"People = Shit" as written by Paul Dedrick Gray, Nathan Jonas Jordison, Corey Todd Taylor, Mickael Gordon Thomson, Michael Shawn Crahan, Christopher Michael Fehn, Craig Alan Jones, James Donald Root and Sidney George Wilson....
Here we go again, motherfucker
Come on down, and see the idiot right here
Too fucked to beg and not afraid to care
What's the matter with calamity anyway?
Right? get the fuck outta my face
Understand that I can't feel anything
It isn't like I want to sift through the decay
I feel like a wound, like I got a fuckin'
Gun against my head, you live when I'm dead
One more time, motherfucker
Everybody hates me now, so fuck it
Blood's on my face and my hands, and I
Don't know why, I'm not afraid to cry
But that's none of your business

Whose life is it?
Get it? see it?
Feel it? eat it?
Spin it around so I can spit in its face
I want to leave without a trace
'Cause I don't want to die in this place
People = shit, people = shit
People = shit, people = shit
People = shit (what cha gonna do?)
People = shit ('cause I am not afraid of you)
People = shit (I'm everything you'll never be)
People = shit

It never stops, you can't be everything to everyone
Contagion, I'm sittin' at the side of Satan
What do you want from me?
They never told me the failure I was meant to be
Overdo it, don't tell me you blew it
Stop your bitchin' and fight your way through it
I'm, not, like, you, I, just, fuck, up
C'mon motherfucker, everybody has to die
C'mon motherfucker, everybody has to die

People = shit, people = shit
People = shit, people = shit
People = shit (what cha gonna do?)
People = shit ('cause I am not afraid of you)
People = shit (I'm everything you'll never be)
People = shit
People = shit, people = shit
People = shit, people = shit
People = shit (what cha gonna do?)
People = shit ('cause I am not afraid of you)
People = shit (I'm everything you'll never be) people = shit

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"People=Shit" as written by Christopher Fehn Chris Fehn

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    General CommentThe greatest love song of all time. Slipknot have written some moving pieces in their time and this surpasses all exquisiteness on Earth. When I first listened to this soothing harmonious oeuvre I felt the holy spirit grab me and show me the gates of heaven. Many find Slipknot’s lyrics to be too deep to understand but I’m here to help you. I at an exam once in Junior school so I have an I.Q. Qhich makes my intelligentness highs.

    “Understand I can’t feel anything
    It isn’t like I wanna sift through the decay
    I feel like a wound
    Like I got a fokengon against my head
    You live when I’m dead”
    These beautiful lyrics will live in my heart forever. He is expressing how he has no feelings except for love in this beautiful world god has created for us. He doesn’t want to be in a world of decay, that is why we must all love each other. A fokengon is a wooden monuments early Christians used to keep god on their minds.

    “Blood on my face and my hands and I don’t know why, I’m not afraid to cry, But that is none of your business”
    Refers to how, when we are first born, we have original sin, however we can remove these by putting our heart into god.

    “People=shit [x4]
    (what you gonna do)
    (I’m not afraid of you)
    (I’m everything you’ll never be)”
    ‘Shit’ is an Acronym for ‘Spiritual Harmony is True’ We are all souls placed on this Earth to live in harmony. We are Spiritual Harmony is True….whatever that means, but I’m not the brilliant mind that wrote this piece.

    Slipknot love god and all his creatures. In one interview they stated “We are shocked at what mindless dribble of moral depravity is shown on MTV. There is no soul or spiritual connection to god in anything. Britney Spears is a bad example to young girls. Did you know she sometimes wears less than 3 layers of clothes? Some girls even speak their mind even though in the bible it is forbiddian (1 Timothy 2:11) MTV is turning us into fools (Matthew 5:22, Matthew 23:17, Luke 11:40) God loves you, god loves me, god loves you no matter who you are (1 Thessalonians 2) so we started this group to bring people back to god. We wear the masks because we are ugly. I get holy water thrown on me when go to Church. God is amazing, he is perfect in every way except he can’t play chess, he really sucks at that. Anyway, God wants your soul….he wants to devour it and destroy you and enslave you by tricking you into believing in him when you will become his zombie slave for all eternity and….I mean, god loves you and wants you to get into heaven.

    When it comes to Love ballads for god, Slipknot are greatest band of all time. Avoid Dream Theater, all they do is scream about random shit. Please learn to love your fellow man (not women, they are inferior to us) to avoid hell. It is hot in here and it’s full of lawyers.
    Yournewgodon July 06, 2005   Link

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