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Uncle Gordie Lyrics

Shovel the snow off the frozen lake
I start tying on my brand new skates
Shoot the puck with Uncle Gordie
He leaves work ear;y cause we love hockey

When I grow up I wanna play in the NHL
On the same line with Oleg and his brother Kjell
Checking Dougie Gilmour, crack his head
Slash Theorin Fieury, hack his legs

Uncle Gordie shoots,
He shoots he scores!

My friends ain't all-stars but they're ok
Pick up teams drop the puck and play
Skate until dinner watch the pros on t.v
Screw my homework cause we love hockey
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May 28, 2002
2 Meanings
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I just became the biggest hockey fan. Love this song

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This has to be my new favourite Planet Smashers song. Love hockey. Love The Planet Smashers. Love this song.

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