Dear Lord, Jesus, Buddha, Allah or can I just call you Joe
I've got a lot of things to tell you and some things I gotta know
I'm tired of hearing talk about this world's about to end
If we can die together then can't we all be friends
I gotta know
Hey, I gotta know
So mister can you tell me, gotta know
Baby can you tell me, gotta know
Whoa oh oh I gotta know
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I gotta know
Baby can you help me, gotta know
I gotta know

Did you ever feel like you were drowning,
Did you ever feel betrayed by a kiss?
Did you ever feel like you needed somebody,
Would you feel alone in a world like this?
Did you ever feel like you needed shelter,
Did you ever laugh when you wanted to cry?
Did you ever dream about evolution,
Don't you ever feel like your living a lie?

Oh, whoa, too many children grow up blind to the truth.
I say, oh oh, oh, oh,
Say a prayer for me,
I'll save a prayer for you.

Did you ever feel like you were helpless,
Did you ever feel like an open wound?
Did you ever feel that there ain't no forgiveness,
Did you ever feel that close to the.truth.

Oh whoa, the world closed their eyes on the blinding truth.
I say, oh, oh, oh, oh , say a prayer for me,
And I'll save a prayer for you
I'll save a prayer for you, I'll save a prayer for you,
I'll save a prayer, for you, for you, for you.
I'll save a prayer.

Did you ever feel like you need shelter,
Did you ever feel like you lived through the flood?
Did you ever feel a lust for survival, did you ever feel, feel, feel?
The world keeps turning.
Rooms still burning.
There's too many hearts that haven't found a home.
This train's on the tracks and the world's on my back,
Save a prayer for me and I'll save one for you.

No one to blame , but it's hard to explain,
Why too many soul's are feeling so alone.
You've got to hold on if it's all you can do.
Save a prayer for me, I'll save a prayer for you.
I'll save a prayer for you, I'll save a prayer for you,
I'll save a prayer
For you, for you, for you.

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Save a Prayer Lyrics as written by Sambora Bon Jovi

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    Questioning life and the true meaning of life. Also a search for spiritual meaning in the world. This song rocks
    antmannon June 11, 2003   Link
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    Can't believe it doesn't get more recognition, they never do it live either :-(
    galadriel82on August 28, 2008   Link
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    Just want to say that Buddha is not the same as the others, who are deities. Buddhism didn't say you are going to hell if you don't believe in Buddha either. On the contrary, Buddha says believing without understanding is blind and stupid.
    bonedrivenon April 14, 2020   Link

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