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  • for you i bleed myself dry

    by saturnine on May 02, 2004 added lyrics for bowie through R! almost done with bowie! i should probably work on the iggy pop section next... No Comments
  • we are the dead?

    by saturnine on April 27, 2004 added some obscure bowie a-b, also the scary monsters album. added comment for teenage wildlife- bowie. added a comment to the man who sold the world as covered by nirvana about it being based on a poem by hugh mearns, but i dont think it showed up. No Comments
  • blahhhhh

    by saturnine on April 18, 2004 comment added for bring me the disco king- bowie. No Comments
  • lyrics added

    by saturnine on April 17, 2004 *bowie through G *a few random iggy pop songs, including i wanna be yr dog. i think i might of skrewed up on a few of the C or B lyrics...gotta go correct those when i can. No Comments
  • 4/8

    by saturnine on April 08, 2004 comments added: *days of being wild- trail of dead *sunday- bowie songs added: *tons of bowie (A-B, Reality, Low, Young Americans, Station To Station, Heathen, Diamond Dogs) *trail of dead- secret of elena's tomb ep *tons of interpol *the get up kids- guilt show *beck- sea change No Comments
  • comments posted

    by saturnine on June 30, 2003 *radiohead- we suck young blood (6/11/03) *radiohead- i will (no man's land) (4/17/03) No Comments
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