Can you break hearts
Can hearts be spoken?
Can you torture hearts
Can hearts be stolen?

They want my heart on the right side
But then I look below

It just beats left on the left

Can hearts sing
Can a heart spring
Can hearts be true
Can a heart be made of stone

They want my heart on the right side
But then I look below

It just beats on the left

Left two three four left

Can you question hearts
To carry a kid under them
Can you give it all up
To think with your heart

They want my heart on the right side
But I look below

It just beats in the left breast
As the envier one knew badly

Left two three four left

Lyrics submitted by John M

Links 2 3 4 (English) song meanings
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    General Commentlol my friend thought this song was about natzis they way that you hear people cheering in the background and the video didn't help that either w/ all the ants over powering the bigger beatle thingies
    shadow8985on April 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthaha, i thought it was some nazi meaning...shows how much i know german
    Lord Dromaron April 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentVeryt clever song (agin). The rythm "links, zwo, drei, vier" is actually the cadence shouted by Army drill instructors when teaching cadets in the German army to march. The whole song is a parody on the image portrayed in the media that Rammstein is a right wing band. Considering Rammstein members are all former East Germans it's all very amusing ;-)
    TheBaronon May 03, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYes, this song is for all Dumbasses that dont have German in school ((unlike we do in the Netherlands)) You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover!!
    I love this song, it shows how many people are dumb enough to fall for it's 'trap', thinking Rammstein are a bunch of Nazi psycho's haha.. Well Rammstein isn't a right wing group and will never be a right wing group...
    Kookkieon May 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think its very annoying though that some of my "friends" are whining about this very subject. I can´t listen to any german music without being a "nazi"
    wolf_rahmon June 11, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"Link 2 3 4" is a german military walk...
    Megalomaniacon June 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI was confused about the songs meaning at first then I did realize that they were stating their political views. Although after realizing that I was still left confused cause they're saying that they're not going to conform and they are different, but the army chant again reminds us of uniformity.
    BestrafeMichon July 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song could also be about fighting the power. Such as the government.
    Binskon July 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song was meant for kids to march to and play along to. rammstein is in no way a group of nazi's (tho my dad begs to differ cuz hes polish)
    this song was made for their concert as the main entrance, and yes they did get it from the military, seeing as hwo i think its still mandatory in poland.
    PyD0on September 05, 2002   Link
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    General Commentactually links means left just so you know its not link it means left and rechts means right incase you need to kno any more directions okay peace out
    bornonaugust10thon September 29, 2002   Link

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