"Iowa" as written by Nathan Jonas Jordison, Corey Todd Taylor, Craig Alan Jones, Michael Shawn Crahan, Christopher Michael Fehn, Paul Dedrick Gray, James Donald Root, Mickael Gordon Thomson and Sidney George Wilson....
Relax, it's over, you belong to me, I fill your mouth with dirt
Relax, it's over, you can never leave
I take your second digit with me, love,
You are, my first, I can breath
I find you fascinating
You are, my favorite,lay you down to sleep
It's all that I can do to stop, love,
So blue, so broken,paper doll decays
I haven't left you yet
So cold, subversive, your eyes are full of bleach
Tomorrow, I will go away again, love,
You are mine, you will always be mine, I can tear you apart
I can recombine you
All I want is to covet you all
You belong to me
I will kill you to love you.(love)

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"Iowa" as written by Christopher Fehn Chris Fehn

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    General CommentThis is my favourite slipknot song. It reminds me of purity a bit (the story behind it)
    I think the song starts after the climax - the murder.
    "Relax...it's over"

    The guy now has her all to himself because no one can take her away from him now that she is dead. (Now that she is dead, no one else will want to love her. He can)
    "you belong to me"
    When he ‘fills her mouth with dirt’ he could be burying her (as in purity - but purity was alive - and fictional) Or he could be bringing such a perfect icon down to his level. He is personalising her. Making her so that no one else will want her because she is his toy now - his love; his fantasy.
    "I fill your mouth with dirt"

    The line; "I take your second digit with me... Love...", may be referring to the wedding finger (second from the end) digit meaning finger. Because she now belongs to him and she can’t belong to anyone else - the wedding finger being the symbol. He is trapping her from being with some one else by killing her; burying her and removing the symbolic representation of partnership. Either literally removing the finger or just metaphorically speaking it emphasises the guys possessiveness need to feel that she will always be his.

    The fascination with the dead body becomes intense (he might think she is still alive - like in Psycho?) ;
    "You are...my first,
    I can breath
    I find you fascinating
    You are...my favorite,
    lay you down to sleep
    It's all that I can do to stop...Love..."
    Showing that he was driven to kill her for his long dying love for her - he realised she was unatainable. He can "breath" maybe showing that he shows no remorse for his actions.
    Other lines might just represent the guys love and fascination growing.

    The lines;
    "So blue...so broken,
    paper doll decays
    I haven't left you yet
    So cold... subversive,
    tour eyes are full of bleach"
    Might show his reactions to her in weeks to come. He now feels sorry for her; he might not be as attracted to her; his love may have weakend a bit because of her appearance. She was such a pretty icon now ‘broken’ and polluted like him. Paper doll decays is an analogy just going over the line above. She was a beautiful girl that he fantasised over now she is rotting and decaying and she isn’t what he expected of her now that she is twisted like him. He tells the corpse that he hasn’t left her yet - showing that he was tempted to leave her.
    "so cold… subersive " shows that he thinks she has tricked him with her looks; she led him on hinting at a better life with undying love; he thinks of her as twisted and treacherous making him fall in love with her. He is blaming it on her.
    Her eyes are full of harm. He is describing her as being evil.

    The end of it shows that he prefers to lust after people and stalk them because he is living in a fantasy but as soon as he tries to make it reality the girl isn’t what he expected making her subversive for leading him on?

    Anyway the song makes me horny - I don’t want to have a relationship like that - but I like twisted music.
    Paradoxical Martyron May 22, 2002   Link
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    General Commentit is correct that he sung this song naked and was cutting himself, stripped down to the bone, this song is about you are always better than someone who fucks with you, most likely in a relationship, corey realises he has the power and nothing can stop him
    chriswyatton May 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentGood God, people. In an interview Corey said the song is about living in Iowa. How it can seem so bleak and desperate, like you could get stuck there forever. You people who drew sexual context out of it just need to get laid.
    adamizeron May 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI like the song - i no the lyrics are fucked up but they are about a film (bone collector i think) what he did whilst singin it was mad - he stripped off totally butt naked, sliced himself up and sung it bleeding and everythimg.
    Survived Abortionon May 15, 2002   Link
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    General Commenterr..sorry about the essay.lol. I got a wee bit carried away. Relax...it's over.
    Paradoxical Martyron May 22, 2002   Link
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    General Commentver good point hea-thyr! your fucking smart you know that????
    Slipknot_sixft_underon September 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about someone who kills women and recreates them in his own image, like a living doll type thing. Corey was butt-naked and all cut up and bleeding during the recording of this song.
    generalbukkakeon February 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentNobody feels catatonic over this song? Obviously none of you have ever been close to a rape victim. The bottomless despair you feel for the one who was raped and tortured... this song brings all those feelings back up to me. I only listen to this song when i cut myself. I think thats what Corey was trying to get at. He was trying to make you feel horrible, and scare you away from that mental progression. It didnt seem to work though, you people just wanna fuck to it.
    execute meon October 10, 2007   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionI found this.
    Here are written some of the background voices.
    Hope someone will change the lyrics.

    Relax, it's over
    You belong to me
    I fill your mouth with dirt
    Relax, it's over
    You can never leave
    I take your second digit with me

    You are my first
    I can barely breathe
    I find you fascinating
    You are my favorite
    Lay you down to sleep
    It's all that I can do to stop

    So blue, so broken
    Paper doll decays
    I haven't left you yet
    So cold, subversive
    Your eyes are full of bleach
    Tomorrow I will go away again


    Oh God...
    During this part of the song you can hear whispers in the background.
    I don't know if it is real or not, I guess this is the low-whispered part and it can be heard
    only reversing the song.

    "black moons rise up through daylight killing sunlight Knives are red and you are Dead my arm is shaking from you death six six six is all I hear Stab you back killings everywhere ruins of bodies don't look at me don't fucking look at me don't leave me I'll die dead spirits Dont look at me killers are loose as I am one of them kill every one..."

    Do you know what majes life, noo...

    It builds us, it makes us it takes us...

    Life tears us apart...



    Don't look at me ***REVERSED*** (4 times)

    It's a cycle that hurts us...

    To cuts us...

    You can't leave...


    You see, you see, you see, DO YOU SEE? Do you see? Do you see?

    Just you and I, and the love...




    I can smell you on me

    (more laughs)

    I fucking told you!


    You will live forever...

    You will live forever.


    Comment it please.
    lion999on May 21, 2010   Link
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    General Commentconsidering how the slipkot guys feel about their hometown, i think iowa may be another name for hell. the song is audial represention/soundscape of that place; a cold and desolate nightmare realm with the lyrics making it a brilliantly twisted love song. the killer is singing this song to his 'love';someone he's just killed. i'm not a murderer but im assuming that killing someone is the most extreme and personal experience you can have with an individual and this song reflects that experience(love). the killer seems to be in conflict with himself considering the part where one voice is saying 'it tears us apart' and another voice is screaming 'shut up!'. also the singing parts have two vocal recording being played in sync but that may just be for effect. there's a part in the song where he keeps repeating 'oh god, oh god' which seems to be a 'moment of clarity' where what he's done ha hit him and for a moment he can't deal with it, adding to the inner conflict. the final line 'you will live forever' seems to be sarcastic considering the religious belief in eternal life and assuming the victim took these beliefs to the grave, they will now 'live forever'. there is also the possibility that the 'victim' in this song is symbolic. seeing as corey was naked, vomiting all over himself and cutting himself with broken glass when recording the vocals the 'killer' may be having a psychotic episode or be possessed in this song. anyway this song has multiple themes and meanings which all come down to interpritation and that is the mark of a great and ageless work of musical art.(love)
    stay (sic). the pig will be missed.
    -ReNeGaDe-NiNjA-on August 09, 2010   Link

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