Particle man, particle man
Doing the things a particle can
What's he like? It's not important
Particle man

Is he a dot, or is he a speck?
When he's underwater does he get wet?
Or does the water get him instead?
Nobody knows, Particle man

Triangle man, Triangle man
Triangle man hates particle man
They have a fight, Triangle wins
Triangle man

Universe man, Universe man
Size of the entire universe man
Usually kind to smaller man
Universe man

He's got a watch with a minute hand,
Millennium hand and an eon hand
When they meet it's a happy land
Powerful man, universe man

Person man, person man
Hit on the head with a frying pan
Lives his life in a garbage can
Person man

Is he depressed or is he a mess?
Does he feel totally worthless?
Who came up with person man?
Degraded man, person man

Triangle man, triangle man
Triangle man hates person man
They have a fight, triangle wins
Triangle man

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Particle Man Lyrics as written by John Linnell John Flansburgh

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    General CommentParticle man is the atom, basic building block of our reality. What is he like? It's not important. From Aristotle to Neils Bohr, there have been many different models for what the atom is like. All of these models are different, useful to varying degrees, and totally wrong. Our most accurate model, Quantum Physics, only attests to measure reality in terms of statistical possibility. (see: Schrodinger's Cat). Recent studies of Dr. Nassim Harramein have concluded that atoms have an "event horizon" singularity identical to black holes.

    The triangle is one of the oldest sacred symbols in human history. Here, Triangle Man represents the Illuminati, a global elitist cult who orchestrated the arms races and the wars of the 20th century. During WWII, all corporate-backed governments researched fission and atom smashing. They build the bomb. Triangle wins. Triangle man.

    Universe man is the Creator, the conscious life behind the universe. The creator loves particle man, and indeed love is what binds our universe together. This is consistent with mystical teachings throughout history from St. John of the Cross to the Dali Llama. When the Minute hand, Millennium hand, and Eon hand line up, it's a "Happy Land", a new age.

    Person man, person man, hit on the head with a class war. "Common man" represents 95% of the world's population and rising. The global elite have forced them all to live in garbage cans. Now with total control, there is nothing to stop the Illuminati from establishing a permanent slave class. We had a class war, and Triangle won.

    Triangle Man hates Person Man. This basic principle, when understood, can explain many of the inequities and atrocities of the past century on Planet Earth.
    KingGrahamon April 25, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics and rhythm of the song are an obvious play on the old Spiderman cartoon theme song.

    "Spiderman, Spiderman,
    Does whatever a spider can.
    Spins a web, any size,
    Catches thieves just like flies..."

    And so on.
    PlutoniumBosson December 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPerson man = Clearly talking about humanity

    "hit on the head with a frying pan"

    -our heads are round, hinting what the author is talking about

    "lives his life in a garbage can"

    -we live our lives in our own trash

    "is he depressed or is he a mess?
    does he feel totally worthless?"

    -welcome to the feelings experienced by almost every human. "feeling worthless" is particularly relevant to the song as it is focusing on all the perspectives of the universe. It's easy to feel worthless when we compare ourselves to universe man.

    "who came up with person man?
    degraded man, person man"

    -once again looking at humanity's perspective on the universe. Asking who came up with person man is clearly our questioning of where we came from (ie. God)

    Particle Man = represents particles, atoms, etc...kind of feel this represents science.

    Triangle man = The church, religion. Putting down science. Putting down and controlling and subjugating the average person. Religion, our own construct, beats science and also beats humanity.

    Universe man = The universe. Its the formulation of all time, from minutes to eons.

    "He's got a watch with a minute hand
    millennium hand and an eon hand
    when they meet it's a happy land"

    -When all of these hands meet, it will be the end of time.
    Amnesia88on December 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt's been suggested to me that the different "men" in this song represent different social forces - science, religion (the triangle for the Trinity), fate and the common man - and the conflicts between them (and how the common man always gets crapped on, no matter who's fighting or who wins). However, I think this is just one way to listen to this song - I like to listen to it and think of absurd, melodramatic pro wrestler personas. (Or is that personae?)
    namingwayon May 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentTMBG rule as we all know. This song tells the story of a few types of people but whether your big or small no-one really gives a damn. Triangle man illustrates the restrictions, boundaries and protocols we all follow. (Or just the combined power of Foster & Allan, these irish folk singers could kill us all!)
    JamesDon April 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt seems like everyone has a different story for what this songs means:…

    But that's the greatest part about this song: so simple, yet so deep at the same time.
    Linogeon June 04, 2002   Link
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    General Comment...i think this song is about a guy made of particles... a guy with a head shaped like a triangle... a really, really big guy... and also a really plain guy whom no one loves... don't try and look too deep intot his song... your head will hurt.
    belthazaron June 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commentlol this was on Animaniacs shown like that belthazar. Namingway that's an awesome thought....I never took the time to think about it before, but if they are thinking that much into it they rule even more!
    thinkitbeiton July 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentisn't this a cover song? I know another band (The Bobs) does an accapella version, but i think they wrote it. I could be wrong though, it's a great song. I love Tiny Toons.
    FloggingMollyon July 09, 2002   Link
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    General CommentOkay people...they're just screwing around! I agree with belthazar...don't look into this song too much or you're head will hurt. So there!
    soul never ignoranton July 16, 2002   Link

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