found myself on the run again
but my motorcycle crashed into a barbed wire fence
I coulda sworn you were following me
in a runaway Soviet submarine
i saw your face in my rearview mirror
i turned around and you're not there
now i'm trapped on a building and i'm tied to the top
and i'm trying to make it out before the bomb goes off

i think i know
its like i've seen it all before
and i think i know
so please keep quiet
dont spoil the ending
stuck, suck in a movie now
feels like i'm stuck in a movie
oh oh oh oh

comin' after you and its getting dark
you're fumbling your keys and your car won't start
there's a kid talking backwards drawing crazy words
there's a kindly old wizard on the wings of a bird
is this the tragic end of me?
or will the sequel set me free?
if you want to know if this is imitation or something real
if you want to be here in my feature film,
well take your brain and shut it off
cuz i'm

stuck, stuck in a movie now
feels like i'm stuck in a movie
i'm stuck, stuck in a movie now
feels like i'm stuck in a movie

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    General CommentAWESOME song!
    mairion March 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is one of the few Aquabat's songs that may overtaly have a meaning!

    i think it is about a guy who is trying to start a meaningful realation ship with hisgirlfriend yet he keeps being reminded of his past relationships (whether the same or previous girl) that he thinks that his relationships will go arwy jsut like the last ones he's had
    *so please keep quiet don't spoil the ending*- i think this line supports my pint; that he thinks that he knows how is relationship is going to end...badly, just as all his others and he is tired of being *"stuck"* in this web of failing relationships each one negatively impacting the other...can't help but relate...

    PS on a lighter note, I love the Jerry McGuire reference!
    tubatweakon October 11, 2008   Link

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