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I Want To Be Cold Lyrics

It's raining on me.
I don't want it to stop.
I don't want to breathe anymore.
I want soggy ground, I want to feel my feet in the sand.
I want water to rise and cover all the land.
I want to swim till my arms give out and I come to an end.
I hope it happens soon, I can't deal with feeling this bad.
I want to be cold
and I want it to snow so bad.
I hope your flames don't grow.
I want to be buried in snow.
I hope your flames don't grow.
I just want to be cold.
I don't want you to know.
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Apr 18, 2004
5 Meanings
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On the "Blood" album, there's a different version of 'I Want to be Cold.'

At the end, instead of 'I just want to be cold I don't want you to know"

He sings:

"And now you'll never know, What a huge thing I had to offer you."

The Blood version is alot more revealing, and honest. Also a little arrogant, I guess. I mean, the guys dick can't be that big.

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Twas a joke and a funny one at that.

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Great song. I like how it opens with chaos and roars on for 3/4 of the song before it collapses on its own weight and the only thing left standing is Phil's voice, a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, some piano twinkling and the line "I hope your flames dont grow, I want to be buried in snow". Very nicely done.

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This song is absolutely brilliant! It's fairly simple lyrically, stating exactly how he feels, but the music adds this urgency to it all, the distress that goes alongside these feelings. Until the end, when the music lets up... I'm not sure exactly how to interpret that part, either the weariness of still being around and "feeling this bad" or the calm acceptance of how he plans to let things finally come to an end. Or a combination of the two. It doesn't matter too much anyways, incredible song regardless!

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wtf. why do you assume he is talking about his dick..?

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