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Monster Magnet – Negasonic Teenage Warhead Lyrics 11 years ago
Sorry folks, wrong on all counts. The song is about rock stars who are negative. It's basically a retort to all the rock lyrics about depression, sadness, etc. There's a lot of irony in it. "Every supersonic jerkoff who plugs into the game" and "every subatomic genius who just invented pain" refer to whiny musicians who hate themselves.

it's also a backlash against the grunge culture in which every song seems to be about sadness.

Megadeth – Washington Is Next! Lyrics 13 years ago
"The new slavery is to keep the people poor and stupid" is my favorite line in the song. It's about how the government uses the news media to brainwash people while the corporations that run the country influence politicians with monetary contributions to economically and socially oppress the American people. If we all spend our money on frivolous things we don't need and spend our spare time watching television, thus being kept "poor and stupid" we'll have no means to change.
I really like the line about the "have nots" and "haves" like pre-communist Russia. In the U.S. today we live in a society of haves and have-nots and there are devices in place within our media communications systems to ensure that the rich get richer as the poor continue to be poor.

Megadeth – A Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) Lyrics 13 years ago
I was really disappointed that Christina was hardly on the track at all. She had few solo parts and during the duet parts her voice was mixed down so you could barely hear her.

Megadeth – Amerikhastan Lyrics 13 years ago
The first verse describes the way the U.S. Government used current events and the news media to convince the people that we needed to start a "war on terror." A social commentary on the way the american people were rallied to support the war effort.

In the same way the Nation of Islam uses religious extremism to rule its people, the current administration has continuously tried to use christian fundamentalism to create a "god vs. god" mentality in its people in spite of the fact that it's the same damn religion.

"Promising the vapour - in the end they become one" is the most profound line here. If the christian right succeeds in destroying religous fundamentalism in the middle east it breaks ground for an oppressive christian leadership here.

Sonata Arctica – In Black And White Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm the lone man at my Deathrow
You’re a faceless fool of heart
An accidental drop of darkest blood on snow
a white feather in the tar
a tear stain on your frozen face
your Life in black and white

Sonata Arctica – For The Sake Of Revenge Lyrics 13 years ago
I find the use of the term "it's never over til the fat lady sings" to be pretty interesting... an odd choice, it sounds kind of out of place in the song. I wonder if there's a reason Tony chose to use it?

After Forever – Attendance Lyrics 13 years ago
Hm... are you sure it's "splendid sides?" "Splendid Sights" makes more sense to me.

Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering Lyrics 13 years ago
a quick correction; the word is "descent," not "decent." I'm sure the user who posted this meant the former, just thought I'd make it clear. "Decent" is like "hey, you look pretty decent in that jacket." Doesn't really make sense in the song, though.

Malice Mizer – N.P.SN.G.S. Lyrics 17 years ago
okay, okay, I feel stupid because it says "die game" right there in the liner notes... anyway...

I was surprised to discover that this song isn't about violence at all... I think... I read a translation in which he said something to the effect of "the writhing venus straddling my face..." which would indicate that the song has a sexual meaning.

Malice Mizer – Shiori Lyrics 17 years ago
Just an FYI, the full title of this song is "Shiroi hada kurru no ai to kanashiimi no rondo" which translates to "the rondo of love and sadness driven mad by the white flesh." In the chorus Klaha says "a kiss to the red roses which revolved around the white flesh. the thorn of fate has pierced my chest and my heart" or something to that effect.

Malice Mizer – Kyomu no Naka de no Yuugi Lyrics 17 years ago
This song tells me that mana is a sick, disturbed individual... which only makes me love him more! More like a misplaced poem than a song, really.

Malice Mizer – Kioku To Sora Lyrics 17 years ago
oh, come on kyo! I love Tetsu. His english is better than Klaha's, that's for sure...and for what it's worth, I think he wrote some of the best and catchiest lyrics the band ever did. Aside from that, the band's earlier stuff is so much more dark and metal than the poppy stuff they did with the other singers. Now, let's get a translation so I can figure out just what is so significant about "memory and sky"

Malice Mizer – Ju Te Veux Lyrics 17 years ago
ooh, happy happy song again. So upbeat! I love the intro. And where on earth did they get that snare drum sound from? sounds like a whip cracking. Let's see a translation so we can really get into what this one's all about! Damn me and my not knowing japanese!

Malice Mizer – Illuminati Lyrics 17 years ago
luckily, I have located a translation. As it turns out, the song is actually about orgasm. Gackt uses alot of obscure religious references to liken orgasm to a state of rapture or an epiphany. Sounds good to me! After all, sex between lovers should be a religious experience... not just the act of pleasuring one another, but connecting on a level that is beyond any other activity, intertwining not just body, but soul as well, resulting in the ultimate ecstacy that brings not only orgasm, but mutual devotion and worship.

here is the translation, taken from:

Magical or Merriment. Communion with Nimrod
I devote my prayer to the sight of you disrobing and
laying on your side.
Magical or Merriment. Communion with Nimrod
You won't be able to escape once I've laid hands on you.
Everything is mixing at the base of the Star of David.

The blood and pain flowing from that body freed,
changes to pleasure.

The way the body incapable of salvation dances
is beautiful like Semiramis.
entrust in the body, if you take of the holy grail
the writhing dancing body will climb to climax.

I'm suck in the abysmal swamp
Where there is no foothold
I have reached the watery depths
distorted face...

Magical or Merriment. Communion with Nimrod.
The body plunged shivering into the MOORIYA....
shivering and dancing in the dream.

In the rift in the dream, bite down on Boaz.
The body and chest heaving, controlled for eternity.

The way the body incapable of salvation dances
is beautiful like Semiramis.
entrust in the body, if you take of the holy grail
the writhing dancing body will climb to climax.

Malice Mizer – Gogo No Sasayaki Lyrics 17 years ago
I love how when Tetsu sings in english you still can't understand him... hee hee...
anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Tetsu has a great voice and I think he is VERY underappreciated. No, he doesn't have the deep, strong voice of Gackt or Klaha, but his voice is still very melodic... and, of course, you gotta love that half head of straight black hair/half head of curly blond hair thing he has going on.

Malice Mizer – Chinurareta Kajitsu Lyrics 17 years ago
I am very fond of this song... the sound is so strange, like most of Bara No Seidou... it is not a pop album by any means! And I absolutely love Klaha's voice. I wonder what mana's voice sounds like... did you notice he never talks in interviews? It would probably ruin his attempts to appear female.

Malice Mizer – Brise Lyrics 17 years ago
what a happy song! I sing it when it's sunny out. Anybody have a translation? I'd love to know what Gackt is so happy about half way through an album about dying lovers.

Malice Mizer – Bois de Merveilles Lyrics 17 years ago
It seems like the band has always enjoyed giving their songs french titles... but was that mana's doing or Gackt's? I noticed that none of the songs on Bara No Seidou had frech titles, however some of them do contain french lyrics... any thoughts?

Malice Mizer – Bel Air Lyrics 17 years ago
mana wrote the bulk of the songs, and yes, Bel Air is one of them. Pretty much any of the songs that have great guitar work like this came from Mana. He's bloody brilliant and it boggles the mind how any japanese man can make himself look like a really hot white chick. At any rate, mana is brilliant... too bad most americans don't know who he is! If anyone knows where I can find some malice guitar tabs, especially for this song, please post a link here!

I actually found a translation. It's at the same site the other Merveilles translations I've posted came from.

Saa me wo akete boku wo mite yo
(Open your eyes and look at me)
Hora mada nukumori sae Boku no te no hira ni dakareteiru ima wa
(Look, even the warmth... The reality held in the palm of my hand)
Mou itami mo nai naka de
(In the painless void)
Anata wa nani wo ima mo omotteiru no
(What are you thinking of even now)

Kono senaka wo tsutsumu yoru to yami ni e wo egaku boku wa Toki to iu na no mono ni ayatsurarete
(I who draw pictures in the night and darkness that envelop my back Am manipulated by the governor named time)

Oozora ni ukabeta omoide no naka de Odoru futari wo mitsume naiteita
(I cried looking at the two dancing In the memories that float in heaven)
Saigo made sayonara sae iezu kono basho de Nemuri ni ochita anata wo daiteitakute
(I want to hold you who fell to sleep In this place where even goodbye could not be said till the end)

Yurenagara ashi wo ukase...
(While swaying, your feet float...)

Kono itami wo masu yoru ni onaji kotoba wo kurikaeshi Yurenagara sora ni ashi wo ukasete
(Repeating the same words in this night of increasing pain While swaying, your feet float towards the sky)

Oozora ni ukabeta omoide no naka de Boku wo mitsumeta anata wa hohoende
(In the memories that float in heaven You who gazed intently at me are smiling)
Saigo made ude wo nobashite usureteiku koe wa Ima wo mitsumeru koto wo inotte
(Stretching my arms till the end [with] my fading voice I pray that I am staring at reality)


Oozora ni ukabeta omoide no naka de Odoru futari wa ima mo hohoende
(In the memories that float in heaven The dancing couple are smiling even now)
Nagai yoru no owari wo tsugeru kono ude de Nemuri ni ochita anata wo daiteitakute
(I want to hold you who fell to sleep In these arms that tell the end of a long night)

Yurenagara ashi wo ukase...
(While swaying, your feet float...)

Yurenagara sora ni mi wo yosete...
(While swaying, your body is sent to the sky...)

once again, a song about a lover passing on. Like I said, I believe that's the concept of the whole Merveilles album. In fact, I think the songs in their appropriate order tell a story.

Malice Mizer – Beast of Blood Lyrics 17 years ago
Thanks once again to naoko for the translation... although I think Klaha's english needs a little work. Of course, Klaha is my favorite of all Malice Mizer singers. He has such a strong, deep voice. He projects extremely well... and malice had the best costumes when he was around!
At any rate, it's clear what this song is about... vampires. Of course, it fails to capture the archetype of the vampire as a romantic figure... then again, I don't think it was meant to.
And, zum, don't alienate yourself from all other malice fans by likening anything they did to a foreign artist, especially a washed-up has been like Marilyn Manson. Manson WISHES he could have done a video half as good as the beast of blood video. Besides, malice built their reputation on the idea that everything they do is original and that they don't copy foreign artists. Furthermore, Klaha is much sexier than manson anyday.

Malice Mizer – Au Revoir Lyrics 17 years ago
Thanks, naoko, for the translation. I could tell just from the title and mood that this was a very romantic song, which is one of the reasons I really like it. Further translation would make it easier to discuss, but as the title already implies, the narrator is saying "goodbye." To whom is he saying goodbye? A lover, we'd assume... but why? It does seem that the entire album "Merveilles" revolves around the central story of a lover passing on, leaving the narrator lonely and sad. I think Gackt was trying to go for a very romantic concept of love overcoming even death, but without full translations of all the songs, it's hard to be certain. If anyone knows where some translations can be found, please post them here.

Malice Mizer – S-CONSCIOUS Lyrics 17 years ago
That mystery word is either supposed to be "laughing" or "smiling..." but once again, Gackt's Engrish throws us all for a loop.

Malice Mizer – N.P.SN.G.S. Lyrics 17 years ago
hmm... I know that Gackt's english is pretty awful, so it's hard to tell what he's saying... are you sure about that 'with the venus' part? Anyway, I thought he was saying 'target' at those parts where this lyric says 'die game.' any thoughts?

Malice Mizer – Illuminati Lyrics 17 years ago
Who cares who sings for the band? As far as I can tell, their voices are both very strong and high in quality, and I have trouble telling them apart. At any rate, after seeing the Illuminati Music Video, I can only imagine just what it is the song is really about! That video is either VERY disturbing or REALLY fucking cool... I just haven't decided yet. Does anyone out there know what it's all about?

Malice Mizer – Gekka No Yasoukyoku Lyrics 17 years ago

Led by something, I walked into the middle of the forest
Mysteriously I was drawn
I reached a small old hut
and was attracted to the pierrot lying down on the floor, covered with dust
The puppet looked so sad, yet with a happy face he said "take me to the mansion"
with tears I hugged him

We climbed the stairs and came face to face with a glowing puppet of a young girl waiting for him

because it's a beautiful night... because it's a sad night I will smile gently and watch over them
because it's a lonely night... because it's the last night I will never leave the two from now on

Moonlight projects the two dancing, the shapes reflected on the wall are in a manner before rebirth

the two looking at each other murmur "it's the last night"
They dance with burning emotion till the day breaks

because it's a beautiful night... because it's a sad night
I will watch over them without crying
because it's a lonely night... because it's the last night I will watch over the two from now on

because it's a beautiful night...
because it's a beautiful night... because it's a sad night I will smile gently and watch over them
because it's a lonely night... because it's the last night I will never leave the two from now on...

I will never forget...
I will never forget the two...

I think this song has some beautiful imagery in it, the story of a lonely man reuniting two spirits who loved one another. I think the dolls are simply vehicles for the spirits of forbidden lovers. The narrator feels that by helping the two lovers, he has made up for the sadness and loneliness he feels in his own heart and that watching them dance together has brought him some joy even though he is sad (I will watch over them without crying.)

Malice Mizer – Bois de Merveilles Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a beautiful little Rondo, which I find both charming and refreshing coming from a modern artist. After doing some digging, I found a translation. The translation, in it's original format, can be found at

Oh gentle fairies, calm all the anger
Oh gentle fairies, forgive all the sinners
This singing voice together with the gentle breeze
can run past through the forest and the earth and grant a prayer
Oh gentle fairies, I will continue chanting
until you pardon the sins that I have committed
until this voice dies

I love to sing this song. It really helps stretch out the vocal chords and warm you up.

Malice Mizer – Bel Air Lyrics 17 years ago
This song probably marks not only the pinnacle of Malice's glory, but also some of the most remarkable harmony and melody ever heard in a rock song... period. Mana is a damned guitar god, and anyone who disagrees should be kicked in the skull. Pair his composition with the passionate vocals of Gackt and we have one of the most truly uplifting and beautiful songs ever written. This song holds a very special place in my heart. I may not know what "osorani ukabeta omoide no naka de odoru futari wo mitsumenaiteita" means, but I can honestly say that I totally feel the words. This song is probably my very favorite by the band. If anyone has a translation handy, I'd be overjoyed to see it.

Malice Mizer – Au Revoir Lyrics 17 years ago
This is probably malice's prettiest song. I think the line "Anata wo dakishime nemuritai" is absolutley beatiful, especially the way gackt-san sings it. Does anyone know exactly what it means?

Malice Mizer – Beast of Blood Lyrics 17 years ago
I have to admit, the video for Beast of Blood is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen. Of course, this song is clearly about vampires... does anybody have a translation handy of the japanese parts? They sound beautiful in japanese, I can only wonder what they mean.

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