's a pretty close translation:

he has the right to put his hands on your body he has the right to breathe your smell he even has the right to a look which you return stonger but me, the warmth of your voice in my heart

and it hurts, believe me. a blade lodged deep in my heart look at you, not even the shadow of a tear

and i'm still bleeding. i smile at death, all this red on my body. i wound/hurt you in a last effort

he likes to carress your face while you sleep, and you, you allow yourself to say more i know that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but me, i'm already dead

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i love this song... dont understand a word though

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i reckon this song is about the woman's ex who died but still watches her and is jealous of her new boyfriend because he can do stuff he can't. Definetly one of Kyo's best!

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Ok so first off, I've only been learning French for 1 1/2 years and I only understand a few sentences in this song in the original French. The rest I pretty much rely on English translations (which I know are not as good). And I tend to have a more innocent interpretation on songs, so whatever.

This is what the song means to me (btw I'm a girl): I have had a best friend since preschool. We've know each other since as long as I can remember and he's practically my cousin. Last year he started to crush on one of my friends and she liked him too so I kinda helped them get together. But lately, things are getting awkward. They're always in each other's arms and sometimes their even kissing. My since-preschool friend barely even says anything when I approach them. I feel like I've lost one of my best friends. So I sit there and watch, and it feels like a dagger in my heart as I lose my best friend to his absorption with his girlfriend.

So this song always reminds me of them ...

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