88 Miles Per Hour (the Ballad Of Marty Mcfly) Lyrics

Hell man, it's 1 a.m.
I don't know where I am
Seems I went back in time
Chased by the Libyans

Got hit by a car
And won my mother's heart
Gotta find the Doc
So he can fix the Delorean

Please can you find me some
I need plutonium
Cause it will get me back to 1985

Gotta get Pops to the dance
And spark up some romance
Or I will disappear before your eyes

88 miles per hour

Here comes that jerkoff Biff
His car was filled with shit
So get your goddamn meat hooks off of her

He said, "Lorraine is mine!"
But don't fuck with Calvin Klein
I wish this nightmare was almost over

Gonna give it all I got
1.21 jiggawatts
Cause it will beam back to 1985

Gonna need a lightning bolt
To send a power jolt
So goes the ballad of Marty McFly

88 miles per hour

Everything worked out fine
I shot through space and time
And when I woke up
It was 1985

Got a new 4x4
And I love the girl next door
Seems life was better
I'm glad to be alive

But do my eyes deceive
Who's coming up my street?
Oh shit, it's Doc Brown
In his Delorean

Said, "We gotta save your son!"
To the future everyone
This can't be happening
Here we go again
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cprompt On Jun 15, 2001
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This song details the events of <u>Back to the Future 1</u>. "1.21 jiggawatts" refers to the power generated by the fission of plutonium, which was required in the movie to power the time-machine equipment on Doc Brown's modified DeLorean.

The term "jiggawatt" is not a real measurement of power. A gigawatt is a billion watts. However, the letters j, x, q, etc. sound more impressive and exotic to the English ear since they are uncommon.

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