There's things that you guess
And things that you know
There's boys that you can trust
And girls that you don't
There's little things you hide
And little things that you show
Sometimes you think you're gonna get it
But you don't and that's just the way it goes

I swear I won't tease you
Won't tell you no lies
I don't need no bible
Just look in my eyes
I've waited so long baby
Now that we're friends
Every man's got his patience
And here's where my ends

I want your sex
I want you
I want

It's playing on my mind
It's dancing on my soul
It's taken so much time
So why don't you just let me go
I'd really like to try
Oh, I'd really love to know
When you tell me you're gonna regret it
Then I tell you that I love you but you still say NO!

I swear I won't tease you
Won't tell you no lies
I don't need no bible
Just look in my eyes
I've waited so long baby
Out in the cold
I can't take much more girl
I'm losing control

I want your sex
I want your love
I want

It's natural
It's chemical (let's do it)
It's logical
Habitual (can we do it?)
It's sensual
But most of all.....
Sex is something that we should do
Sex is something for me and you

Sex is natural - sex is good
Not everybody does it
But everybody should
Sex is natural - sex is fun
Sex is best when it' on one
one on one

I'm not your father
I'm not your brother
Talk to your sister
I am a love

C-c-c-c-come on

What's your defintion of dirty baby
What do you consider pornography
Don't you know I love it till it hurts me baby
Don't you think it's time you had sex with me

What's your defintion of dirty baby
What do you call pornography
Don't you know I love it till it hurts me baby
Don't you think it's time you had sex with me

Sex with me
Sex with me
Have sex with me

C-c-c-c-come on.


Oh so much love
That you've never seen
Let's make love
Put your trust in me

Don't you listen to what they told you
Because I love you
Let me hold you

I'm not your brother
I'm not your father
Oh will you ever change your mind
I'm a gentle lover with a heart of gold
But baby you've been so unkind...oh

Come on
I want your sex
Come on, I want your sex
That's right, all night
Oh, I want your sex
I want

Sexy baby's
(Sexy baby's)
Sexy body
(Sexy body)
Keeps me guessing
With a promise
I know we can come together
But the question is
Will we ever?

Together - you and me

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    General Comment

    This is my own personal interpretation, but I think that George Michael is singing about his desire to have sexual intrercourse with the person that he's singing the song to. That's what the lyrics seem to say to me.

    bilniton June 14, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    George Said That This Song Was To Get People To Explore Monogamy Which Is Sex With One Partner

    JLO17on March 19, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    george is trying very hard to convince someone to go to bed with him. there are 3 parts to this song. LAST REQUEST is part 3.

    spikesprincesson September 16, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    I lost my virginity while George Michael was playing on the CD, so this song will always have a special nostalgic and kind of ironic meaning to me.

    Tyler2004durdenon March 16, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Eh, I'm not so sure about this one, bilnit. Your interpretation seems too shallow for someone like George Michael. I'm sure there's some sort of underlying philosophical or political meaning to this one.

    carabiner86on June 16, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    Carabiner86, Lol. Political yes, maybe. I believe George is a very horny man. :-) And this song sensationalize his need for sex. If you are endulging into the drug "X" The only thing you want to do is have sex many?

    Battlestationbabyon November 19, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    I don't know if it is ironic Tyler, instead it's rather fitting for that occasion and memory, although I don't think it's terribly romantic, but hey. The English folks think we completely misuse and abuse the words "ironic" and "ironically." I read some interesting comments about Alanis Morissette's song "Ironic" about the use and abuse of such words, but that song actually does have a good deal of irony in it, but anyways wrong song and I digress...

    Marvin Gaye, for instance, would be a more romantic way to lose one's virginity. Something like "Let's Get It On" or "Sexual Healing," but to each her own I guess. This song? Yeah, I think that George Michael has an insatiable sexual appetite. Remember the men's restroom incident...

    stoolhardyon July 05, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    So the real question he singing to a girl or a guy?

    Canadaon May 12, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    I've actually heard that this song is not about him really wanting to have sex with someone. It's about something deeper, something he's endorsing or a statement he's trying to make. However, the person who told me this much forget exactly what it was, so if anyone knows anything about this, that would be much appreciated. As for the person he's singing it to, I think it could be either a guy or a girl. Even if he wasn't "experimenting with homosexuality" at this time, that does not mean that he wasn't a homosexual and did not write songs hinting at his sexuality or addressing members of his gender that he was attracted to.

    Rindy Rosson April 14, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    To those who think this is about gay sex, read the fucking lyrics (pun intended)!

    "There's boys that you can trust And girls that you don't"

    That seems to be about a heterosexual relationships.

    "I've waited so long baby Out in the cold I can't take much more girl I'm losing control"

    He says "girl"!

    "I'm not your father I'm not your brother Talk to your sister I am a lover"

    Why would he tell a gay bloke to talk to his sister?

    Sonofagunzelon July 28, 2008   Link

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