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Mushi (English) Lyrics


I can't open myself up to anyone I can't believe in anyone at all
and I can't see anything the light that shines is disappearing, soon it will be gone
unable to open myself up this is my weakness, my past
I can get what I want, yet if I do, the kindness I'm holding onto will slip away
the typical answer is when you die, you'll be reborn, come back again

my heart is shuttered, soon it will break apart
stifling my tears, I laugh day after day
my heart has shown me that believing is nothing
those hypocrites killed me

my heart is shuttered, soon it will crumble away
stifling my tears, I scream day after day
my heart has left me with a belief in strength
my own heart killed me
51 Meanings
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Using a quote from Kyo,

Please die.


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i think its about him and him being famous maybe like, "I can't believe in anyone at all"means that he cant trust people who are just being around with him because his famous not because they like him(the singer) for who he is and "I can get what I want, yet if I do, the kindness I'm holding onto will slip away" means that he can get what he wants but if he does this then itll change him and be corrupted by being so famous(?):S maybe i dont know i think that theres so many meanings you can find within this song its hard to find the one that kyo was actully writing about but still a beautiful song (p.s. this was just my opinion on what i thought it meant it doesnt make it true, just an opinion)

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oh my god........... that's what he's saying?!?!?!?!?!!

I always figured whatever kyo was saying I probably related to...but this hits RIDICULOUSLY close to home


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i love that song

kyo always sing very sad songs

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The best part is "My own heart killed me" that sooooo true..

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When I first heard this song, before finding a translation, I was completely taken aback by the emotion. And when I did find the translation, I was so.. amazed by how closely I could relate to it. And for those of you who've never seen a live performance clip of this, let me tell you, he gets to the point where he can hardly sing because he's crying so much. I think that's one of Diru's biggest appeals to me. The emotion so strongly portrayed through their music. And this is an excellent example.

i saw one of those lives... it was so heart and gut and mind wrenching. its like, we cant even begin to comprehend the specific pain that he feels even though we have our own. i cant think of a single other person who has experienced all he has and goes up for lives and practically cuts his heart out. everyone can relate to how they dont wanna trust anyone. for me, i think hes trying to to say either the hypocrites killed him as his heart betrayed him or his heart IS the hypocrites. its easy to understand but...

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This song is, for lack of a better word, amazing. The first time I herd this was a performance of it on Day 4 of the Blitz 5 Days DVD box set that was released. The performance is the most amazing and emotional performance i have probably ever seen, period. Every time I sing along to this song I cannot help but cry because the emotion is soooo strong. Again I will back up what i hate air said above, the live is perfect. Kyo crying so much, how can you not cry? The emotion of this song is sooo strong.

Also, how everyone who knows the lyrics can relate, I can as well, I personally this thats what Kyo was going for, something that is so sad and emotional that can make anyone cry, but we all can cry because we can relate so well. Just my personal take on this.

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Everything about this song is so beautiful. It makes me want to cry so hard.

Definitely one of my favorite Dir en grey songs, and Kyo (and the band) at perhaps his most truthful.

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I agree with everyone above. I saw the performance from the Blitz 5 Days, wow, it was amazing, the sheer amount of emotion portrayed... it was incredible.

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I closely relate to the last two stanzas, especially the line "Those hypocrites killed me".

Those types people can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

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