I'd Like to take it back
To this kid i knew named Jack
He enjoyed shooting paint cans
and ridin horseback
knockin at the door you know
I'm better than before
My rhymes are gettin tighter
than The Raven's lost lenore
You wanna talk behind my back
about how my beats is whack
I'll jack you in the sack
Until you can't come back for more
Superman is happnen betta get out the house
If a baby had some children
would you let it eat a mouse

Everybody knows that theres nothing you can do
When two things fall apart while your eating chicken stew
And theres no one around to sit down and help you
And you aint got no tools that won't break like a fool
Wait a minute hold on there might be some hope
What if we could get some form of tight rope
Brush your teeth wash your hair
Make sure to use soap
Then run to the store and get some New Age Gang Rope
Lets go!

Once i knew this girl but she wanted to be a guy
I asked again again but she never told me why
She tried peeing standing up but it didn't work at all
she tried one more time except this time used a straw
crazy perverts on the street
you know they doing nasty things
Ice cream man comin around and they hear the bring bring
Bring me food yo
You know im really hungry
if i had to decide right now I'd eat my bunny
Bum Bum Yo
You know i get my play
everyday i get my pay for people hearin what i say
yall go to work think its gay cmon now
I used to sell lemonade on the streets everyday
ran from the police i stole a chicken from meijer
15 miles in the snow pshhh i aint a lyer
Im a rappa appa suppa lappa Jimmy in a hole
Crazy Mumblin rappin thats my style born to play this role


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