Night falls and I'm taken by sleep
Hot air blows up balloons in my dreams
Ding-dong rings the bell
Something's at the door
So I put on my slippers
And I creep across the floor

For the door from hence I heard
Another ding dong
I peep through the door hole
But something's very wrong
As on my porch
There are thousands of snakes
Ready to strike
I feel queasy and
My knees start to shake

My perilous fate
I see no escape as serpents lay seige
To my country estate
The Devil must have opened up hell's gates
and called up millions of snakes
To take me from this place

Big ones Little ones
Fat ones Skinny ones
Protect me from their venomous drug
That springs from the needles of fangs
Attacked by Snakes

By Snakes
So many snakes
You could fill the grate lakes
With snakes
Ha ha ha run
I try to hide
But snake bites on my face testify
I've been attacked by snakes

By snakes so many snakes
It would take a thousand crates
To contain the snakes after me
I'd rather be burned at the stake
Than be attacked by snakes

Welcome to my world
Or should I say this land of snakes
Serpents lie and wait
At every take my knees quake
As my life these snakes invade
Snake invaders show their fangs
On the snake parade

My perilous fate
I see no escape
As my family prays and waits
I fight them off with
Shovels and rakes and
Bats and phones
But I just can't seem
To shake these bones
That slither from the dark
To destroy my home


One snake, Two snake
Are there any more?
There's two more
Knocking at my door...

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Attacked By Snakes song meanings
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    General CommentThe classic, offbeat Aquabats schtick that we've all come to love-fantastic!
    BobtheEvilHorseon June 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAwesome song, comical, musical, brilliant!

    And one could assign many meanings on it (or none), I choose to think of the snakes as the rebellious and open-minded people and the snake victim as the typical "successfull" capitalist.
    QSpecon July 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSomeone suggested to me that the line "There's two more, knocking at my door" is referring to LDS missionaries. I believe some of the members of the 'bats are LDS themselves, so it could be some obscure deprecating humor
    Ninjapatmanon January 26, 2010   Link

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