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  • oct 31

    by saturnine on October 31, 2004 just for halloween, i added: *frankie teardrop by suicide No Comments
  • oct 22

    by saturnine on October 23, 2004 added lyric and commented on: *forever by the cure *art school by darling *brown autumn sunlight by darling No Comments
  • i choked back years of memories...

    by saturnine on October 23, 2004 because today i met billy corgan. No Comments
  • oct 19th

    by saturnine on October 20, 2004 *added lyrics for "upper canada fight song" by kepler...honestly one of the songs most dear to my heart. i wish i could make out all of the lyrics, but sadly i cant. suggested the follwoing artists: *kentucky gag order *dwindle *darling *the winter blanket No Comments
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