The Aquabats

THE AQUABATS! are an american Ska band formed in Orange County California in 1994. Throughout the years the only two original Aquabats is the lead singer The MC Bat Commander, and the bassist Crash McLarson, though they have ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
Adventure Today1
All My Money!0
Amino Man0
Aquabat March2
Attacked By Snakes3
Awesome Forces!2
Best Day Of My Life!0
Bunny Teeth!0
Canis Lupis4
Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates15
CD Repo Man4
Cheeseburger Politics!0
Chemical Bomb6
Cold Raw Gold1
Danger Woman0
Dear Spike1
Demolition Rickshaw2
Don't Make Me Run!0
Dr. Space Mummy!0
Fashion Zombies!25
Giant Robot Birdhead4
Go Humans, Go!0
Green Ghost0
Hello, Goodnight3
Hey Homies!0
Hey Luno!1
Hi-Five City!1
Hot Summer Nights (Won't Last Forever)5
I Fell Asleep On My Arm20
I Love The Monster0
Idiot Box5
Idiot Box [*]0
In My Dreams!0
It's Crazy, Man!0
Just Can't Lose!1
Let's Go Live in a Cave!0
Little Lady Amazing!0
Lobster Bucket8
Look At Me (I'm a Winner)!9
Lotto Fever1
Lovers Of Loving Love14
Luck Dragon Lady1
Magic Chicken6
Marshmallow Man2
Martian Girl7
Martian Girl [*]0
Mechanical Ape!1
Monsters Wedding0
Mucho Gusto1
My Skateboard6
nerd alert!2
No Rewind!0
Now stand back for your own safety1
Pinch And Roll3
Pink Pants! (featuring Strong Bad)1
Pizza Day38
Plastic Lips4
Playin' It Cool!0
Pool Party33
Poppin' A Wheelie!0
Powdered Milk Man12
Radiation Song5
Radio Down!0
Red Sweater6
Robot Theme Song0
Roofus the Doofus!0
Sequence Erase0
Ska Robot Army3
Spider Love!0
stuck in a movie2
Sun Blocker!0
Super Rad26
The Baker2
The Ballad Of Mr. Bonkers3
The Ballad of the Shapeshifting Pilgrim Boy!0
The Cat With Two Heads7
The Grey Man0
The Legend Is True!1
The Lonely Horseman0
The Man With The Glooey Hands0
The Shark Fighter!0
The Story Of Nothing8
The Thing In The Bass Amp6
The Wild Sea5
Theme Song7
Throw Away The Trash0
Tiger Rider Vs. The Time Sprinkler!1
Tiny Pants3
Unicorn Babies!0
Video Nite!0
Whatever Forever!0
Where is Walter Fang?!0
Why Rock?6
Why Rock? [#]0
Worms Make Dirt7
Yo, Check Out This Ride (Demo)0