"Supernatural" as written by and Vic Chesnutt....
Built a king on compliments
Charisma and advertisements
Still they see him shimmer ephemeral
It ain't supernatural
Or maybe

Out of body experience
I flew around the little room once
On intravenous Demerol
It weren't supernatural

Sudden smell, certain view
Sparks a whoppin' case of the deja vu
Is it inexplicable
It ain't supernatural
Or maybe

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"Supernatural" as written by Vic Chesnutt


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    My InterpretationThis is Vic's meditation on what is or is not considered "supernatural". He's examining what is considered supernatural.

    The first stanza is referring to politicians in general although he is using the word king, which could reference people in charge in general. He is talking about the kind of person who has a lot of charisma and whose reputation and promotion to "king" is based on compliments and advertisements. These are all mundane kind of things, but the "shimmer ephemeral" is the idea created in the heads of the king's followers. In that sense, perhaps the culmination of these things combined by a natural (supernatural?) charismatic quality of this leader could be considered supernatural from the perspective of those who experience it. The followers of this king.

    The next is a more personal story for Chesnutt, pain killers and, drugs in general, give that euphoric effect. He tells of a time he flew around a little room because of Demerol use. The cause of this strange feeling is obviously the Demerol, but the effect, from the inside looking out, felt supernatural. Flying around a room isn't a natural thing to do. The Demerol had a supernatural effect on his brain perhaps. The perspective was supernatural to him.

    The last stanza is a universal experience that Vic is sharing with the audience. Most people have had the feeling of deja vu caused by a smell, seeing something, etc. This experience feels very supernatural because it feels like you've been here before or dreamt about this or what have you. The song is saying that this unexplainable feeling could be supernatural or maybe it's not. Who can say ultimately what is considered supernatural. It's all a point of view.
    jankouton June 10, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThe first verse is the author's agnostic belief of God. The out of body experience as anyone who has lain in a hospital bed under Demerol can attest to is not the out of body experience that some have claimed as near death which Vic absolutely did not believe to happen to anyone ever. The finish is deja vú but is surely more represented as poet license and song symmetry.
    andrew1246on January 31, 2017   Link
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    General CommentIt's about God, not politicians.
    Brigandon March 20, 2017   Link

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