The Microphones

The Microphones was the alias of Anacortes, WA-based lo-fi psych-pop mastermind Phil Elvrum, also known for his work as a member of K Records bands D+ and Old Time Relijun. Following a series of cassettes on the local ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
5 String Attack0
After N. Young1
Anacortes Has A Secret Love1
Bass Drum Dream2
Beautiful Face0
Between Your Ear and the Other Ear4
Blow, Pt.2 (Live in Japan)3
Buzz Buzz0
Deeply Buried1
Don't Smoke2
Drums Tape Loop with Bass0
Drums That No One Plays3
Eyes for Volume0
Feedback (Life, Love, Loop)0
Florida Beach0
Foghorn Tape0
For Kaye, June 60
For My Friends To See0
Get Off The Internet1
Great Ghosts10
Headless Horseman15
Heavy Eyes0
Hot Chocolate0
I Am Bored6
I Am Snow0
I Can't Believe You Actually Died7
I Felt My Size8
I Felt You1
I Felt Your Shape36
I Felt Your Shape Pt. 25
I Have Been Told That My Skin Is Exceptionally Smooth0
I Hope You Wish You'd Die2
I Listen Close2
I Look Just Like You Tree0
I Lost My Wind6
I Want To Be Cold5
I Want Wind To Blow18
I Was Afraid All Of The Day1
I'll Be In The Air3
I'll Not Contain You9
I'm a Pearl Diver3
I'm Getting Cold0
I'm in Hell2
I'm Like You, Tree0
I've Climbed Mountains0
In A Tiger's Jaw Loving Living Raw0
It Wouldn't1
Karl Blau6
Little Songs0
Microphone Pt. 10
Microphone Pt. 20
Microphones in 20200
Moon Moon1
Mt. Eerie5
My Body Holds Songs0
My Favourite Things0
My Roots Are Strong and Deep7
My Warm Blood2
Night Time0
Oh Anna8
Oh You Coward0
Painful Storms Will Always Come To Blur My Way0
Phil Elvrum's Will1
Rebirth on Tape Deck Mountain0
Samurai Sword3
Sand (Eric's Trip)3
So Wrong0
Something Verse 10
Something Verse 21
Spy Cameras1
Tape Deck Ghost0
Teenage Moustache0
The Creeps0
The Gleam1
The Gleam, Pt. 25
The Glow10
The Glow Pt. 221
The Glow Pt. 4 (Version)0
The Mansion9
The Moon53
The Moon (Sequel)6
The Pull10
The Solar System5
The Sun4
There's No Invincible Disguise That Lasts All Day0
These Graces Aren't The Whole0
Tonight There'll Be Clouds0
Universe (3)4
Universe (5)3
Wake Me Up2
We All Hum Like That Soon0
We Squirm0
Weird Storm1
Where It's Hotter Pts. 1, 2, 32
Where Lies My Tarp?1
Whose Blood Is This?0
Wires and Cords0
Witch Doctor1
You'll Be in the Air5
You're Standing on the Ground.0
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