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NOFX – Stickin In My Eye Lyrics 12 years ago
knowing fat mike it probly means nothing. he also sings about how he lives in a cake

NOFX – My Name Is Bud Lyrics 12 years ago
any resemblance to primus - my name is mud??

NOFX – Don't Call Me White Lyrics 12 years ago
Yea! White power!

NOFX – Dad's Bad News Lyrics 12 years ago
i always thought they should have named this song "sensenone"

i get it but some of the lines are written to purposely not make sense i think haha..

NOFX – Straight Edge (Minor Threat cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
ohhhh I'v got straight ebbdgee.. :-< babap bup bap dat DUT DUT DOOO DODODO..WYEEEEAY!

NOFX – Straight Edge (Minor Threat cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
This song absolutely demolished straight edge. I can never take straight edge seriously again

and if you cant figure out NOFX is totally making fun of straight edge, you'r seriously not too quick on the uptake..

its funny cuz Straightedgers think they are stronger mentally and all that and an above consciousness
and this song pretty much humiliates them. Id love to see the response they got from playing this live.. haha

and I sincerely believe that Hefe's outro sound is the silliest sound of all time

they totally turned Sxe into a joke, just nailed the cap on it

Bad Religion – Submission Complete Lyrics 12 years ago
George Orwell said " It is possible to dehumanize all society, and for life to go on.."

My own interpretation of this relates to; put in your best effort in the given structural limitations your confined in.. and when submission is complete.. you either make the grade or your not good enough.. Like applying for college or like the asshole guy who took me aside today and told me I didn't make the baseball team and come back next year...

But actually, It seems to may apply to college structural mandates to form the nations youth... and we all know thats a circus.. of professorial senility.. ( I know from experience)..

But from the lyrics.. it seems to be most likely about military recruits. The predominant core of them, uneducated, joined to put some kind of substantial purpose in their lives because they cant see past it and feel the urgency to do something of the sort.. they don't have the wisdom yet to understand that its merely a "trawl" of irrational indoctrination...

and for the many whom died for our country.. Submission Complete.. for them now.

Bad Religion – Lost Pilgrim Lyrics 12 years ago
eghh no. this whole album is more introspective

This song Im very sure is just about a hopeless person who disregarded his relations with his roots and abandoned everyone he knew and ventured out aimlessly in the world convinced he we would acquire something more and irrational to find nothing and being left all alone in senility and lonlyness; sobbing repentance and dissolussionment

Bad Religion – The Grand Delusion Lyrics 12 years ago
I thought it seemed to be about how moralists myopic delusional vindictions stand in the way to hinder science and progression..

But it also appears it could be about global warming

Bad Religion – Scrutiny Lyrics 12 years ago
Wel the tone i got from it, and the words more or less, is just that of the chorus

A lifetime of scrutiny. moreso-ever than now

Through alot of the history of time nobody even kept track of their age, or even in a time they did it was a far afterthough

now everything we do and say in this upbringing is moraly chastised and
ridiculed.. and.. scrutinized.. conceptualized in time constraints and age

pre-concieved judgments of us where ever we are and there literally are no sides of ourselves we can keep private anymore

heart background checks ! (barred)

if theres some distinct reference Im missing; say

Bad Religion – Murder Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh my god, this is the most straight forward song, idk where the hell you come up with all that other crap

even the chords the play are basic.

Its about somebody who committed a murder.. and basically is a pictorial of how society and the judicial system look down upon him before putting him away for life... in a very primitive way...

in the purest form, They look down at him as an untame monkey who has to be put away because it cant behave itself.. in society.. saying if you had good parents or were somehow brought up the right
way, this might not have happened, but its too late for you

Bad Religion – Grains of Wrath Lyrics 12 years ago
I first looked at the song in reminiscence of the past, and the dust bowl and the inhumane treatment
of "Okies," in the Grapes of Wrath- by Mark Twain

but wow Smertios put it pretty well.. yea biofuels being the imminent coming of the newest
21st century world corruption and controversy

Bad Religion – Dearly Beloved Lyrics 12 years ago
honestly, I think that all these posts are circulating around the common theme, but none of you have
it specifically correct.

My first thought when reading over it was it being about a priest, preacher, pastor, or minister, or
whatnot... slowly doubting the connections he shares with the congregation... and to a stunning
discovery of this, he feels more and more incredibly distant from these people that he speaks out to..

The "pulpit" is the obvious clue that its about a religious leader or something close

like a post above said... he's beginning to doubt whether or not these people even see him for who he
is.. and eventually he needs to depart from these people... and isolate.

I'm pretty sure that's as close as it gets from what the lyrics give, despite any references the
writer is making implicitly that we don't know about..

Now, I'll go out on a limb here, just a thought..

It could be a story about the backround of the life of the Preacher in "The grapes of Wrath."
Its feasible since this album makes references to the book. The Preacher was a character, that the main character Tom met again walking home after he got out of jail. Tom was a child when the preacher was serving the church, and now Tom runs across him once again when he's grown up. The preacher had abandoned the parish a while back, for seemingly the same reason this song depicts. And so the preacher formed a companionship with Tom and ventured with him and the Joad family out to California....

Bad Religion – Before You Die Lyrics 12 years ago
by the way, yet another song basically saying I'm Greg Graffin and everyone else is fucking stupid..

Bad Religion – Before You Die Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes, that religious aspect fits perfectly but I don't think it was directed straight towards that;

Like most people above saying do something with your life...

To me, this song is Greg Graffin leaving his legacy..
(this song needs to be blasted over the heartland, ultra and neo-conservatives, and moral majority by the way)..

some people(I need not mention..again) and others just go through life following the conventional directives and because of that, they never even.... look past those... the term think outside the box comes to mind.... but the people Gregs singing of are the masses of people that.. aren't even in the box...

like he's trying to put it as simply as he can... "wake up...please.."

alot of people he's singing of are the ones who might have faith in God..

another comment above was good... how Religious people out of desperation and fear, conclude that through God everything is already pre-concieved and pre-determined anyway.. so they can just live without the affliction of having to face the truth and finally think about things..

Bad Religion – Requiem for Dissent Lyrics 12 years ago
nobody likes 'big picture' people

Bad Religion – Requiem for Dissent Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh i think, well always try to just keep it simple when reading bad religion and just extract the message..

This song depicts the two opposing forces, tied to all of history for that matter

Killing eachother in a massive blundered clusterfuckup...

because we disagree with eachother

(These stupid earthlings cannot even get along with eachother) :-)

thats the quintessence of the songs point

If you want specific examples well... thats a seemingly neverending list

Bad Religion – Requiem for Dissent Lyrics 12 years ago
if you learned English from deciphering Bad Religion songs you might be insane...

you should probably start from the basics

I never took spanish after 10th grade :-)

Bad Religion – Heroes and Martyrs Lyrics 12 years ago
the point of view of the patriotic virtuous American Soldier guided by feelings of
heroism and moral justice..

And the muslim so indignant and hateful of the latter, willing to die for their cause..

the poet could be the american soldier who's views are more pompous and sided..

and the thrall.. the mentally enslaved muslim seeing an only narrow path to kill and die to kill.

both are contemptuous and present two points of view.. and a different impetus of faith


for their cause

Bad Religion – 52 Seconds Lyrics 12 years ago
It seems to paint a picture of being drawn apart...

from not being sure to maintain a feeling of religios spirituality or to be counteracted by facts
of science and evolution; or to just remain indifferent about it but finding it hard to ignore. and just severe painful apprehension of the matter

Bad Religion – Live Again (The Fall of Man) Lyrics 12 years ago
this i think is saying christians know all deep down subconsciously its all full of shit...
but turn away and gasp towards a notion of oblivion in heaven because their weak and scared of the truth..

hehe. true true..

Bad Religion – Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever Lyrics 12 years ago
i thought it was about the countenance of the face being stomped on forever..

depicting life as an endless painful affliction

i was wrong but haha

Bad Religion – Beyond Electric Dreams Lyrics 12 years ago
i could explain it but id die

Bad Religion – Beyond Electric Dreams Lyrics 12 years ago
fuck this song

Bad Religion – The Empire Strikes First Lyrics 12 years ago
Yea America - Empire - bad - thats about it

Bad Religion – The Quickening Lyrics 12 years ago
he is..

he issss.....

Bad Religion – The Quickening Lyrics 12 years ago
its the first time the mother feels the baby move.. like kick or whatnot

hes gonna be a soccer player

Bad Religion – The Quickening Lyrics 12 years ago
i thought it was about growing up. but its probly the conception thing

Bad Religion – To Another Abyss Lyrics 12 years ago
its depicting an abyss.. like a swirling whirlpool of water you see of in rough oceans..

and he's in his bout having set said and swirling around in it.. and the bottom whole drops down...

to another abyss..

Bad Religion – God's Love Lyrics 12 years ago
regurgitate; its not too late

Bad Religion – Let Them Eat War Lyrics 12 years ago
good thing they didnt make any other political patriotic songs. one is enough to bare seeing bad religion do

Bad Religion – Los Angeles Is Burning Lyrics 12 years ago

"The flames are stunning
The cameras running
So take warning"

The guy starting the race through LA is the camera... eventually he gets burned and swallowed by the fire..

The scene dipicting the knews studio' lights' camera' action' Greg's the News guy with devil horns

thats my favorite part especially his facial expression. And the bum is really greg

it starts out on a television screen...

Bad Religion – Social Suicide Lyrics 12 years ago
yea its straight forward completely

Bad Religion – Sinister Rouge Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is deep but I wouldnt get carried away really

it seems to be just a fanatic portrayal of an extremist comeback of a ruthless
Religion. Vindictive of the modern worlds bypass on radical religious faith....

Kinda paints the portrayal like Edgar Allen Poe would have... haha

A fantastical song to say the least..

Bad Religion – Bored and Extremely Dangerous Lyrics 12 years ago
yea it really does sound like the underlying tone of a perspective in the columbine shootings...

even if that wasnt the written meaning...

could just be a story of isolation apathy and dismal frestration..

Bad Religion – The Lie Lyrics 12 years ago
about what you unknowingly become as a liar..

you just might be the last to know...

idk who thought of that little ryme but I have to admit its purely true

Bad Religion – The Defense Lyrics 12 years ago
this song requires alot of internalization; and I have to say some of you have a long way to go in
understanding it..

a point in life you reach; where you realize the severity and the sharpness of the minds edge internally... that comes with thinking along these lines so many walk along and others cant see..
its hard to put it into words

trying to discern from the clusterfuck of the world what your being told and bombarded with
and take on this unbearable weight on yourself.. the means of intelligence...

eventually if your smart enough you realize its you against Hell...

The Defense.. is you.

Bad Religion – Evangeline Lyrics 12 years ago
they could be talking about the preaching of their band..

Bad Religion – Epiphany Lyrics 12 years ago
"see the profit from your loss"..

great double meaning... your prophet... you will realize is the profit... the one who profits from your loss.. thats mainly directed at religion..

realization that your whole outlook on life up until now has been false... and youv been led astray..
the fallacy...

Bad Religion – Kyoto Now! Lyrics 12 years ago
of the billions of years of sustainable atmosphere and the last hundred years or so its deteriorating like burning plastic...

could there be a connection...
like the 24 hour scale...

put the earths evolution in a scale of 24 hours... humans have been alive merely a split second or two...
and we're doing unrepairable demage... holes are getting bigger... how long do you think it will last if we'r already seeing affects in our lifetime!... theres no other way to emphasize that and if you dont understand or acknowledge it..

your an idiot..

for the people who advocate economic principles over foresight...
this is why we'r all fucked.. people like you... people with your views.. yes you...

Bad Religion – Materialist Lyrics 12 years ago
physical theorist helps understand it a little bit better

from my take, everything perceived supernatural such as a higher power or belief'
is a phenomenon deduced from primitive material repercussions..

materialist philosophy.. as he states... "its there for all to see".. which spells it out
is that what you see is what there is and it is fantasized to go further than that but doesn't..

everything is deduced down to sterile matter... nothing sublime.. numbers don't lie and 1+1 =2

there's no hidden mysteries behind that.. it its what it is

Bad Religion – Destined for Nothing Lyrics 12 years ago
yea its about the fantasy of destiny and how youl eventually discover in life that your wrong..

very religious too

Bad Religion – Broken Lyrics 12 years ago
it always painted the portrait of a love story taking place in Mexico...

Bad Religion – Can't Stop It Lyrics 12 years ago
yea i though it was about sexual restrain or lack' there of; as well..


Bad Religion – Prove It Lyrics 12 years ago
yea reading it over i think it pertains to religion

and the desperation for validating it... and its futile and theres no need

especially to the athiest..

the cold couldren of proof... I think is a metaphor for some peoples religious beliefs and how he's saying
thats not what his heart is..

the song pertains to other things as well but i think that might be what he's trying to say..

Bad Religion – Don't Sell Me Short Lyrics 12 years ago
its a song pleading compassion. some people are so fixed and quick to judge and discard... its immoral. this is my favorite most meaningful song

Bad Religion – Let It Burn Lyrics 12 years ago
is about the fire inside of you that you are afraid to let grow..

let it burn... its a good thing

another super encouraging song

Bad Religion – There Will Be a Way Lyrics 12 years ago
probly the most unapealing song and disregarded but the message is greater than most.. there will be a way

Bad Religion – The Hopeless Housewife Lyrics 12 years ago
he's literal, saying housewives should change

Bad Religion – I Love My Computer Lyrics 12 years ago
greg is serious..

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