Some cats really like to, you know
Profile and front
And then the jooks go down, all at once they like

Don't get me

You're out on the block hustling at the spot
GOT, this is how you get Got
At the gamblin' spot and your hand is mad hot
GOT, this is how you get Got
Out in Brooklyn late night flashing all of your rocks
GOT, this is how you get Got
Some girl from pink house said "I like you a lot"
GOT, this is how you get Got

This one goes to all them Big Will cats
With ice on they limbs and big rims on they Ac
You goin' around town with your system bump
And your windows cracked low to profile and front
Now I like to have nice things just like you
But I'm from Brooklyn, certain shit you just don't do
Like, high postin' when you far from home
Or like, high postin' when you all alone
Now, this would seem to be clear common sense
But, cats be livin' off, sheer confidence
Like "Fuck that, picture them tellin' me run that"
But acting invincible, just ain't sensible
It's nineteen ninety-now, and there's certain individuals
Swear they rollin' hard and get robbed on principle
5 star general, flashin' on your revenue
You takin' a ride on the Downstate medical, Like (whooooooo)
Colorful sparks, yellow and blue
A full on attack and it's happening to you
Wit' nothing you can do but bust back and cop a plea
But five of them and one of you, that equals Got to me

Don't get me

Come on ya'll now, let's be real
Some jokers got a rough time keepin' it concealed
I wonder what it mean, it's probably self-esteem
They fiendin to be seen, get hemmed like Gabardines
Cats think it can't happen until the gats start clappin
They comin' down the wire spittin fire like a dragon
Cause while the goods glisten, certain eyes take position
To observe your trickin', then catch that ass slippin'
Like, come on now ock, what you expect?
Got a month's paycheck danglin' off your neck
And while you Cristal sippin', they rubbin' up they mittens
With heat in mint condition to start the getti-gettin'
They clique starts creepin' like Sandinista guerrillas
You screamin' playa haters, these niggas is playa killers
Mr. Fash-ion, that style never last long
The harder you flash, the harder you get flashed on
There's hunger in the street that is hard to defeat
Many steal for sport, but more steal to eat
Cat's heavy at the weigh-in, and he's playin' for keeps
Don't sleep, they'll roll up in your passengers seat
There is universal law, whether rich or poor
Some say life's a game, to more, life is war
So put them egos to the side and get off them head trips
'Fore some cats pull out them heaters and make you headless

Don't get me

Lyrics submitted by nsxdriven, edited by ShamanJim

"Got" as written by Dante Smith Ali Shaheed Muhammed

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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    General Commenti cant belive nobody has looked at this yet! what the heck! i saw him do this song live with black jack johnson, bangin. this song puts alot into perspective on the state of hip hop today. "Got a month's paycheck danglin' off your neck" werd.
    nrocon July 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI don't know why anyone hasn't commented on Mos' lyrics yet... this man is the best mc in hip hop right now.
    Rhysafion September 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentDon't get mad/Don't get mad/Don't g-g-g-g-g-get mad - this white boy loves Mos.

    Reckon that he's calling out the flash gits and making commentary on social inequality which can lead to someone becoming "got". The last verse is clever as hell.
    rollingstonedmagazineon July 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is what I like about Mos Def: He can't help but show his human practical side. Here he's telling people, "Don't be naieve, the World is big bad place full of desperate and dangerous people, it will take you down permanently if you're flashing expensive stuff around. You think you're big, but there is always someone bigger."

    But the track on the album before this one, he's saying something close to "Come get me! I'll take you all!", perhaps out of frustration at the way things are. He might be scared, but he's not going down without a fight. It's human, it's honest, it's courageous, it's true, it's real.

    On another level, I think he's grappling with his own ambitions: which way to go with his talent and music... either into the Ganster Rap bling'n'bang World, or somewhere else, and he's torn, because he knows he could do either really well and his ego is battling with his good sense looking for reconciliation. A common human problem, told honestly.
    xby45on November 03, 2015   Link

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