Whisper something to me so I can hear your voice
I’m pushing you away, my will be done, it is my choice
You sing to me in inky black with tendrils flailing wildly
Yet I remain in solid stone, no force on earth will move me

Why does it seem that all is slipping further from me?
I build and build and reaching up my arms can not reach anything
Give me something, anything
Why is it bleak and barren
Don’t I deserve the world after building building building?
You dangle happiness before me yet keep it out of reach
My well is dry and still I try to fill it up I seek and seek and seek
Nothing lasts except the empty swallowing my soul
But I will rise above this world and I will fill my holes

my heart and soul belong to me, I am my own
My own my own

I am a fire
I eat the world and defecate the shell

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The Pig (Anorexia) song meanings
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    General CommentBUY THE CDs...SERIOUSLY.

    [I REFUSE to give away the story]At this point in anorexia, she is visited by a pig, the pig starts out sounding sweet, then once she's already in its grasp, sees it for what it really is...

    It goes hand in hand with the lyrics. She does what SHE wants, until she realizes she made a mistake, and can;t find her way out.
    worshipleaderon May 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commentcan't wait for the new CD!
    ok, what i see is a person who has given up on letting God decide his path. they feel they "deserve the world" because of all they've been through. but they are taking the world not because they care for it, but instead because they are being selfish. this selfishness begins to degrade the world they thought they "deserved".
    basically i think they are tying the whole "i'm my own god" mindset to selfishness, and they are tying selfishness to a very slow destructive force: pollution.
    theenjoisk8ron April 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI personally believe the opposite, and the person they are moving away from is satan since they refer to "sing to me in inky black with tendrils flailing wildly". It then seems that they are in the "solid stone" of jesus, and they will not be moved.
    Although they do have this love for God and a drive to push away satan, they question why God doesn't provide immediately. "Why does it seem that all is slipping further from me?.../ Give me something, anything" They have a will to serve God, but one foot remains in the world and they're flesh longs to be appeased.
    There is a realization at the end of the song though. "But I will rise above this world and I will fill my holes/ my heart and soul belong to me, I am my own my own my own" Satan holds no power over the girl anorexia
    spandorfon May 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthm, it is somewhat confusing when it says, "I’m pushing you away, my will be done, it is my choice" and then "Yet I remain in solid stone, no force on earth will move me" in the same paragraph.
    i dont think you can be considered "in [the] solid stone" of jesus if you also claim "my will be done, it's my choice".
    and the line "my heart and soul belong to me, I am my own my own my own" also shows that the speaker thinks they have control over their life more than God. a God follower thinks just the opposite: i am not my own, Your will be done.
    since we know it will be a story, and based on the placement of this track (the middle of the CD) this will probably be a "low" point for our hero or even a friend of our hero.
    theenjoisk8ron May 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSpandorf is right, but as for the "discrepancy" theenjoisk8r found in the lyrics: Anorexia thinks she is doing good, but she is really doing bad.
    Invader Z?on May 27, 2008   Link
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    General Commentread the story first
    worshipleaderon June 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commentand what ya'll are saying...no.

    With her saying 'I am my own' she's not giving ANY credit to god. She's saying "I am invincible" I can not be moved by anything...

    The bible says YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN [you were bought with a price"

    She's standing for herself and herself alone in her own self-righteous mind.
    worshipleaderon June 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song has a really strong christian meaning, so i can't agree with worship leader, i am christian too and i can tell that i felt this way one day,

    the i am my own part is not written to god, he claims the devil that he has his own will(either to be or not to be with god) and that he is getting away from the devil. then in the solid stone part he gets to think about god, and how he has always been right there to help even if he hasnt notice.

    the why does it seems part to me remind me of when i was witouth god, and everyting was really going wrong even when i tried to get things right, it just didnt work because i was "building" without god
    BuryYourHopeson June 09, 2008   Link
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    General Comment@worshipleader
    we had posted before the CDs were released. no harm in trying to decipher josh's new material asap.

    i myself own both CDs along with signed booklets, so chill.
    not to brag or anything, but i also own "The Spinal Cord Perception" and a copy of Aesthetics of Violence by D.I.E.S., a side band he started with his wife.
    Both are amazing and if you get the chance to buy a copy of the book, take it. they are very rare now.
    theenjoisk8ron June 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt's about rage at being unable to fill yourself up with your own deeds, works, thoughts, and words, blaming God for not giving you everything, turning your back on him, and declaring you'll fill yourself up by your own hands, despite the fact that has not worked so far.
    5-pakon December 24, 2009   Link

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