Song Name   Comments
(Sex) Love Is What We Makin'0
(you To Be) Be Happy0
12 Play0
2nd Kelly0
3-Way Phone Call0
4 I'm a Flirt [Instrumental]0
A Love Letter Christmas0
A Woman's Threat0
All I Really Want0
All Rounds On Me0
All the Above0
Apologies of a Thug0
As I Look Into My Life0
At Least (The Little Things)0
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby2
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby...0
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby. Baby...0
Back to the Hood of Things0
Bad Man1
Bad Man [Dirty Version]0
Bad Man [Instrumental]0
Bad Man [Radio Mix]0
Bangin' the Headboard0
Be Careful0
Be My #20
Beautiful In This Mirror0
Been Around the World0
Believe In Me0
Believe That It's So0
Best Friend0
Big Chips0
Break Up (That's All We Do)0
Break Up to Make Up0
Bump N' Grind9
Bump n' Grind [Old School Mix]0
Burn it up0
Burn It Up [Remix]0
Chocolate Factory0
Clipped Wings1
Crazy Night0
Customer [Remix][*]0
Dancing With A Rich Man0
Dancing with a Rich Man [Album Version]0
Dats What I'm Talkin About0
Definition of a Hotti0
Diary of Me0
Did You Ever Think0
Did You Ever Think (remix)0
Did You Ever Think?1
Dollar Bill0
Don't Let Go0
Don't Let Me Die0
Don't Put Me Out0
Don't You Say No1
Down Low1
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)0
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) [It's a Long Story Mix (Blame It on ...)0
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) [Live to Regret It Mix - Instrumenta ...0
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) [Live to Regret It Mix - Uncut (Blame It0
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) [Soundtrack from the Motion Picture ...]0
Down Low Double Life0
Dream Girl0
Fallin' From The Sky0
Far More0
Far More [*]0
Feelin On Yo Booty (remix)0
Feelin' On Yo Booty6
Feelin' Single0
Feelin' You in Stereo0
Fiesta (remix)1
Fiesta [Album Version, Clean]0
Fiesta [Album Version, Street]0
Fiesta [LP Version][Instrumental]0
Fiesta [LP Version][Version]0
Fiesta [LP-Version]0
Fiesta [Remix, Street]0
Fiesta [Remix]0
Fiesta [Remix][Instrumental]0
Fiesta [Remix][Version]0
Fool For You0
For You0
Forever More0
Freak Dat Body0
Freak Tonight0
Freaky in the Club0
Friend of Mine0
Future Girl1
Gangsta Girl0
Get Dirty0
Get Dirty (feat. Chamillionaire)0
Get This Money0
Get Up On A Room0
Ghetto Queen0
Ghetto Religion0
Gigolo [Exclusive]0
Girls Go Crazy0
Go Getta0
Go Getta [Remix]0
Go Getta [Remix][*]0
Go Low0
Gotham City2
Gotham City (remix)0
Gotham City [Acapella/Music]0
Gotham City [Acappella/Music]0
Gotham City [Instrumental]0
Gotham City [Remix Instrumental][Instrumental]0
Gotham City [Remix]0
Gotham City [Remix][*]0
Green Light0
Guilty Until Proven Innocent0
Hair Braider0
Half On A Baby2
Half on a Baby [Instrumental]0
Hands Of Time1
Happy People0
Happy People [Album Version]0
Happy People [Radio Edit] [Edit]0
Happy Summertime0
Havin' a Baby0
Heart of a Woman0
Heaven I Need a Hug [*]0
Heaven If You Hear Me0
Heaven, I Need A Hug5
Hell Yeah [Remix]0
Hey Love (Can I Have a Word)0
Hit It Til the Mornin'0
Hold On0
Home Alone1
Home Alone [Album Version]0
Home Alone [Instrumental]0
Home Alone [Radio Edit]0
Homie Lover Friend0
Homie, Lover, Friend0
Hook It Up0
Hotel [Vacation Remix][*]0
How Did You Manage0
How Do I Tell Her?0
Hump Bounce0
I Believe0
I Believe I Can Fly23
I Believe I Can Fly [From Space Jam]0
I Believe I Can Fly [Instrumental]0
I Believe I Can Fly [Music from Space Jam]0
I Belive I Can Fly0
I Can't Sleep Baby0
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)0
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) [Radio Version][Mix]0
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) [Radio/Video Version][Mix]0
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) [Remix][*]0
I Decided0
I Don't Mean It0
I Like Love0
I Like Love [*]0
I Like the Crotch on You1
I Love the DJ0
I Mean (i Don't Mean It)0
I Surrender0
I Wish16
I Wish (To the Homies That We Lost) [Remix]0
I Wish (Remix - To All The Homies That We Lost)2
I Wish [Radio Edit]0
I Wish [Remix (To the Homies That We Lost)]0
I Wish-Remix [To the Homies That We Lost]0
I'll Never Leave0
I'm a Beast0
I'm A Flirt0
I'm A Flirt (Remix) Feat. T.I. & T-Pain5
I'm a Flirt [*]0
I'm a Flirt [Instrumental]0
I'm a Flirt [Main Version]0
I'm a Flirt [Remix]0
I'm About to Get Her0
I'm Your Angel2
If I Could Make the World Dance0
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time7
If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time [Album Version]0
If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time [LP Version]0
If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time [Radio Edit]0
If I'm Wit You0
Ignition (Remix)5
Ignition Remix0
Ignition [Album Version]1
Ignition [Remix]0
Ignition [Zomba Recording Corporation][Mix]0
Imagine That0
In da Club0
In the Kitchen0
In Those Jeans0
Intro-The Sermon0
It Ain't Personal0
It Seems Like You're Ready0
It's All Good0
It's Like Everyday0
It's Me... [Remix]0
It's On0
It's Your Birthday0
Just A Touch0
Just Can't Get Enough0
Just Like That0
Kickin' It with You Girlfriend0
Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend0
Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)0
Lady Sunday0
Leap of Faith0
Leave Wit Me0
Leave Your Name0
Life of the Party0
Like A Real Freak0
Like I Do0
Looking For Love0
Lost in Your Love0
Love Is0
Love Land0
Love Land [*]0
Love Letter0
Love Letter Prelude0
Love Rehab0
Love Signals0
Love Street0
Mo' Money0
Money Makes The World Go Round0
Music Must Be a Lady0
Nite Nite0
No. 1 Sex0
Not Feelin' the Love0
Not Gonna Hold On0
Number One0
Number One Hit0
One Man0
One Me0
One Step Closer0
Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy0
Out of This Club0
Party Jumpin'0
Pick Up the Phone0
Piss On You (Dave Chappelle)4
Playa's Only0
Playa's Only [Album Version]0
Playa's Only [Instrumental [Instrumental]0
Playas Get Lonely0
Prayer Changes0
Pretty Girls0
Promise [Go and Get Your Tickets Mix][*]0
Put My T-Shirt On0
Quit Actin'0
R&B Thing0
R&b Thug0
Radio Message0
Raindrops [*]0
Real Talk1
Real Talk [Moves!!! Refix]0
Red Carpet (Pause, Flash)0
Reggae Bump Bump0
Religious Love1
Remote Control0
Rise Up0
Rock Star0
Rock Star (feat. Ludacris & Kid Rock)3
Same Girl0
Satisfy You0
Sex in the Kitchen0
Sex Me0
Sex Me (Parts I & II)0
Sex Me, Pt. 10
Sex Me, Pts. 1-20
Sex Planet0
Sex Weed0
Shake Ya Body0
Share My Love0
Shawty Is a 10 [*][Mix]0
She's Coming Home With Me0
She's Got That Vibe1
Slow Dance0
Slow Dance (Hey DJ)0
Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ)0
Slow Wind0
Snake [Remix]0
So Hot0
So Sexy0
So Sexy Chapter II (Like This) [*]0
Solidier's Heart [Instrumental]0
Somebody's Girl0
Spendin' Money0
Step in My Room0
Step In The Name Of Love1
Step In The Name Of Love (Remix)0
Step in the Name of Love [Multimedia Track]0
Step in the Name of Love [Remix]0
Step Into My Room0
Steppin' into Heaven0
Strip For You0
Summer Bunnies0
Supaman High0
Sweet Tooth0
Take My Time Tonight0
Take You Home with Me (aka Body)0
Taxi Cab0
Tempo Slow0
Text Me0
Thank God It's Friday0
The Best of Both Worlds0
The Champ0
The Chase0
The Greatest Sex1
The Greatest Show on Earth0
The Opera0
The Real R. Kelly0
The Return0
The Return [Remix]0
The Storm Is Over0
The Storm Is Over Now1
The Streets0
The World's Greatest39
The World's Greatest [*]0
The World's Greatest [G/Gb/Ab/A]0
The Zoo0
Thoia Thoing0
Thoia Thoing [*]0
Thoia Thoing [Album Version]0
Thoia Thoing [Exclusive]0
Thoia Thoing [R. Kelly Remix]0
Thoia Thoing [R. Kellym Silk & The People's Choice Remix]0
Touched a Dream0
Trade In My Life0
Trapped In The Closet (Chaper 1)0
Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 4 of 5)3
Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 5 of 5)6
Trapped in the Closet Chapter 11
Trapped in the Closet Chapter 21
Trapped in the Closet Chapter 31
Trapped in the Closet Chapter 40
Trapped in the Closet Chapter 50
Trapped in the Closet [Chapter 1 of 5]0
Trapped in the Closet [Chapter 2 of 5]0
Tryin' to Get a Number0
U saved me2
U Saved Me [Album Version]1
Ucud Gedit0
Up And Outta Here0
Use To Me Spending0
We Got Em Goin'0
We Ride0
We Thuggin'0
We Thuggin' [Remix]0
What Do I Do0
What Do I Do [*]0
What I Feel / Issues0
What I Feel/Issues0
When A Man Lies0
When a Woman Loves1
When A Woman's Fed Up1
When I Think About You0
Who's That0
Whole Lotta Kisses0
World Christmans0
World Christmas0
World's Greatest0
You Are My World0
You Knock Me Out0
You Made Me Love You0
You Remind Me Of Something1
Your Body's Callin'2
Your Body's Callin' [Instrumental]0
Your Body's Callin' [LP Version]0
[Untitled Hidden Track] [*]0
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