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  • you know where you can shove your hamburger

    by saturnine on May 18, 2004 added a few moz songs off the new album: *how can anybody possibly know how i feel? *im not sorry *i have forgiven jesus (im in love with this song) the rest were already added. i hope the others took the care with the lyrics that i did. i hand typed mine in the format of the lyric sheet from the album while adding in the lines the booklet left out. i swear morrissey will be the death of me. i carry his lyrics in my head constantly. they haunt me with the memories of my past. its as if the lives he were writting about had been my own. No Comments
  • for you i bleed myself dry

    by saturnine on May 02, 2004 added lyrics for bowie through R! almost done with bowie! i should probably work on the iggy pop section next... No Comments
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