"Antwerpen" as written by Roughton Reynolds, Chris Batten, Liam Rory Clewlow and Robert Rolfe....
Now I was feeling like a total giant!
But now it feels like Silvius Brabo has sliced my hand off
and thrown it in the river!

Now I was just doing my job,
my feet sink into the bed of the Scheldt
but now my fingers are reeling about with the fishes

I know I'm not making any sense
(no you're not)
all will be revealed
(well I hope so)
all will be revealed if we travel
back in time

I've got to rest, it's for the best.
To build a nest, to take the quest.
To be given just one chance, to be
the best.

Go forth and re-colonize.

It appears the foundations
of all our great nations
are lies and indoctrinations.
So if Silvius Brabo collects the hands of giants
will you join him?

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"Antwerpen" as written by Liam Rory Clewlow Chris Batten

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    Song MeaningSilvius Brabo was a Roman, who cut off a giant's hand because the giant would cut off the hands of those who wouldn't pay to cross the river.

    I think the song is an analogy, for how the giants of the world are governments, and their hands control us. Silvius Brabo cut off the hand of the giant to get him back for taking people's money and punishing them if they don't give it up. In society it's the same, with taxes etc...going into the giant's (government's) pockets?

    Also, just for neatness' sakes, here is a capitalised, and more pedantic set of the lyrics:

    Now I was feeling like a total giant!
    But now it feels like Silvius Brabo has sliced my hand off
    And thrown it in the river!
    Man, I was just doing my job,
    My feet sinking into the bed of the Scheldt,
    But now my fingers are reeling about with the fishes.

    Ha ha ha, yes man.

    I know I'm not making any sense
    (No you're not)
    All will be revealed
    (Well I hope so)
    All will be revealed
    If we travel back in time.

    I've got to rest,
    It's for the best,
    To build a nest,
    To take the quest.
    To be given just one chance
    To be the best.

    Go, go, go, go, go, go forth and re-colonize.
    Go, go, go, go, go, go forth and re-colonize.
    It appears the foundations of all our great nations
    Are lies and indoctrination's.
    So if Silvius Brabo collects the hands of giants,
    Will you join him?
    fxZeroSumon March 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI know Rou is very for Zeitgeist and the Zeitgeist films, he spoke about them and posted the links and what they're about on their website. I think that maybe this song is linking how Zeitgeist explains the government. I think the 'All will be revealed' is to say about how 'only time will tell in this recession as to what will happen, and what will happen to the government'. I think the song is about power that the government has and how it overpowers and having watched Zeitgeist films you can definitely see relation of the song and the state of the government at this moment in time. I think the part about great nations are lies is to do with the borrowing of money from the Fed in Americas case and creating debt with it which puts the world in debt as they are seen as one of the 'Great Countries' and the irony of the country being seen as a 'Great' country but it creates debt which doesn't just affect America but the whole world. I think this is most likely Rou seeing these films and them sparking something inside him and he's written about something he feels strongly about. I also feel the 'Lalalala' repeated is representing the government not listening to the public about concerns. The Silvius Brabo point at the end is questioning the listener and posing the question 'will they revolt and break the mould and be like Silvius Brabo and not be treated like a slave or just let their hands be cut off?' This song is a very powerful song and it's made a huge point in government today. I really like the song as it's not about a 'sexy love' the artist wants to sing a plethora of songs about that all sound the same and just get boring, it's something that's real and worth thinking of. These are just my thoughts and views. I think watching Zeitgeist aids understanding of the song. Go watch the films, you'll see the song in a different light.
    Yokimotoon April 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSilvius Brabo represents those who stand up against oppression, i.e. he cuts the hand off the giant who is forcing people to pay if they want to cross the river Schledt, otherwise the giant would cut their hand off.

    The idea is that this story is meant to encourage us to stand up against oppression, like Silvius Brabo did- ''So if Silvius Brabo collects the hands of giants, will you join him?''- the giants, in this instance, representing huge corporations and governments that are abusive of their power.
    joeryanisaoceloton November 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe start of the song is about a legend where Silvius Brabo defeated a giant guarding the river Schledt and cut his hand off and threw it in the river. I'm not sure about exactly what this means in terms of the indoctrinations etc, but maybe saying that the colonisation of many places was very violent and that the foundations of these nations came at a cost to the previous inhabitants, the passage of time has turned these things into legends and not for what truly occurred.
    Just my thoughts.
    Pretty cool song too.
    surfnuton March 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAlso, Antwerp means to throw hands, so the title of the song makes sense lol.
    fxZeroSumon March 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthey playes this song yesterday at theirrr show
    <333 gaah they are amazing
    shakelly_blackmouthon March 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIf this is what's expected to be on their next album...


    Second albums are usually the most difficult, but I don't think Enter Shikari will have a problem here.

    I love the bit where they go 'Yes Man' and into some drum n bass style music.

    Love everything about it really!
    lcfcsunilon March 21, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti read about the zeitgeist movement but didnt understand it :( apart form a few bits.

    who cares the song rocks

    cant wait for the new album

    JonnySniper335on April 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAntwerpen is a dutch city in Belgium and in Dutch " Hand Werpen " means to throw hand wich is linked to the legend of the giant.
    This story is an old one but it comes from Belgium.
    untitled08on April 28, 2009   Link
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    General Commenthaha! i think i get it. silvus brabo is like representing all the worlds leaders and stuff and hes asking if theyre corrupting us will join them?
    kelb93on June 03, 2009   Link

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