So you watch the sunrise sinking and she's talking in her sleep
A dream of how alone she was tomorrow when you keep
All those promises to someone in a mirror you will find
At your parents' house in 1989

By the ruling party, calendars and commas
Small request
Could we please turn around, and around, and around?

Turn around

Then you whisper your arrival walking backwards to the door
Wonder briefly what it is you're hesitating for
All the streets lie down, deserted in the darkest part of night
To lead you through the evening to the light

Pulled along
In the tender grip of watches and ellipses
Small request
Could we please turn around, and around, and around?
Turn around, turn around and around, and around

Turn around

Lyrics submitted by lakeoffire23

"Time's Arrow" as written by Stephen Allan Carroll John K Samson


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    General CommentOh to not make any sense!
    iagoAdmireron December 30, 2004   Link
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    General Commentit does make sense
    read time's arrow
    bigdeadraton January 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentBy Martin Amis?
    Speed Is Dreamingon April 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIf you read it without all the pauses in the song it really makes lots of sense. it's hard to explain but it does, it just does
    shorty101helpon October 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsentences leading into sentences, strung together, intertwined
    i'm in love with the way this song is strung together.
    it's been said, but it can never be said enough - the weakerthans have a ridiculously and amazingly profound way to write songs.
    honestly, i don't know of any other band that, in every song, somehow finds a way to pierce your heart and change your life.
    somehow, they key in to the things that every human needs to be taught, and continually reminded.
    and they're all so seemingly nostalgic. and personal. but universal.
    no one else can do this.

    Immediately, this song starts off with the end of another day - putting you in the frame of mind (if you catch it) so that you can realize that life is always slipping away…your life is always getting shorter.
    And then - “A dream of how alone she was tomorrow” is so precious. Just another way to make you remember that your life is always getting shorter… that the fact that ‘there’s always a new day’ can be just as terrorizing as it is hopeful. We get stuck sometimes… stuck in a place, in a state of mind. We are the hollow men, and the stuffed men (thank you t.s. elliot) but we are also the stuck men.
    “Tomorrow, when you keep all those promises to someone in a mirror you will find ……“ (that someone is you, of course.) Even promises we’ve made to ourselves place us in a rut. Life changes, fixing our mistakes and flaws --- it can become habit. Focusing on bettering yourself, keeping your self-made promises, will… make you ‘better,’ i guess… but there’s always a change that you’re attacking your very soul - what you’re supposed to be … maybe you’re removing from yourself something that someone needs you to be. Eh, all that’s pretty off the wall and not as connected to the song as … this:

    Time moves on. And on. And on. Everything always continues.
    And that makes it so easy to waste our days.
    calendars and commas DO terrorize us…. Rules and time and continuation.

    Doesn’t that make you want to live? right now…in the moment, when the past doesn’t matter and the future doesn’t matter? only right then and there.
    That’s “turning around.”
    Get unstuck!

    the next ‘verse’ (that’s what it is, i guess) is beautifully composed.
    While listening or reading or whatever - just think about how no matter what you do or where you’re doing it…. Time keeps moving.
    The ticking of watches and the eternal continuation of ellipses (“…”) have trapped us… gently - without us even noticing.
    and what’s so strange about it all is that humans created time, to some degree.
    we don’t make the sun rise and set --- but we fill in the gaps with numbers. count the hours, days, and years.
    we’ve trapped ourselves.
    … our watches and ellipses will continue to gently pull us along.
    We can’t escape.

    But we can turn around!
    Get unstuck!
    loveinvincibleon December 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favourite Weakerthans song, because the lyrics are just beautiful, and the twinkly guitars compliment the idea of clocks and time soflty ebbing away.

    So you whisper your arrival walking backwards to the door. Wonder briefly what it is you're hesitating for.

    These small lines say so much about hesitation, uncertainty and a lack of confidence in ourselves. Faint words folding in on themselvees in the air. It's all so needless! Time is catching up on us and we're going to die eventually. Why can't be freer to express our deepest desires!

    All the streets lie down, deserted in the darkest part of night, to lead you through the evening to the light.

    I love these lines. In particular 'the streets lie down'. I can't quite put my finger on why, but these words just seem to communicate the sheer magic of night time.
    Dory_Previnon November 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commentnot to get too rational on this, but it's about reversing time's arrow. moving forward from now to the past. now as far as why and all that, that's the art.
    neuralstaticon March 07, 2008   Link

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