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Weezer – Feels Like Summer Lyrics 1 year ago
I'm holding on and I don't want to let you go, oh
Yeah, it feels like summer
Yeah, it feels like summer to me

Another interpretation is that the above lines could be about how he's holding on to the belief that he has a connection with this girl and he doesn't want to admit she's going away... which is kinda how we feel about summer going in the fall. We're always in denial because we just want it to last forever.

Weezer – Feels Like Summer Lyrics 1 year ago
I think it's obviously about a short-lived summer love. June bride is the clear oxymoron here. June is a short specific duration of time. Bride is signalling something eternal. He expected something to last, and it turned out to not be what he was expecting. Similar to how these "sad" lyrics are masked by the upbeat presentation of summer hype. Nothing is as expected.

Another interpretation that's less literal is that when bad things happen just pick yourself up and focus on the good.. in a "I lost my June bride, but I still have the rest of summer/yeah, it feels like summer" kinda way.

Matt Mays – Station Out of Range Lyrics 1 year ago
This song is, pretty clearly to me, about drifting away from people (radio stations) as you go through life (down the highway), and become disconnected. While you're happy to be on the path you're on, and you need to go the direction you are, you will always remember the happy songs you had together before you started hearing less and less.

Bloc Party – Pioneers Lyrics 4 years ago
Everyone talks about the opening lines and how it's, in a sense, sarcastic. I'm sure I'm not the first or only one to notice this, but does anyone see these lines no so much sarcastic but more along the lines of written completely opposite?

Here's what I mean:

If it can be broke then it can be fixed -
(If something's broke it can't necessarily be fixed. But if something's fixed, then it had to be broke in the first place)

If it can be fused then it can be split -
(If something's fused it can't necessarily be split. But if something's split, then it had to be fused in the first place)

If it can be lost then it can be won -
(If something's lost it doesn't necessarily mean it was capable of being won. But if something really is capable of being won, then it can still be lost)

If it can be touched then it can be turned -
(If something's touched it can't necessarily be turned. But if something's turned, then it can be touched)

See what I mean about how these ideas reciprocate one way, but not the other?

In addition, I also think those opening lines aren't about a war, or politics, but I think it's more about (as old fashion as it is) a lover's heart.

A heart can be broke/fixed. Two hearts can be fused/split. Their heart can be lost/won. Their heart can be touched/turned.

Mystery Jets – Someone Purer Lyrics 4 years ago
I think this song is more about the inadequacies he feels. There seems to be a big issue with him going to sleep. When he sleeps, and has some quiet time to his thoughts, he feels regret (kinder / purer) for things he does, worried about how to handle his problems (surer), and he feels like a "freak" (beautiful), and at times feels so overwhelmed, that he imagines not waking up at all. Because he's griped with all these inner issues, he feels like he's a different person, so much so, that he feels trapped in another person's body, and starts scratching his skin, to see if the real him is lying underneath it all. He kind of resigns himself to all of those things (devil knows my name/ will salvation come / take away my pain) knowing he'll never find his solution (hope / light / system / solution / to fend off perils in the night) and finds his solace in playing and writing rock and roll.

Bahamas – Already Yours Lyrics 5 years ago
I think it's about unrequited love. The "lover" is saying the first two verses, and then the one who isn't really feeling it, says the last verse in response to the "lover"

Bloc Party – Talons Lyrics 5 years ago
I'm trying to decide whether I think this is about love, AIDS, or death...

Death - You can't hold it back with any crucifix, or weapon, and it comes after all of us, it's slutty because we will all be intimate with it, saddens friends

AIDS - same as death above, but additionally makes more sense with the "claiming all my lovers" and "new disease in the post" lines

Love / Breakups - The idea that it comes for all of us, sometimes we try to hide from it, but eventually we all fall into its grasp. It feels right, all kisses and velvet, but really it just fucks us up in the long run, burns us, and infects us.

Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Hearts Lyrics 5 years ago
"Well then lets take this night from black to blue"

is a play on words about getting hurt and being with the person from night (black) and not leaving until the next day (blue)

Lykke Li – Little Bit Lyrics 6 years ago
I think it's interesting how the verses and the chorus conflict with each other. What I mean by that is in the verse she says... She'd push a button, pull a trigger, climb a mountain, jump off a cliff... things you only say when you are madly obsessed, and deeply in love. And she goes on to say she's only a little bit in love. Just like all of us. Who me? No! I'm not in love! I only like that person. For some reason we're ashamed to be in love sometimes. I think that's what she's saying.

Kid Cudi – Mr. Rager Lyrics 7 years ago
I think the meaning to this song is very prominent in the video for it. If you haven't seen it, then you must, or else this explanation probably won't make much sense...

Scott is unstable emotionally, as shown by him talking to a psych. Mr. Rager is Scott in the spotlight, or how we all know him, as Kid Cudi. His dreams lie at the top, and he's running up the stairs to claim them and not willing to come back down. I don't know Scott, so there's no way to tell, but I believe his dream is normalcy and sanity. But he has to fight for them, and overcome obstacles along the way in the form of critics, emotions, fate, whatever, and he's clearly overwhelmed, but not willing to give up what he wants, or rather, needs. From above Scott, the actual normal man, watches him, and he knows that Mr. Rager won't ever be able to reach him up in his sanctuary, so he goes down to meet Mr. Rager. And when it comes time for them to finally meet, Scott kills Mr. Rager, not maliciously, but gently and peacefully, because killing Mr. Rager is the only way for Mr. Rager to achieve normalcy and sanity.

Childish Gambino – Bonfire Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is beyond amazing. There's so much depth and meaning in each line, it's impossible to go over all of it. But if you see the video it's pretty obvious. The rappers keep talking about the same old shit, acting like they're so amazing, this and that, but have very little quality to back it up. And if you see the video, all the girls go for the "fake story teller" telling the same ghost story over and over, and they buy it. But Gambino, coughing up blood, is saying he's the real ghost, but the girls can't hear or see him.... afterall, he's the real ghost of the story.

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks Lyrics 7 years ago
Genius is laced all in, around, and through these lyrics. Take Lil Wayne's biggest song and it wouldn't hold up to this quality. This is what rap should be... and he does this as a side-hobby.

Childish Gambino – The Last Lyrics 8 years ago
This is one of his strongest tracks lyrically. You can see him put a lot of himself in here. Beautiful song.

Lightspeed Champion – Waiting Game Lyrics 8 years ago
Three years later I come back to this and I see something totally different. I think Dev led a girl (probably a virgin) on to have sex and he feels terrible about doing so.

Let's not stop, hesitate...Don't slip, be careful, please don't fall
I'm begging, I'm pleading, believe me, I'll break you girl

(Dev and the girl are about to shebang and he's giving her one last chance to run, and he hopes she takes it, but she isn't doing it)

Stop shaking I beg you girl!
I think the most scared person here is me
My muse is out of control
Don't think I'm happy here at all
Never dreamed of doing this..
A nightmare crash in this body
We're losing dignity
At least you, had yours before

(They did it. He's feeling guilty)

And as I crack my hand
Open my palms and there you lay
I lift you to my ear
You whisper "Sorry it's too late"
Ignore the best advice
My vice, a brick wall to my life
Again I, feel stupid
Confessing this all in verse

(He's covering up his eyes scared to look at what he's done. And he cracks his fingers open and peeks at her, and he hopes that maybe it didn't happen but she tells him that it did)

Arctic Monkeys – Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Lyrics 8 years ago
I think he's saying that out of all the risky things and bad ideas you can have or do in the world, trusting him is the worst

The XX – Fantasy Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with you completely. My former girl and I had to break up recently, not because we weren't getting along, but because the timing of our relationship was bad. I leave for Marine boot camp soon, and she's leaving for college. I'm under stress; she's under stress. We just want this time right now to be spent on our friends and family. When I return from boot camp mid-September, we're gonna spend the week together and see what we want to do.. start it up or let it go.

Now that, I've told everyone my life story, lemme tie that back into the song...

For the desired effect
Would you come back August or June, June
And I hate that tomorrow's too soon
But this collision, came mid bloom

(We're separating for a while. We still love each other, but "tomorrow's too soon," so we're going to hold out a few months. "This collision came mid bloom" to me means that our relationship ended before it fully ran it's course)

Better built to resume
I'll see you August, see you June
I'm building higher than I can see
I want fantasy

("Better built to resume" means we are "made for each other" and should probably resume.. "I'm building higher than I can see" reminds me of what I'm doing now. I'm making all these plans for the future, that I really have no business making. I need to focus. Cross the bridge when I come to it. But for now I dream, and have my fantasies.)

Don't rest with the less
I'm burning to impress
It's deep in the middle of me
I can be fantasy

("Don't rest with the less" is about not settling for someone lesser than this person you had. It's her (him) or no one else. He wants to impress her, and show her that they need to be together.)

The Shins – Australia Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is about the fear of being single. It's nothing about the holocaust. If anyone says otherwise I'll fight 'em. The Himmler reference is how the woman sees the man she's with. He won't commit to her and she feels like her life is fading like a candle starved of oxygen. He's wasting her life and she feels like he's being a big meany pants Himmler for screwing her life. the dodos flying and androids feeling are cutesy ways of saying doing what you weren't meant to do. Do you remember the first line? we're born to multiply i.e. raise a family. by him not committing to her he's holding her back. she pretends to act like it's fun being single but its the contrary. she wants a family. she sees all of the ordinary joes with their families and she wants to be one of them. she wants to take his hand and flee this scene/window. and why is it called 'australia?' oh i know! i know! australia isthe biggest island much like the girl.

got it?

Jack Penate – Tonight's Today Lyrics 10 years ago
I love it!

Bloc Party – Cells Shaped Like Stars Lyrics 10 years ago
Gunn has it everyone!
His name is Jackson Smith.
He lives in Atlanta.
He's on facebook.
Add him.
Send him countless messages requesting the demo.
Fill his inbox.
This is your best chance to get the demo!

Bloc Party – Cells Shaped Like Stars Lyrics 10 years ago
Like who Gunn? Who would have such a demo?


Wolfmother – Vagabond Lyrics 10 years ago
tcsmith nailed it!

It's about the homeless. The last truly free people in our world today.

They're free to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They aren't tied down to anything. They don't have to be anywhere for anyone. Do anything for anyone. They're time is there's.

And that's what I think Andrew's trying to say in this song:

....Oh girl I don't know all the reasons why,
I found the answer lookin' in your eye,
I go out walking all day long,
Take away this lonely man soon he will be gone....

The first stanza's saying that he doesn't know why, but when he saw this "rich" girl passing by him, he understood the reason why he (the vagabond) was so free. This girl was tied down to her schedule and her job and all her stresses. He could see this in her "pretty little eye." But all he does is walk around all day, and though he's lonely, he'll be gone, off discovering something else in life.

....Cause I'll tell you everything about being free,
Yes I can see you girl can you see me,
You don't need to know what I do all day,
It's as much as I know watch it waste away,
Cause I'll tell you everything about being free,
Yes I can see you girl can you see me,
Go and see the sorcerer look into a ball,
You may find the answer written on the wall....

More of the same. He's telling her that he can set her free and here's the reasons why:
He can see this girl. He does nothing all day but observe his world. But she can't see him, she's got a one-track mind. One thing to the next.
All he does is watch the world go by. It's a lot better than making the world go by.
This girl will never discover this though. The only hope she has is to find some other way of discovering this like going to some sorcerer, because she'll never be free on her own.

....Put her in a mansion on top of the hill,
Please don't make her do things against her will,
I found something special I don't know why,
Looking into her pretty little eye,
Cause I'll tell you everything about being free....

The summary of the song. She goes home everyday in her mansion on the hill. But she's not happy. She's not free. She can't do what she wants to do. She has to go to her job. She has to give her time to others. She always has something she has to do in order to "make a living" in this world. She's stressed out. And the homeless vagabond can see this looking into her eye. He's free.

Arctic Monkeys – Knock a Door Run Lyrics 10 years ago
alexturner15, I thought the exact same thing when I was listening to and reading the lyrics.

I think it's about a girl flirting with you, acting like she likes you... knocking, if you will... and then when you answer the door... whoops! she was only playing her game. She's run away from you.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Little Shadow Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song

It looks like it's about a friend/lover who is with you until the end, and the narrator is showing their appreciation for them.

To the night (to the end) will you follow me (will you stay right next to me)?

the night is the end, because the night will erase a shadow.

pretty self explanatory.

Eels – Love of the Loveless Lyrics 10 years ago
Here's E on the song...

"I think ultimately what the song is saying, and this pops up a couple of times on the album, is: give yourself a break. Some people aren't fortunate enough to have been given the kind of love that people need to flourish and survive in this world, so you've got to find a way to give it to yourself. No easy feat."

Basically what I was saying, he doesn't need anyone's love. He's made it on his own.

Eels – Love of the Loveless Lyrics 10 years ago
The song is pretty obvious, he's been alone his whole life, but the details come through in the last part.

All around you people walking
Empty hearts and voices talking
Looking for and finding

Don’t got a lot of time
Don’t really care
Not selling anything
Buyer beware

He's saying that being alone is almost better. People wander the world looking for love, and mostly fail. But he doesn't need love, he's got all he needs from being alone always. And so, he doesn't really care that he's lonely, he's not selling his love (that is, he's not trying to hook up), so buyer beware, you won't get any love from him.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 10x10 Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it's about Karen imagining her death. She sees it as moving into a new home. Her home is 10 ft long and 3 ft high... a casket. (afterall, her home buried her) Three nails pounding in the front door.

It makes sense to me

Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass Lyrics 10 years ago
I recently had a dream and glass was involved in it. I looked up glass in the interpretation book at the library because I was curious. I noticed it contained a bit about "eating glass." It said that it symbolizes having difficulty communicating words or other feelings. So then I looked up drinking poison. It said it was something you're adding to your life that is harmful to your life (go figure). Among these may be feelings of bitterness, jealousy or other bad feelings that are consuming you.

So now it all makes sense as to how Like eating glass and drinking poison tie into the song about divorced.

Lightspeed Champion – Midnight Surprise Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree with the above statement. I think it's about how he wants to be with this girl, but he hasn't the courage to ask her out. Instead he resorts to tossing off and dreaming about her. This is how I interpret the lyrics:

**And even better still, warm nights and the chill
Creeping down my bones, reminds me I'm alone
My sweet midnight surprise, staple down my eyes
Stars I cannot see, take me galaxy

The singer is laying in bed trying to fall asleep but can't (warm nights). He gets a chill creeping down his bones that reminds him he's alone... to do whatever he wants :D
The girl he dreams about is his "midnight surprise." He stays awake thinking about her (staple down my eyes). Stars he cannot see and being taken by the galaxy is basically him saying he's entering his fantasy world with her.

**Deeper in the zone, 2-player combo mode
Creeping down my bones, reminds me I'm alone
My sweet midnight surprise, staple down my eyes
Stars I cannot see, take me galaxy

Now he's "deeper in the zone" or in other words, he's in his fantasy/dream. 2-player combo mode is basically his cute way of saying, "he and the girl are getting it on." You know, "it takes two to tango." ...Okay he's having sex with her. But alas he wakes up and remembers he's alone, so now he "Ejac... quantumbreezes - if you shall be so modest.

**Fuck, I think she just saw me, stop hiding in the sea
Shit, my midnight surprise has found out all my lines
Crunch time, night time, palm luxuries which I mistake for life
Don't talk to me, stay away unless you want me near you

Okay, so now he see's her in public or a crowd of people (better known as "the sea"). He's just watching her and hides behind the crowd (sea), afraid to talk to her. She just found out he likes her, and all of his other intentions (like doing her). He's grown so accustomed to his pulm luxuries (tossing off) that he thought they were just another part of life (crunch time = food, night time = sleep, etc), so he's nervous of what might happen if he goes near her.

**I'm waiting in silence and cloaking my violence
You, almost encourage my happiness, but I know best
Wake up, smell the semen, this will never happen for you
Evil waits inside your home and shakes you through and through

So now he's back in his bedroom alone (waiting in silence). He's almost content to tossing off to her everyday (you almost encourage my happiness), but then he wakes up and smells his semen and realizes this isn't working for him.

**As I lay in bed, wrapped in cold sweat, just take me now

So now he's had his fun and just wants to go to sleep. He isn't happy not having her, but he's also to scared to ask her out. This makes him depressed, and all he want's is to die (and fry up in the sun).

**Shoot me into sleep...

The next day continues much as it has before... he can't stop dreaming and fantasizing of her.

Bloc Party – Letter to My Son Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this is about finding that right person (And you looked so right in that red dress). He wants to be Mr. Right for her as well, and be a foundation for her to run to (rock for you... could rely on). The love grew so much they ended up doing it EVERYWHERE (i.e. bedroom, kitchen floor). To make it short, he knocked her up, and he's saying hello to his future son.

Beautiful song.

Bloc Party – Talons Lyrics 10 years ago
In regards to the HIV/AIDS connection. I'd have to agree with RayMonkey42. In addition, here's how I interpret a few other lines:

And when it comes it will feel like a kiss

Possibly about having sex. When he was catching hte STD it felt could, he was having sex. Hence, it felt like a kiss.

And when he mentions the "when did you become such a slut?" line, I can't help but think he's just lashing out at the girl for having the STD and blaming her.

Bloc Party – Blue Light Lyrics 10 years ago
alltime, you saw that on youtube. If you saw it on BtwnTheHdges' page, that's me!! haha, small world!

Bloc Party – Blue Light Lyrics 10 years ago
I was discussing this song with my friend and his response absolutely blew me away. He said it was about being addicted to drugs but then he fell in love and she keeps him from going back to drug use. Prepare to be amazed:

Blue light is installed in public toilets in seedy areas so that drug addicts can't see their veins (ref: Verse one relates to addiction, and the "shadows" and "cupboards" being the dark places in the mind where the addiction grows and is found. "It will...every night" relates to the feeling of invincibility that some drugs can give you; ditto for "It will...remember" and the feeling of clarity.

Verse two is about a lover no longer at hand; "What could I ever run to?" is the narrator's pathetic plea that drugs were the only possible substitute for the love he has lost. Lines three and four are ambiguous; either, as conventionally assumed, they are about the lovers having been parted and as such being torn apart and unable to sleep; or the lover is also addicted and the drugs are wrenching her body apart and stopping her from sleeping.

"And you didn't even notice..." is about beautiful moments of love that were numbed by drug use. The "And you couldn't tell..." line is often misinterpreted; rather than saying that the lover couldn't tell the difference between them, the narrator in fact refers to an event (that she "didn't even notice") of the-sky-turning-blue-and-one-not-being-able-to-tell-the-difference-between-them (I hope this is clear).

The final repeated line ("You are the bluest light") is a sober realisation that her love is the only thing that will stop his addiction. She acts as the blue light hiding his veins from view; the light that prevents him from reentering the dark "shadows" and "cupboards" of his mind.

Bloc Party – Signs Lyrics 10 years ago
I looked into it a little further. Apparently there is a connection with the song, Zephyrus.

When the prince was playing quoits with Apollo one day, Zephyrus blew a quoit out of its proper course in jealousy, which killed the prince. In grief, Apollo traced the letters "Ai, Ai" on the purple Hyacinth flowers that rose from the prince and so it was a flower of grief and mourning to the Ancients.

So that begs the question: Is Signs and Zephyrus connected? and is Zephyrus about killing a relationship over jealousy?

Bloc Party – Signs Lyrics 10 years ago
The ravens and bluebells, obviously, are signs to the singer. They're signs that they should be together again and that his friend hasn't died. The bluebell is a flower. Because he sees them in the late December, he's seeing it as a sign that his friend hasn't died either, as flowers are supposed to be dead come December. Why a Bluebell? In Greek mythology, the flower sprang from the blood of the dying prince, Hyacinthus. As a mark of his grief on the death of the prince, Apollo inscribed the letters "AIAI". Thus Kele sees it as a sign of his own grief for his lost friend.

Bloc Party – Trojan Horse Lyrics 10 years ago
when he goes high, doesn't it remind you of muse? and as everyone else said, obvious meaning.

Lightspeed Champion – I Could Have Done This Myself Lyrics 10 years ago
I did the lyrics by ear. So I'm open to corrections.

Lightspeed Champion – No Suprise Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't like Florence's vocals. They're nearing annoying with every listen.

Bloc Party – Mercury Lyrics 10 years ago
I was actually referring more towards mainstream music. I agree with you though, indie's exploding! I think musics going downhill because I feel like I'm the only kid in my timezone who listens to indie music. I'm getting sick of hearing Nickleback, Soulja Boy, and that shitty lollipop song. The industry doesn't have it's priorities straight. That's what's going downhill. Not Bloc Party. Not indie.

hope that clears it up

p.s. check out my blog and add some life and community to it so I can talk real music to someone for once. =]

Lightspeed Champion – Waiting Game Lyrics 10 years ago
Explaining the above statement better:

Let's not stop, hesitate
If this comes down to fate just wait
'Cause now I'm losing face and I
Have wasted too much time to change
My stomach's hit the floor
Don't slip, be careful, please don't fall
I'm begging, I'm pleading, believe me
I'll break you girl

(Dev and the white girl are in love. She wants a relationship. But he thinks he'll "break her" by doing it. He'll ruin her. A white girl with a black guy. How well do you think that will fly in society?)

Stop shaking I beg you girl!
I think the most scared person here is me
My muse is out of control
Don't think I'm happy here at all
Never dreamed of doing this..
A nightmare crash in this body
We're losing dignity
At least you, had yours before

(More about him being scared of getting involved with her. His muse is out of control and he can't control his thoughts. He's thinking about what everyone will say about them. He never dreamed he'd "rebel" against his race. They're going to lose all their dignity)

I'm feeling oh so misplaced
And I've turned my back on my race
I'm praying for this all to end

(He feels misplaced because he feels like he belongs in the black community but instead is with a white girl and has turned his back on his race. He wants it all to end, but it's just not going to happen. They're in love, it's fate, he can't stop it, even if he wants to)

And as I crack my hand
Open my palms and there you lay
I lift you to my ear
You whisper "Sorry it's too late"
Ignore the best advice
My vice, a brick wall to my life
Again I, feel stupid
Confessing this all in verse

(He's telling her not to get involved with him. She ignores his advice saying "Sorry it's too late. I've already fallen in love with you"

Like you, I'm waiting in line
God knows what for

(By having a relationship they're setting themselves up for criticism and "God knows what else")

Babyshambles – You Talk Lyrics 10 years ago
It's "I just like getting leathered"

Does anyone read the lyrics PRINTED RIGHT IN THE Mother F****** ALBUM ANYMORE!!??

oh yeah that's right, no one BUYS music anymore. They steal it all.

One Night Only – You And Me Lyrics 10 years ago
absolute shite! overplayed song! get off the bandwagon!

Lightspeed Champion – Waiting Game Lyrics 10 years ago
how did this end up a b-side? this is a very strong track for Dev.

I think it's about falling in love with someone of another race (I've turned my back on my race). He's scared of what might happen to them and the trouble it will bring and what people might say about them (I'll break you girl... I think the most scared person here is me... We're losing dignity, etc, etc.). He wants it to end, he doesn't want to hurt her, but he can't. "It's come down to fate," they HAVE to be together.

Bloc Party – Mercury Lyrics 10 years ago
I know exactly what you're saying bpb07. I was actually shocked at how much everyone hates this, than again, I really shouldn't have been.

People don't appreciate music anymore. It's a kind of, "If it's not the new ringtone than it's pure shit," ideology. The music industry's going down hill, and there's nothing we can do but watch it burn. sad.

Bloc Party – Vision of Heaven Lyrics 10 years ago
soooooooo many good memories I have are tied to the song. this song always reminds me of them. This is easily in my top 5, all-time bloc party songs.

Those Dancing Days – Hitten Lyrics 10 years ago
It's a shame that some bands as great as this never get the attention that they deserve.

Meanwhile some retarded Fallout Boy concert carries on...

at least we were privileged enough to hear them

Lykke Li – Tonight Lyrics 11 years ago
how does this song not have any comments? has anyone else seen her live yet?

Shirley Bassey – Diamonds Are Forever Lyrics 11 years ago
^^yeah, Alex Turner showed her up ;)

Kleerup – Until We Bleed Lyrics 11 years ago
I love Lykke Li

Bloc Party – Always New Depths Lyrics 11 years ago
I was walking to school today and I had Always New Depths stuck in my head. naturally I sang it out. and then, just as if by a lightswitch, the meaning cleared up for me.

I think it's about DEPRESSION. (to be honest, I think Kele will forever be the only one who knows what all his songs really mean)

All the clouds are black
(metaphor - his life is going through a storm)

Mother is cried out
(mothers have an infinate capacity to love their child and yet he used up all her sympathy)

Someone else broke my fall
(someone else took his mother's place and supported him so it didn't hurt as much.)

I don't remember
(doesn't remember the better days)

Internationally bastardised
(dictionary definition of bastardised is to be lowered from a higher state or condition to a lower one. By internationally I think he means in all areas of his life. so put 2 and 2 together here)

Internationally tongue-tied
(using what we already know, I think he means he can't explain himself to anyone so it all bottles up inside of him)

The truth is I'm not sorry
It's bigger than the both of us
(he's not sorry he can't explain his feelings because his problems are so big whomever wouldn't be able to help him)

A pillar of salt, a box of want
(he wants something he can't have back: his past, "happy days." pillar of salt - again, describes his wish, but when Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt it couldn't be undone. In other words saying he can never have those days back)

You were pulled out of the embers
(you (but not you) came straight out of hell to torment him)

It was never my intention
(he didn't intend for his life to go so wrong)

All the clouds are black
Mother is cried out
(the same obviously)

Summertime has come and gone
(metaphor - rather obvious)

All used up with wishful thinking
(finally has come to grips with the fact that his wish that life will be better will never come true)

Get sussed out, get cynical
(get sussed out - to grow up the hard way; get cynical - thinks everyone's out to get him)

In this world there are no second chances
(you've only got one life to live)

Crawling round on all fours
(his depression makes him feel inhumane)

Curl yourself into a circle
(curl into a ball and protect yourself from the cruel, outside world)

I will tear myself apart
If you promise to paint me
As a work of art
(he'll put all his deepest feelings on the table for you, if you promise to see him as the unique and beautiful human that we all are)

You don't need to preach to me
I'm a believer baby
You don't need to preach to me
I'm a believer

If you want lies I can tell them
If you want lies I got 'em
(typical "what's wrong" "nothing, I'm fine" lies. you know what I mean)

All the pennies in the Thames
Will not make it how it was
(no matter how much wishing you do, life won't go back in time to make you happy)

Always new depths
(he's always hitting a new low)

The Last Shadow Puppets – In the Heat of the Morning Lyrics 11 years ago
i knew that...

shit. oh well, i never really listened to him.

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