"Reiketsu Nariseba" as written by Dai Ando (pka: Die), Toshimasa Hara (pka: Toshiya), Kaoru Niikura (pka: Kaoru), Shinya Terachi (pka: Shinya) and Hironori Nishimura (pka:kyo)....
You're the one that's lost now
You shallow shit with that sad little look on your face
Why don't you just grow yourself some wings of pity?

Lose track of where you are, all dolled up as a star?
You make me laugh

Suck me

Even when you talk big, you do it by protecting yourself
Suck me

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"Reiketsu Nariseba" as written by Hironori Nishimura (pka:kyo) Dai Ando (pka: Die)

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Reiketsu Nariseba song meanings
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    General CommentIn my opinion (I could be mistaken of course), I think it's Kyo talking to himself.

    "You're the one that's lost now"

    I think that maybe he is lost when it comes to his lyrics, maybe he feels like he has no inspiration; let's be honest, his lyrics don't even look like they used to.

    "You shallow shit with that sad little look on your face
    Why don't you just grow yourself some wings of pity"

    Kyo IS an unhappy person, everybody knows that, he has said it himself, so maybe he feels empty and when he looks at himself in the mirror he sees that sadness in his eyes. The part of the wings of pity might be sarcastic, like "why don't you go cry in your room".

    "Lose track of who you are, all dolled up as a star...? You make me laugh
    Money? Fame? Success?"

    He might be talking about his carrer, that he is a star now, he's famous, has money, has succeeded in the music scene, but maybe he changed into something he doesn't want to be, he feels like he isn't himself anymore, or maybe he can't be himself anymore.

    "Suck Me

    That is just a "fuck you"

    "Even when you talk big, you do it by protecting yourself"

    Kyo is a very cold person, he doesn't talk much and maybe he is talking about protecting himself by only opening up in musical aspects, I mean, he limits himself and only talks about the band, he doesn't want anybody to know anything about his personal life. And that could be his "shield", he avoids personal stuff and only focuses on the band. Something like that...

    "Suck Me"

    Fuck you again.

    This could be completely wrong, but he has written songs about himself before, R to the Core, Clever Sleazoid, Machiavellism... And this, to me, is definitely about Kyo talking to himself. Maybe he is unhappy with how he is as a writer and singer now... And the PV is kinda supporting my point of view... well, how can I explain it...? Many scenes in the video show something like a typical North American family and lifestyle, and there's also many "drawings" and images with a very western style. The fact that there's a family watching TV and they appear in the screen makes me think of something like "we are a big hit in the US now" but maybe Kyo isn't really happy with that. He even said in recent interviews that he doesn't really enjoy touring overseas when it comes to the US lately. It could be because of the fact that many fans in the US like them because of their Vulgar~TMOAB era and later, not many really enjoy their previous CD's or really like their VK times (many "fans" are glad they quitted make up and stuff and prefer a more... "western style"), or maybe just because it's exhausting, who knows... Besides, many non-japanese fans have requested more songs in english, not realizing that they are a JAPANESE band and Kyo sings in Japanese, he had done that for years, only including short phrases in english, but suddenly he has to change the other way around to "please" many Dir en grey fans. And I guess he isn't very happy with that. He dosn't have to write songs in english only, but he has to sing in a "perfect" english too, because when he "did what he could" everyone complained and said "he should definitely practise/improve his english" (Why don't you improve your japanese then??) and that must be a pain in the ass. The part in the video where you see a woman cutting her tongue maybe means he can't express what he really thinks. Maybe the whole "fame and success" has limited his "repertoire"? For the "circus" thing... maybe he finds himslef as a clown, entertaining others but behind a "mask", not really showing his true self. And there are many parts where you can see female figures lifting their skirts, in provocative poses; I interpreted that as a feeling of "protitution"; maybe Kyo thinks he "sold" himself for money, fame and success?

    This post is too long already so I'm going to stop writing, besides I've already explained the idea...

    And the Indian stuff... I have no idea what they mean, I'm not into Hindu culture so I can't figure out the meaning.
    warumonokurenaion December 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNext to the english versions of Glass Skin & Dozing Green, this is the third song off the new CD that is completely all in english. It's almost in the same vein as Agitated Screams of Maggots, but more heavier, since Kyo switchs from screaming to gutteral growling in a split-second. To tell you the truth, this song could be better than Agitated, but that's my own opinion. Now right to interpretation ^^. I think the song is about Kyo bashing celebrities, mocking them in a sense(and oh how he mocks them :) ):

    'You're the one that's lost now'
    Kyo's way of saying "You dug your own grave. Deal with it"

    'You shallow shit with that sad little look on your face'
    'Why don't you just grow yourself some wings of pity'
    Pretty much saying how that person looks so pitiful by putting on an act, telling that person to make your own sypathy, as that person isn't getting it here. Compare this to how a celberity puts on an act to get sympathy for their actions and you'll get the basic gist of it.

    'Lose track of who you are,all dolled up as a star...?You make me laugh'
    He begins to mock the person and laughs at how low that person has sunk. He point out how that person has nothing to fall back onto anymore.

    'Suck Me'
    A clever way of saying go fuck yourself. Pretty much telling the person to kiss his ass or go to hell.

    'Even when you talk big,you do it by protecting yourself'
    'Suck Me'
    He's saying to the person that their putting on a big act just to prevent their name from being smeared any further. He then adds a personal "Fuck Off" at the end.

    The title, Reiketsu Nariseba, can be translated as "Let it be cold-blooded." Just a guess, but it could be considered like a forewarning that he's not going to pull his punches with his statements.

    Shibooon November 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI put up these lyricz nice anyway,I agree 100% with you
    Wrath90on November 24, 2008   Link
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    My Opinionfucking love this song!
    one of the best in the album
    mishtickon December 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMany the songs on this album, and especially this one, seem to be heavily influenced by Indian (not Native American, but the actual country of India) music. I like this new sound...but at the same time I hope it doesn't carry on too much. Similar to how I liked the "KoRn" sound they had in their guitars at some moments during the Marrow of a Bone album...but would have been disapointed if it had showed up in the next album.

    My favorite part of this song is near the end when he screams...he honestly sounds like some sort of bird of prey. How often does a singer manage to pull that off? <3
    ShadowxGreyon December 24, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song's meaning is deeper than just "fuck celebrities," and that its more directed at Dir en grey themselves.

    Some older fans have been saying their new sound since Withering to Death is too dumbed down, different, mainstream, or American sounding. I agree that its different, but thats not a bad thing, at all.

    I'd have to say that I see this as kind of a Fuck You to the people who say these kinds of things, denouncing them as artists.

    I'd think thats why they threw in the interlude with Kyo's a capella as well, a slight throwback to the sound of their older songs...
    Wednezdayon March 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think it's amusing how the title's in classical Japanese (well what seems to be) but the entire song's in English. LMAO

    I was disappointed by it at first, now I think I like it more than "Beautiful Dirt" (that's the one most similar to this I can think of).
    wagahomodachion April 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLol guys, isn't it obvious? This song is about LINKIN PARK XD.
    Ryuk88on October 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOh, and the "all dolled up as a star, you make me laugh"
    Maybe he wanted to express the feeling of being "garnished" to look like every star should, and to be more "attractive" for the future fans, giving the sense of that tough guy, the typical rockstar everybody loves and everybody wants to see on stage.
    He probablly thinnks that is pathetic, but more pathetic than that is him accepting it. So that makes him laugh at himself.
    warumonokurenaion December 19, 2009   Link

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