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  • 18 october 2005

    by saturnine on October 19, 2005 added the remaining songs for depeche mode's playing the angel. also fleshed out the depeche mode section with some unreleased stuff, and stuff that wasnt added yet. did add any instrumentals though, unsure if thats ok to do. No Comments
  • 21nov

    by saturnine on November 22, 2004 dancing in the moonlight- smashing pumpkins No Comments
  • 12nov

    by saturnine on November 13, 2004 added comment for push by the cure. No Comments
  • 03nov04

    by saturnine on November 04, 2004 commented on city of motors by soul coughing No Comments
  • oct 31

    by saturnine on October 31, 2004 just for halloween, i added: *frankie teardrop by suicide No Comments
  • oct 22

    by saturnine on October 23, 2004 added lyric and commented on: *forever by the cure *art school by darling *brown autumn sunlight by darling No Comments
  • i choked back years of memories...

    by saturnine on October 23, 2004 because today i met billy corgan. No Comments
  • oct 19th

    by saturnine on October 20, 2004 *added lyrics for "upper canada fight song" by kepler...honestly one of the songs most dear to my heart. i wish i could make out all of the lyrics, but sadly i cant. suggested the follwoing artists: *kentucky gag order *dwindle *darling *the winter blanket No Comments
  • sept 17th

    by saturnine on September 18, 2004 added lyrics for: *björk- medúlla commented on: *the cure- all cats are grey No Comments
  • you know where you can shove your hamburger

    by saturnine on May 18, 2004 added a few moz songs off the new album: *how can anybody possibly know how i feel? *im not sorry *i have forgiven jesus (im in love with this song) the rest were already added. i hope the others took the care with the lyrics that i did. i hand typed mine in the format of the lyric sheet from the album while adding in the lines the booklet left out. i swear morrissey will be the death of me. i carry his lyrics in my head constantly. they haunt me with the memories of my past. its as if the lives he were writting about had been my own. No Comments
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