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Hooverphonic – 2 Wicky Lyrics 7 months ago
Maybe something to do with this?

David Bowie – Queen Bitch Lyrics 1 year ago
“And I'm phoning a cab 'cause my stomach feels small
There's a taste in my mouth and it's no taste at all“

Just saw a fab version of this from The Old Grey Whistle Test. These lines refer to doing some sort of upper drug, cocaine, amphetamine (speed) or something similar, which does make your stomach shrink with a most peculiar feeling, and the taste when snorting or rubbing on your gums is pretty chemical and awful.

Richard & Linda Thompson – The End Of The Rainbow Lyrics 3 years ago
Always terrifies me that this all just might be true... Amazing opening line, “I feel for you, you little horror!” And whenever anyone mentions a rainbow, or finding the end of it, or the pot/crock of gold, this just comes into my head. Very bleak, but also I think (I hope) jokingly over-pessimistic. Though I’m sure many people feel this way, or have, at some point in their lives.

Mazzy Star – Rhymes of an Hour Lyrics 3 years ago
Perhaps some of the best, craziest music ever recorded. Sounds like every 15-year-old crisis I ever experienced, from both sides, surely round a campfire, with tambourines and a simple guitar line and harmonica and a real stoned bassline. Who turned Bertolucci onto this?

Feeder – Buck Rogers Lyrics 3 years ago
@[H2dae:19671] Yes, it's definitely drink cider from 11, the best line in this song, and what any good British teenager ought to be doing with their lives, meeting up with their mates and drinking cider from 11am.

Belle & Sebastian – The Stars of Track and Field Lyrics 5 years ago
Thanks @[fuckbuttons:4928] - I didn't see this comment, but a friend gave me those first two Weezer albums a couple of years back and they have become firm favourites, so will check out your other recommendations. And you too, @[sbd01:4929], I will get onto those B&S albums now too :)

Slim Dusty – Duncan Lyrics 7 years ago
You may think this is just a great, incredibly catchy drinking song, and you'd be right, but to my mind it's so much more than that.

I first heard this song, in the car, three days ago. I knew I was going to like it after the second line. Since that first time, I must have listened to the song at least 30 times in three days, and it's been playing many more times in my head, day and night.

My initial question after first hearing the song (bearing in mind that I'm English, not Australian) was "is there really no irony here, no subtext?"

And that's right, there isn't. It's just a song that says "I like having a drink with my friends".

But, looking a little closer, that's such a beautiful sentiment. Hearing the song made me want to do exactly that, have a beer with a mate. And, as Slim makes clear, it's not about drinking to excess, I think what he's getting at here is the importance of shared male company, the importance of man friends, mates. Blokes you can confide in, confidantes. And the importance of hanging out with them, one on one.

And not only is it a beautiful song for this message behind it, but it's also incredibly well sung and performed. It's no surprise to me that this song spent so long at the top of the charts in Australia. Slim's vocal delivery is spot on, with little subtle cadence jumps coinciding with the bass line, which fits in beautifully, and really turns it into such a catchy singalong. And you can hear the smile and the laughter in his voice, as he recalls each mate, just listen to the way he sings "Col".

The band plays with such fantastic energy too, and when everyone joins in on the last verse, and when the last lines are repeated, it reaches such a frenzied crescendo that we could be in the pub with them right there.

And all of this in under three minutes. Sheer genius. Here's to ya, Slim.

The Indelicates – Better to Know Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree, although I DO LIKE THE SONG VERY MUCH.

The Kinks – Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains Lyrics 7 years ago
These lyrics above at the mo seem to be about Monica by the way...

I see 'Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains' as a cri de coeur of the analog era, of the working class man, or of the young rabble rouser, when all his "friends are all middle class and grey", "And all this peaceful living is driving me insane!"

I feel this way a lot recently; I was at my brother's wedding this weekend, and a couple of old friends came up to me and said, "Wow, you're drunk enough for us both" and other comments about my drunkenness (I wasn't even that drunk), and I was like, "BEING DRUNK USED TO BE THE THING WE DID, REMEMBER?" and also "IT'S MY BROTHER'S WEDDING, NOW SHUT UP AND GET DRUNK!"

It's a longing for a time when we were the "blood and sweat brigade", when we didn't have to pretend we were all boring and serious and adult and clean and quiet and and and and...

Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings Lyrics 8 years ago
I think this song might be about having sex on people's graves.


Gillian Welch – Hard Times Lyrics 9 years ago
A song for our times. Beautiful.

I had a stupid argument with my wife about nothing, because we're both stressed about money, then I heard this song for the first time, having downloaded the album that night (though I now wish I bought the CD, check this out!

Anyway, this song came on, and I cried. "Hard times ain't gonna rule my mind, honey, hard times ain't gonna rule my mind any more". I'm sorry, baby.

Thank you Gillian and David for soothing my life.

Gillian Welch – Elvis Presley Blues Lyrics 9 years ago
On the contrary, I think it is "like he'd never seen", as I believe the song is about Welch's admiration for this "country boy", who came out of nowhere and changed the face of music, shaking it (in every sense) like "a chorus a Harlem queen", even though he had never seen those things.

I think it is celebrating the inspirational nature of Elvis Presley, that somebody so amazing can come out of nowhere, out of nothing, not out of some Fame School X-Factor academy or production line.

This song is incredible, and one of my favourite songs ever. The recording is beautiful, and the delicacy of the vocals on "he rang like silver" is breath-taking, and I love them singing "Oh bless my soul, what's wrong with me?" in such a mournful way, in complete contrast to how Elvis sang it, but emphasising his fragility on the inside, despite being such a huge icon worldwide on the outside.

Makes we wanna cry.

Beth Orton – Concrete Sky Lyrics 9 years ago
I wholeheartedly agree. I saw her play this last night live, at St George's Church, Brighton (England). It was a beautiful concert, even though Beth was quite nervous, and feeling a little "baby-brained" (she's just given birth). A beautiful song. It was the first time I heard it. Thanks, Beth :)

Bob Dylan – Forever Young Lyrics 9 years ago
In fact, I'm not sure if it's "light surrounding you" or "lights surrounding you". Pretty much impossible to tell. Probably deliberate ambiguity. Having recently studied Pranic Healing, this song, and many of Dylan's, have taken on a new meaning for me.

Bob Dylan – Forever Young Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree, Italian Phaethon. Lines like "May you always know the truth and see the lights surrounding you" - I think he's talking about the energy body, the aura, that clairvoyants can see.

A very spiritual song.

The Cat Empire – The Crowd Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it's "And the eagle keeps watch on the old clocktower over me(eeeeeee)"

As in the clocktower in St Kilda, here:

But I can't see any eagle ornament on there. Anyone live close in Melb who can go and check?

Unless he's just talking about a metaphorical eagle. But it's just a lovely detail about the place, that probably most people don't notice. Such great songwriting.

Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) Lyrics 9 years ago
As this song follows 'Troublemaker' as the second song on the album, I think it can be read as a companion piece to that, as a song about dumb, rich, sexist, oversexed rock stars thinking they are the greatest, and that they were simply born to give, to share their talent with us lesser mere mortals. In fact, I thought it might turn into a concept album about that after these first two songs, but it didn't.

The songs' varied musical styles pay tribute to those different types of artists I think, and there are bits that sound like Limp Bizkit, Green Day (though I think they're friends, and it's not the first time Weezer have sounded like Green Day, in fact I think Rivers studied a lot of their music to see what makes a hit), that band with the singer who looks like a lion whose name I can't think of right now, Kid Rock, any number of rock/rap groups, Blink 182, etc..

I think in some ways Weezer are parodying those bands, but also maybe paying tribute to their musical styles, or at least it's an affectionate parody, 'cos they do them so well. The choral voice bit sounds quite Beach Boys-y too, and I know Rivers is a big fan, but maybe it has to do with the Shaker hymn I haven't heard, I don't know.

Also, all the different styles are just an accomplished band having fun playing, and creating something new.

I still don't know about the radioactive line, or even if that is what he's singing at all, but I can't suggest anything better, so...

But I think in some ways it's also a warning song about how inflated one's ego can get, when you become a "star". Because I have often found myself singing along and believing the lyrics about myself. It's a very seductive lifestyle, I imagine, being a rock star, and it must be easy to fall into that trap of thinking you're God because everyone is telling you you are, like the Facebook page about Rivers. So there's actually quite a lot going on in something that on first listen can seem quite shallow. That's the genius of Weezer, God bless 'em.

And that's enough now. I've just finished a nightshift, so none of this probably makes any sense :)

Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) Lyrics 9 years ago
Only in the sense that over-inflated ego rock stars can think they're Jesus, or have a Jesus Complex. I don't think he was secretly sending you messages that GOD IS GREAT.

Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) Lyrics 9 years ago
I think he's writing this song from a kind of Fred Durst/Blink 182 singer persona, and so is alluding to their lack of education (but self-perceived wisdom) when he says, "Somebody said..."

Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) Lyrics 9 years ago
That's really interesting yoshiary, Macbeth was all about the dangers of ambition, and I had read this song as a parody of the current crop of rap and rock stars with an inflated sense of their own self-importance, so I guess it ties in with that.

Great frickin' rock song though!

Weezer – Say It Ain't So Lyrics 10 years ago
Anyone who can't see this as a work of genius to rank alongside Bach, yer fella Mozart, Kurt Cobain, Morrisey or Bob Dylan is an idiot. It's great because it's true. People, write about your dysfunctional families, or don't write at all!

To write a song like this so young proves that genius touches too few, too seldom. But I just recorded a kick-ass cover version on GarageBand in two hours. Thank you, Rivers Cuomo.

Cat Stevens – How Can I Tell You Lyrics 10 years ago
This song just came on my phone on random as I was out jogging by a lonesome canal on a blustery autumnal day, and I have to say I got a great swell of emotion flood into my chest when it came to the lines in the 2nd verse, "always walking with you" and "always talking to you", and I just wanted to be with my girl, or to sing her this song.

I think the song is about unrequited love on one level, about a boy longing to tell a girl how he feels, and just hoping that he'll meet her by chance some day, because "hearts can do no more" than hope, I guess is what he means.

But I also take the possible religious undertones too, particularly with "kneel upon the floor", though he could of course just be praying, an extension of the hoping, for this girl to come into his life.

Beautiful stuff that needs to be heard rather than just read on the page, I agree.

XTC – Earn Enough For Us Lyrics 10 years ago
Lovely example of Partridge's typically honest style of lyric writing, about the pressures and strains of starting your own family.

Beautiful poetry in the rhyme scheme, "roof held together with holes" brought together a number of lines later with "others like us who have goals".

And what a line to have in a pop song - "than others like us who have goals for the betterment of life" - always makes me smile and inspires as to what you can put into a song.

Beck – No Complaints Lyrics 10 years ago
Always thought it was "We are English" as well. Would be funnier. Also the line "check the status on the info line" always makes me laugh, about the lobotomised generation of internet-heads we have all become.

Found this about Beck and S cien tology as well, it's a shame, hope he's not been brainwashed. Still makes good music though, right?

Leonard Cohen – Who by Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
"your merry, merry month of May" - seems to me to be quite sarcastic, as in if you died in the month of May, it wouldn't be so merry after all. Again, saying that death can come at any time, and in any form.

"Who shall I say is calling?" - I agree with "track", he's questioning who is it that decides, the when and the where.

Fabulous, chilling stuff. Thank you , Leonard.

Lambchop – Each Time I Bring it Up It Seems To Bring You Down Lyrics 10 years ago
I have no idea what this song is about, let's be clear from the start. But today, as it popped up on my phone on random, while walking down by the sunny canal, I heard the lines "reproductively unsound, reproductively inclined".

I'd always thought it was a couple in a relationship type song, and this line made me wonder whether it was about a couple deciding whether to have a baby together or not.

Whatever it's about, it's just a lovely, honest lyric with some beautiful lines, like "...", actually, like the whole of the first verse. Beginning a song with "Hobbled by the fact that there must be a problem"! Genius! So I think it's just about a couple trying to work through some issue, whatever it may be, and it's probably something very personal between the speaker and his intended audience of one. The beautiful emotional music fits the emotional lyrical content so well, also.

The Kinks – Young And Innocent Days Lyrics 10 years ago
Beautiful rumination on time passed and lost, such a wonderful light and airy musical arrangement for these delicate lyrics about lost innocence and the unrelentless passing of time.

Teenage Fanclub – Neil Jung Lyrics 10 years ago
After many years where I thought this song was, as it reads literally, him dissecting a mate's relationship, have come to believe while listening to it on my drive to work this morning for the millionth time, that he's actually talking about himself, psychoanalysing himself, as the title suggests. Love that title, playful reference to Neil Young and Carl Jung, the famed psychoanalyst.

Anyway, I came to realise this, because I realised he's actually singing about me. I had a girlfriend, the only difference being that she was older than me, but it definitely wasn't right from the start, and I got that vibe from all my friends, but went along with it for three and a half years, and she began to suffer from depression, and I couldn't really handle it, and left her, probably when she needed me most. But I think it was for the best in the long run.

So, yes, this is what I think the song is about, looking at a past relationship, and saying "It's OK, it ended, it was for the best".

Fantastic chord sequence, great fun to play and sing along, I love the high strained voice going up in the chorus, and struggle to reach that note myself, but it's worth it when you do. Searing guitar solo, too. Good work once again, Mr Blake. Thank you.

The Kinks – Autumn Almanac Lyrics 11 years ago
Crazy, wonderful song, really theatrical in Ray's delivery.

I love the bridge when he sings "This is my street, and I'm never going to leave it...", because I always find myself agreeing and feeling all cosy about the place where I live, but then realising the sad truth that maybe this is all I'm going to see for the rest of my life, and maybe I should get out and see the world more, which I think is what the singer is suggesting these people should do.

"Tea and toasted, buttered currant buns
Can't compensate for lack of sun"

sums up English people so well, miserable because of the miserable weather, but too miserable to do anything about it! And I'm (kinda) one of them!

The Kinks – Plastic Man Lyrics 11 years ago
Indeed, it's so good to hear that these songs are still being rediscovered, and that's because they are so timeless, and written and delivered with such passion. There's a real anger that comes through here, as they're should be, at people who follow what everyone else does, and lead a plastic life, with no thoughts of their own, and never daring to challenge the norm.

I think it was banned by the BBC because it uses the word 'bum' - obviously, an outrage in the 60s, but one of my favourite lines, and I also love the drum hits before the delivery of each of the final words on this and the other verses, like a punchline. Beautiful stuff.

The Kinks – A Well Respected Man Lyrics 11 years ago
When this song popped up in 'Juno', I knew it was going to be a great film, even though it's kinda used for a different, comedic effect in that film, other than what Ray's actually singing about in the lyrics, but it's a great moment of music in cinema, and when I heard it it just reminded me of what a great song it is too, from a great album.

The Kinks were the only ones really doing any social commentary stuff in England in the 60s, or certainly no-one else was doing it as good as this. Kinda similar in lyrical content, though not style, as 'Plastic Man'.

The Kinks – 20th Century Man Lyrics 11 years ago
I saw this live in Brighton a couple of years ago at a Ray solo show, so glad he played it, I was massively into this album at the time, and he also played Oklahoma, USA :o)

I just love the Englishness of The Kinks, they've got this great blues riff going on, played with so much rock and roll passion, yet he's singing about going back to previous times, "I'll take Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Titian and Gainsborrrrooooooouuuuuugh!"

Such a great riff, and great fun to play on guitar too (always the sign of a good song), and the bridge section is just beautiful, neither major or minor to start, just kind of dissolves into a feeling of numbness at how modern life has dragged him down continually, then slips into a minor key with "Got no privacy, got no liberty..." before rocking back into the riff for the final push.

One of the all-time great opening tracks on any album, you have to give it a listen.

The Kinks – (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman Lyrics 11 years ago
It's too easy to say this song is just about the Winter of Discontent. That may be what the second verse is about, but what about the first? And the last?

The singer is completely disillusioned with himself, disgusted by himself, and his weedy physical state, but it's treated with a comical lightness of touch, which lends itself to sympathy for the character.

I love this song, and it's great to listen to first thing in the morning, and to think, oh good, it's not just me. The world is f*cked. I'm f*cked. You'd have to be a Superman just to survive. Genius.

Belle & Sebastian – The Stars of Track and Field Lyrics 11 years ago
What a beautiful melody this song has, like so many Stuart Murdoch (I'm guessing) compositions. And, of course, fantastic, intriguing, ambiguous lyrics.

I never read them until now (I always had it in my head that the 1st line was "Take a new coat every day to suit your affairs"), but looking at them now, and remembering my feelings of what the song initially meant to me, I see it as the narrator being perhaps once infatuated with a girl at school, who he then realises is not so worthwhile in pursuing, a sort of popular, "jock" type girl, who is very pretty, and is also a bit of a slag, or at least someone really driven, who knows what she wants and how to get it, someone who gets all the boys (and girls) to kiss her, but not the narrator, who seems quite thankful of this by the end of the song.

I just love the beautiful, comic lines, about "now he's throwing discus for Liverpool and Widnes", and "you only did it so that you could wear Terry underwear", and his beautiful, lilting voice.

My first introduction to the band, and I was hooked. Need to buy more albums now. Any recommendations?

Liz Phair – Rocket Boy Lyrics 11 years ago
I honestly thought this song was all about a vibrator.

Paul McCartney – The End Of The End Lyrics 11 years ago
There's a lot of love in this room ;o)

A lovely song about mortality, Macca kinda describing how he'd like his funeral to be, I suppose, and what he hopes for his legacy - that the songs will be "hung out like blankets the lovers have played on, and laid on while listening to the songs that were sung".

Beautiful stuff, and it must be an incredible feeling (which comes across in the blissful music) to know that you WILL have such a legacy, and these songs you've created and the life you've led will be remembered for all time, and will bring joy for many years to come.

Paul McCartney – Mr. Bellamy Lyrics 11 years ago
My general impression of this song over many listens is of a suicide jumper at the top of a building, with a group of policemen on the ground trying to talk him down.

But I just love the childish defiance of Mr Bellamy, summed up by that extraordinarily cheeky keyboard line - absolutely wonderful playing, the feeling of that melody line, it's almost a musical thumbing of the nose, genius Macca.

"In the delusionary state" with all those effects on it makes me think of hallucinogenics, so maybe it is someone who has taken too much acid and thinks they can fly or something, further backed up by him saying "Bellamy's got a job to do", as if he's on some acid-fuelled mission of little understanding to anyone but himself.

I doubt the anagram theory, simply because it bears no relation to the words in the song, really, that I can see. But it's a great song, great fun to listen to, and a great moment in the album.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – God Is in the House Lyrics 12 years ago
One of my fave Cave songs at the moment, and he played it last night in Brighton, and messed up the words going into the "Zero crime and no fear" line, but recovered beautifully and with humour, and so that those who didn't know the song probably wouldn't have realised at all, although it raised a few cheers and jeers from those who did know the song.

I have always seen it as an indictment of the kind of small-minded Parish provincial England town that I'm from, where the inhabitants care more for their cats than they do fellow human beings, and I think the song is a description of the kind of "Daily Mail mindset" that often prevails in such towns, hence the sensational/provocative language used in dscribing the "homos roaming the streets in packs", as if they were wild animals, and the "queerbashers with tyrejacks", and the humourous "lesbian counterattacks" - it is a description of the shock tactics that papers like the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, and many other of the top-selling British newspapers use to control middle England, and it is beautifully written.

The song seems to be sung from the perspective of one such inhabitant of such a town, whose blind faith in the "God in the House" seems to be waning with each passing chorus, so that by the end he or she is wishing that He would come out, either to prove His existence, or perhaps it is Cave himself wishing He would come out to show His real power and teach these people what life should really be about - not fearing such sensationalist rubbish as is fed to them through the media, but actually trying to help their society, rather than hide away from it in their well lit little town.

Much of the lyrics are playful and humourous in their mocking of such towns, "We have a tiny little Force, but we need them of course, for the kittens in the trees..." and "We have a pretty little square, we have a woman for a Mayor, our policy is firm but fair", it's all wonderful stuff.

I think the "We've bred all our kittens white" line probably does have racial connotations, although that only occurred to me recently, when I was talking to my fiancee about this song. I had previously just thought it an example of the paranoia of such people, who would only keep white cats, as they would be safest and least likely to get run over in traffic.

If Cave is religious, and the article that another quoted is hardly concrete evidence to confirm that, he is still clearly poking fun at those who use religion as a thing to hide behind, as a place to hide away from real life, and from life's responsibilities.

God bless all the Americans who think this is a literal song about a pretty little God-fearing town! Ha!

Lambchop – Something's Going On Lyrics 12 years ago
I was reading an interview today in 'Uncut' magazine with Kurt Wagner, and he was talking about how in his lyrics he often compares two things with each other that might bear no obvious relation, and in doing so can then come up with a new 'third' thing. And then he might look at an object on the wall, or a photo that's been there for a long time, and that gets added into the song too.

That reminded me of this song. Reading the lyrics on their own, they don't seem to mean a great deal, but sung as they are with the musical accompaniment, I feel the song is about suspicion, maybe paranoia, uncertainty in a relationship.

I love the lines that culminate in "The picture of Michael and Bubbles" in that anguished cry. It is at once ridiculous and poignant. I think almost everyone I know had that picture of Michael Jackson with Bubbles in a little frame; it was a standard piece of merchandising tat from the Eighties.

The idea that something seems slightly amiss with these everyday objects that he's never really noticed before, it's very clever songwriting, although he never actually says what is amiss, or what is going on. I suppose the singer doesn't know exactly, it's just 'this feeling'. One of my fave Lambchop songs.

Björk – All Is Full of Love Lyrics 12 years ago
I remember listening to this song on my MP3 player in about 1999 at Southampton Central train station (that's in the south of England). I was at university there, and I was waiting on the platform for my train to come home.

I'd been fixated on this girl, puppy love type stuff, but it mean's a lot when you're 18, and this was the end of another semester where I hadn't had the nerve to tell her how much I liked her, and I was feeling lowdown and miserable, in that glorious way you do when you're eighteen. This song came on at the end of the album, and it wasn't the first time I'd heard it, but it was the first time I properly listened to the lyrics, and it was as if Bjork was sitting inside my head, singing directly to me. I started to cry. 'You'll be given love, you'll be taken care of'. 'Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at.

It meant so much to my situation, and made me feel so much better, to just 'twist your head around' (I always thought it was 'trust') - 'it's all around you,

A beautiful song, that's my little story about it. I never did receive love from the girl I was staring at, but ten years later I'm married to the love of my life, and with three gorgeous kids, so I guess ol' Bjork was right!

Björk – Joga Lyrics 12 years ago
I heard this song late last night for the first time in five or so years, and I think it is my favourite Bjork song, and that's saying something. The string section is just beautiful, the way it rises up in the middle of the chorus, just breathtaking!

Beautiful music, wicked beats that still sound fresh today, and when you can couple that with such fantastic lyrics and melody and the way she sings it, it really does just blow me away every time I hear it.

Not having known it was about a friend, I always saw it as a song about a lover, and the wonderful, confusing, contradictory, sometimes maddening way two people can feel towards each other. I think the 'emotional landscapes' line must be inspired by where she comes from, and it's a wonderful way of describing a feeling, that maybe this other person is making her feel 'at one' with nature, with all of its beauteous and dramatic landscapes.

As for the line at the end, I think it's something like "Until it's dead" or until it's something, anyway. It's always bugged me.

Thanks, Bjork.

Annie – Chewing Gum Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with maria04, xspikex, Pixelz and Hin hale.

The lyrics should also be "It's MY selection, it's my pick of the pack".

And maybe also "You used to be the only girl to take YOU seriously". That would make more sense, perhaps.

I think this is a song about a girl who is just playing around with various guys, just for fun, but then 'a slip of the tongue' and one boy thinks she wants to keep him, that he's chocolate rather than gum.

Also, I hope I'm not the only one to detect an undecurrent of 'spit or swallow' here, am I?!

A perfect pop song, with an incredible production by a man sadly no longer with us.

Rock on, Annie!

Bob Dylan – When the Ship Comes In Lyrics 12 years ago
The song is about all of these things and more, but I just love the exuberance with which he sings it. I prefer the 'Bootleg Series' version. A great song to play and sing.

The Cat Empire – 1001 Lyrics 12 years ago
A fab little secret-ish track at the end of the album, never really heard the full flow of the lyrics until I read them here, but a great stream-of-consciousness type thing, that goes beautifully with the "breeze blowin' underneath that island tree" melody.

It's a little narrative song, that starts with a beautiful carefree day, listening to music, cooking with friends, ('munchies'! I did wonder why Felix always seems to be smiling in interviews!), and then it almost gets ruined by him getting a parking ticket, but even then he refuses to let that spoil his day, and imagines meeting a girl at the parking ticket office.

Great development of the 1001 imagery, from his list, to the number of free spaces in the car park, and the beautiful imagination of finding a secret map on the back of the parking ticket to "the place with 1000 delights".

I can't quite work out what the list is - whether it's his list of people to get his own back on, or whether it's a list of things he needs to do? Maybe more the latter, but another great song from the pen of Felix.

The Cat Empire – In my Pocket Lyrics 12 years ago
Ooh, what does it mean? who knows, but what a tune! Such a funky, shuffling rhythm, great bassline, and organ line from Olly.

I love these kind of lyrics from Harry, where on face value, they might not seem to mean much, but I always find the lines coming back to me, like "On each street is a tree/In the distance the desert sleeps" - coupled with the slightly mysterious music it gives a great feeling, though of what I cannot say.

Also love the lines "would I tan or would I fade?" and "sometimes a sigh is a song, and a breath is a melody" - ooooooooh! Excellent writing Harry, and one of my favourites, though again I can't really explain why. Which is a probably a good thing! And a sign of great music. Else I'm just mental.

The Cat Empire – One Four Five Lyrics 12 years ago
'145' - refers to one of the most famous chord progressions in modern music, where one refers to the first chord in whatever key, let's say E, 4 relates to the fourth chord, which would be A, and 5 relating to the fifth chord, which would be B, relatively speaking.

So many songs, particularly choruses, work on this magical combination of chords, and the combination just gives a wonderful uplifting feeling, as shown in the chorus of this song, 'La Bamba', 'Wild Thing', and numerous others.

Just this morning, I was feeling sleepy and grumpy at having to get up early and look after my young kids, lovely as they are, and then I just started playing La Bamba on my guitar, and the magical 1-4-5 chords just had us all up and dancing about the room!

Wilco – Walken Lyrics 12 years ago
I have to say, I always assumed the singer here was maybe questioning his relationship, rather than just feeling hunky-dory about it, with lines like "I was talking to myself about you".

That said, he does end by saying she's just right, but I don't think it's as straightforward as you make out. But what an incredible song, when I first heard it, I just wanted to play it to everyone I knew, like Listen to THIS!!! It starts sounding like a lovely country song, but then that guitar comes in during the verse and just takes it somewhere else, and you don't know WHAT is going to happen next. I love all the musical interludes, and when it stays on the one G note for ages and then the beat comes back in. Genius!

Wilco – Hate It Here Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is a "love song" - not necessarily written out of personal experience. When I'm writing songs, sometimes thoughts and words and ideas just come out of nowhere, and you pursue them, and you end up with a song that's great, but not at all what you had intended to write, or thought you had intended to write.

So I'm glad to hear that Jeff can't even fold a shirt. Nonetheless, it's a great love song that tells a story, follows a path, and who says you have to write songs about yourself?

Love the scenic world's quote!

Wilco – Handshake Drugs Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song, for the deceptively simple chords (D-G-F (falling into a kinda E7), and sometimes D-G-C), the beautiful happy-go-lucky melody, and the striking images in the lyrics:

"inside out of love" - "I looked like someone I used to know" - "I was buried in sound" - "if I ever was myself, I wasn't that night" - and the change between being "exactly what you want me to be" and the demanding question "exactly what do you want me to be?"

God knows what he wrote it about, but I always felt it was a stoner guy, hanging around town, slightly out of his head, enjoying the sensations of the city, and maybe he's listening to music on headphones ("saxophones started blowing me down"), looking idly for a girl he likes.

I also love the line "They were translating poorly" - I always thought that referred to the drugs he had taken translating poorly into his system, i.e. having a slightly bad trip, but he puts in a comical, kinda "Fear and Loathing"-esque way, with those lines about "I felt like a clown..." ending in the humourously juxtaposed "I felt alright".

Great song. Another great solo at the end...Nels Cline, that's the dude, not Klaus as I said in an earlier post. Sorry Wilco fans...and Nels.

Wilco – Either Way Lyrics 12 years ago
The post above just cracks me up!

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