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Disturbed – Tyrant Lyrics 2 years ago
@[NickJ:27748] I was just thinking that the album was released in June '15. Trump was elected in late 2016. Considering that no one was really expecting him to win (media seriously downplaying his influence etc), I find it hard to believe that it's about his administration. If you think it's just more of a general 'downward slide', I'd possibly agree with you, but I'm fairly sure this isn't specifically about Trump... I'd love to hear what Draiman has to say about it... :)

The Ongoing Concept – Sunday's Revival Lyrics 2 years ago
I can feel the frustration he writes about as people who seem to be Christian- 'His father was a preacher' (or of another religious faith) act one way in front of some people and then change completely when in different company. Be yourself! Be true with what you say you believe...
It's also a wake up call for everyone- make sure that your actions really do line up with whatever it is you say you believe! Ie. 'I hope I never replicate...'

The Ongoing Concept – Class of Twenty-Ten Lyrics 2 years ago
I guess it's funny how people drift apart after school... Once we graduate, so often we get into the new phases of our lives and make new friends along the way. After high school I only kept in proper touch with 1 friend... I still love catching up with ex-classmates at random gigs or other (equally random) events or places, but maybe we were never really that close in the first place... Obviously Michael felt much closer to friends before graduating!

Man I love this song! It's so good!

The Ongoing Concept – Cover Girl Lyrics 2 years ago
@[Zargoth:25527] Also just thinking that it says- 'be the painting'... That we are all, truly, works of art- masterpieces really, but not everyone accepts that and lives accordingly. :)

Circle of Dust – Machines of Our Disgrace Lyrics 2 years ago
As I understand it, MoOD is about our addiction to social media (and other technology). We see the latest updates and posts and need to be involved, liking or commenting etc. It's all about 'me' in social media.
Narcissism- that sm is all about us and wheat we post, we like, we want etc.
Contempt- I guess how quickly any 'discussion' on sm quickly becomes vitriolic and toxic. People just can't accept that others think differently [so yes, no one can disagree with this interpretation!] ;)
Real disease misdiagnosed- that it really comes down to human nature and our selfishness- instead of really being the fault of technology itself. (curious to hear what others think of this line...)
Submission without a fight- that people eagerly sign up to the new sm fads, creating profiles and participating until the next comes along... People are happy, eager to join social media, connecting electronically but are losing the ability to actually communicate face to face with others.
Love this song- and album. So, so good!

Mortal – Tuesday Assassin Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this is about trying to break addiction (as obvious as that sounds)- with the solution, 'Let Him take control' ('Him' being God).
Some examples are 'mind is racing, my body tense'- effect of drugs, strung out and buzzing. 'in this prison cell'- his addiction makes him feel like he is living in a prison- he's controlled by it. 'Stalked by fear' and 'chemical battles' would also indicate drug use (even if it's just medical drugs- they can also become addictive)!
Such an intense song! Love it!

Mortal – Cryptic Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is crazy! Powerful lyrics and very atmospheric. (There's also a great version of it on the Intense Presents: Mortal Live EP)...
Essentially, who doesn't want peace, hope and love? They are sought after and (it would seem) hard to find today, but the writer is suggesting that we can find them in Jesus Christ. The final verse is also a cry- if Christians have these qualities, why can't they/ don't they share it more? Quite thought provoking...

Project 86 – Destroyer Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm pretty sure that this is about satan (the serpent) from the Bible. He is the destroyer and cause of destruction on the earth. He devours lives, causes corruption etc.
The song, though, is a reminder that satan is a defeated foe- that God will have the victory and satan will be held accountable for his crimes. He has 'unleashed plagues' and fed people vices to trip them, but God will have the ultimate verdict and satan lives in fear of that judgement (fear of the fiends).
The song is very cool in that while it's about all this negativity and makes us think about how messed up the world is, it reminds us that God is ultimately in control and wills the final battle. The devil will be punished- because of God's greatness and His power and might! Could it be the armies of angels that the singer is calling to witness the final defeat? To surround the destroyer? (I'm not sure, but it's pretty neat!)
I'm not entirely sure about the 'let go' part... I think it's a call to us, to defy the destroyer- to know that he is defeated and we should 'let go' of our vices, our (self-) destructive behaviours etc. If we are aware that our destructive behaviours, addictions, bad habits etc are designed to hold us back, that because of them, we are pawns in satan's game of destruction... Any other thoughts?

Project 86 – The Butcher Lyrics 3 years ago
@[blondy269:23626] Wow. Just wow! Great explanation to an impressive song! (Thanks for that blondy269)... :)

Rancid – Time Bomb Lyrics 3 years ago
@[kmk_natasha:23357] You should! ;) It's fantastic...

Rancid – Avenues And Alleyways Lyrics 3 years ago
@[TheFedman2002:23356] YES!!! Great comment! :)

Rancid – She's Automatic Lyrics 3 years ago
@[candyapples:23355] I can understand how you hear 'moaning'... His accent is strong and it's said pretty quickly...

Project 86 – The Spectacle of Fearsome Acts Lyrics 3 years ago
@[blondy269:22675] Great response! Thanks for that!

Guns N' Roses – 14 Years Lyrics 3 years ago
@[paulmartin:22427] THat's a really interesting thought... :)

Metallica – Broken, Beat & Scarred Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Marquez:22426] I think what you said is exactly why I dislike this song! James has shown us time and again what a fantastic lyricist he is. Then he lets a key phrase like 'more strong' slip through... :\

Metallica – Broken, Beat & Scarred Lyrics 3 years ago
@[LeadBased:22425] I agree with you! ;)
I just felt that 'more strong' was just lazy writing... What was James thinking?
Other than that line, I love the song, but it just annoys me how poorly written it is. I keep thinking how easy it would have been to really make it work...

Megadeth – Fatal Illusion Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm curious to find out if this is based on a story/ comic/ film/ book etc...
It sounds like it could be loosely based on the Halloween films.

The first half of the song I felt like it was a symbolic story. It sounded like Dave was referring to a guy thrown in jail (for essentially some dumb mistakes.) The character is just branded as a troublemaker and thus society says that jail is where he belongs. (revealing corruption in society)
Next verse suggest that there is more to this criminal's story- that he's tried to get over injustices and tried to break the mould of his roots (i.e. his broken family that he's tried to 'not conform' to).
Following that, the line 'it didn't work', that evil isn't a person, it's an innate part of who we are as people- that we often end up taking short cuts, doing underhanded things, being greedy or selfish... That even though the criminal has been killed, evil is still alive and well in the world.

The last verse promptly shoots my original thoughts down pretty quickly! Yep, he was a murderer and (now and undead) psychopath! Sheesh!

Megadeth – Look Who's Talking Lyrics 3 years ago
@[albert1056:22200] At least in this song (which certainly raises it above tunes like 'Something that I'm Not') Dave mentions 'your moth-eaten brain by meth' which at least means those of us who don't do meth are obvious not the one/s he is referring to! Phew! :)

Iron Maiden – When Two Worlds Collide Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Heavymetalharp:21765] That totally makes sense. It would have been a huge adjustment for Blaze... It was also a pretty intense/ dark time in the band's career with all sorts of personal things going on too... To be thrown into the situation would have been crazy!

Iron Maiden – When Two Worlds Collide Lyrics 3 years ago
@[hehkate:21764] Nice thoughts! :)

Iron Maiden – When Two Worlds Collide Lyrics 3 years ago
@[ZioShirai:21763] Great comment, I do love Virtual XI though... The songs are not as gritty but still very passionate! ;)

Iron Maiden – The Mercenary Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Baal:21747] I was thinking exactly the same thing! ;)

Iron Maiden – The Thin Line Between Love And Hate Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Ikkie:21551] Pretty much what I was thinking as well! :)
Nicely put! :)

The Ongoing Concept – Cover Girl Lyrics 3 years ago
I love this song! The music video is especially awesome! (and hilarious)...
Be yourself! Don't just copy what everyone else is doing. I like the examples in the music video, but I guess we have such a celebrity worshiping culture these days. If *that famous person* said this, then it must be awesome! We want to be like them and do what they do.
Essentially it's just a waste of time and money and never actually gets us anywhere. If more people just worked harder at being themselves and not copying others, I think more people would be MUCH happier! ;)

The Ongoing Concept – Unwanted Lyrics 3 years ago
I hate it when people just make comments like 'This song rules!'...
This song rules! (Sorry, but it just does!)

Dark Tranquillity – The Science of Noise Lyrics 3 years ago
We are all biased. We all have our interpretations, opinions, beliefs and thoughts. This song focuses on how we can all believe things to be true based on our opinions and likes/ dislikes etc. We can tend to 'bend' reality around us because of our views.
An example is possibly how hostile people can be online in comments threads (not on song meanings though- of course!) simply because of a difference of opinion.
The opinion becomes 'scientific fact' in our minds and we fight for it tooth and nail.

Dark Tranquillity – For Broken Words Lyrics 3 years ago
A sad comment on what we think/ believe is true or real these days. Undermined by post-modernist thinking- that the truth is what we 'think' it is, that truth is personal and subjective has made 'truth' redundant and irrelevant.
I think added to the mix is the mixing of political commentary, bias and opinion in our news media that when 2 different politically-minded news organisations report on an incident or event, they can paint very different pictures of what really happened, making it extremely difficult for people to know what really did happen.
It's a bleak track, but important if we are to seek and find real truth in life.

Lust Control – If You Fail Lyrics 3 years ago
I love how encouraging this song is. (Takes me back to my high school years and discovering punk music.)

Lust Control – I Want to Die Lyrics 3 years ago
I love how these guys just 'say it like it is' with no thought of political correctness or even trying to soften a hard message.
They're essentially saying that if they live, they want it to be completely for Christ. If they end up dying for their faith instead, then that's ok too because they will be in heaven with Christ.
It comes across as extremely brutal but has a much simpler and 'not so brutal' message. Mostly just putting things in extreme perspective!

Dark Tranquillity – Immemorial Lyrics 3 years ago
Very briefly, I would say it's about war.
It does mention 'war machine', but also the concept of white and black- i.e. right and wrong (we are right, our enemy is wrong) and that in war, many of the rights/ wrongs we know are turned to grey- i.e. killing others is clearly wrong, but in war soldiers and not only encouraged to kill, killing is a necessity!
Wars are often fought for territory (Vietnam war, WW2 etc) as well.
Ideals- political differences and power are also key instigators of war- 'antiquated lost ideals from the oppressor'- the leader of a nation or political party who has lost touch with their people and have turned into a tyrant.

Dark Tranquillity – Alone Lyrics 3 years ago
I like the idea of a Lord of the Rings link here... I can picture the lyrics being from either Gollum/ Smeagol or Shelob's point of view.
They both held on to a 'starlight of Eden' (the ring/ a silmaril) and both lost it, took refuge alone in a hidden, desolate place...
(Although it does seem much more eloquently written than either character would write.)
Just an interesting thought! :)

Dark Tranquillity – The Wonders At Your Feet Lyrics 3 years ago
I love DT! It is amazing to see so many different (even contradictory) interpretations of the lyrics here. Even interpretations that I immediately thought 'No, that can't be right' even seem logical after thinking more about them. Stanne is a fantastic lyricist.

Dark Tranquillity – Rundown Lyrics 3 years ago
I think of the song as a reference to how society is constantly pushing us to do more, be more. If we're not better than everyone else we'll lose our jobs, homes, money, influence etc. This cycle of consumerism and constant dissatisfaction pushes us to be constantly run down. Tired, weary- a never ending cycle of pursuing happiness and 'having more' so that we are never truly happy.
We just get more run down instead!

Dark Tranquillity – Haven Lyrics 3 years ago
Just like @[totycro:21198] and @[evillured:21199] said, the song definitely seems to refer to a type of addiction/ negativity. Something that is possibly wanted but while still being acknowledged as something 'dark'- bad, something damaging. It's a fascinating song that (just like the rest of the Haven album) carries so much meaning and thought, so much emotion and power. This whole album blows me away!

Chevelle – Saferwaters Lyrics 3 years ago
@[dunstonchecks:18897] That's pretty cool. I think it's also interesting to think that boats often dock at harbours because it's safer there... In this case, the safe place is away from people and civilisation. That's got to say something about how he feels in society!

Staple – Do or Die Lyrics 3 years ago
@[knocloo27:18772] Thanks for your helpful quotes! :)

Staple – Remember Sammy Jankis Lyrics 3 years ago
The title refers to a character in the film Memento who has memory loss issues... Don't want to say anymore because of film spoilers! ;)
It's pretty intense.

Primus – Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From) Lyrics 3 years ago
@[JAStewart:18769] Or here in Australia... ;)
Might have to google it some day...

Billy Joel – We Didn't Start the Fire Lyrics 3 years ago
@[skellyton3:18768] Nicely said! :)

Rise Against – Life Less Frightening Lyrics 3 years ago
@[patsrule333:18700] Absolutely agree! :D

Rise Against – Life Less Frightening Lyrics 3 years ago
@[JustGiveLoveToAll:18699] Just looking at the cd booklet now... It says
Hang me out to dry I'm soaking
With the sins of knowing

Good call! ;)

Rise Against – Life Less Frightening Lyrics 3 years ago
@[CocoSaintClair:18698] I was thinking the same about the lines "If there's no war outside our heads, why are we losing?"
So powerful and thought provoking! It blows me away every time I listen to it! :)

Project 86 – Fall Goliath, Fall Lyrics 3 years ago
This is an amazing, thumping song! I had to buy the album (Wait for the Siren) from this track alone! :)

Chevelle – Take Out the Gunman Lyrics 3 years ago
@[ope86:18679] I like your thinking! Lots of references to lights, cameras (and shooting) and 'the way we televise'... Interesting thought! :)

Teramaze – Audience of Evidence Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm really not sure about this (the lyrics aren't in the cd booklet)... I was just thinking that there are the 2 lines by some men at the very start and then a woman singing... I really can't make it all out properly... Here is what I hear... I just want to run it by you before considering officially updating the lyrics...

Man: “All right, get it up.”

Viewers describe, ?
Watched him die
Open bursts through his love. ?
The truth you see,
It was meant to be.

Megadeth – Back In The Day Lyrics 3 years ago
@[kyriss12:17481] Darn it. Now you've made me start singing it! ;)

Deliverance – What a Joke Lyrics 3 years ago
It's such a shame that the Big D weren't a little diplomatic with the lyrics on this album. They could have phrased their beliefs and thoughts much better. This track is especially noticeable... :(
I know they have copped a lot of flack for it- even though it was written well over 20 years ago...
The irony is bands like Slayer write the similarly themed lyrics over and over, intentionally trying to be offensive and shocking but when Deliverance try the same approach, instead of being hailed as metal gods they are mocked and ridiculed... Oh well.

Disney's Frozen – Let It Go Lyrics 3 years ago
I just love how the lyrics of the song- 'no rules for me' and 'I'm free' are basically nullified by the end of the film because Elsa realises that he does have responsibilities and that she can't just run away...
Disney does a good job of making it songs that it refutes by the end of the film (Hakuna Matata anyone)? :)

Deliverance – Entgiftung Lyrics 3 years ago
I don't want to put these as official lyrics since I basically just put the original lyric\cs into an online translator... They are not right! If you listen to the song as you read though, you can find a lot of the actual words seem to be correct, just in a different order... I'm hoping that someone who understands German can improve on this! :)

Aus der Mission, ich bemühe mich, die nächsten Atemzug
mit kein Akt der Indiskretion, die Handlung von einem nervösen Tod
sah ich, wo meine Augen führte mich der Geist wird nicht aufhören sich zu drehen
reiß es aus, so kann ich nicht sehen, den Verstand nicht brennen

Ich Entgiftung! - Verlernen der alten Art und Weise!

Nur so viel kann man mit der weltlichen Leben,
wie viel kann man ohne einen Gedanken geben?
Das Bild wird immer klarer, aber die Luft ist immer noch so dick,
kann ich nicht mehr eine Träne vergossen, es ist alles machen mich krank!

Ich Entgiftung! - Verlernen der alten Art und Weise!
Ich Entgiftung! - Hören Sie, was ich sage!

Es wird am Ende der Tage und gehen den Weg allen Fleisches?
Endlich nicht mehr auf die alte Weise? Die Daten alle erfrischt!
Ich bin mit diesem jetzt? Blinde, die nicht wollen, um zu sehen,
werden Sie mich fragen, wie? Und mich auf den Baum???

Ich Entgiftung! - Verlernen der alten Art und Weise!
Ich Entgiftung! - Hören Sie, was ich sage!

Deliverance – You've Got a Friend Lyrics 3 years ago
Most albums under the band name Deliverance here are for a U.S. metal band. This is not one of their albums nor songs... Different Deliverance! ;)

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