(Big R.I.N.)
I rap cause im back
All my homies call me Jack
I hear you talking back you use your money for crack
Rinse, lather, repeat
You about to taste defeat
Yall can tell im here by the smell of my feet
Listen to my song, Ribadee Dee
Look Mom im finally on a cd
The Olsen Twins are hot yes siree
I watch their movies with a huge slirpee
I laugh at the dust buster hands are like clay
Leaves little marks all smelly and gray
Gotta get up the phone started ringin
Get up yall dead babys start singin

We Back!
Like you've never seen a cannible before
We Back!
We crazy cause we aint got no control
We Back!
We go nutso while we rollin on the floor
We Back!
Makin bacon with the babys that i stole

Chipity Choppin
The microphone is poppin
Dead babys droppin
Janitors be moppin
You dead
That aint no lie
If you felt the same way than you wouldn't ask why
I gotta mad fat chance
To get sick swimmin
Beat up old women
Suckin on a Lemon
Shoot you with my cannon
Poopin on Shannon
Fallin on the floor right after i ran in
Whoa! Wait! Who said that?
Dont look too tough now Mr. Bat
Where you at
When we throwin these potatoes at the house
Got you dead in your coffin like my 53rd spouse


(Big R.I.N.)
Check me out yo
My name is ghetto blaster
Im here to fill you up
Yeah my rock gets faster
Kraft easy mac yo it sucks like you
Gotta special operation for when i pee and poo
Im back
Like when animals attack
Got potatoes in a sack
To many skills that i lack
Puttin cups on a rack
Tarzan gotta daddy named Kurchak
No mumbo jumbo right back on track

Chewin on a pillow hey look at me
Sucka Fool, yall dont know me
Livin in the jungle swingin off of trees
Alone in the jungle is where Id like to be
Livin in the jungle actin like a monkey
Hear the call of the jungle i gotta take a pee

Dats it Aight den

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