Lyric discussion by electricboogaloo7 

the song is about population control by government where people are assigned a number and picked by lottery and when ur # comes up you die. The guy singing is the programmer and his # came up, 156, so he is going to die. duh. ~rach

@electricboogaloo7 No but close. It;s about the last days. Man merging with machine. When his # comes up, it's because he was snooping where he shouldn't have...Notice the song comes from the 1984( the book 1984) album The Warning. Geoff is warning all of us what the elites are planning for civilization. A population reduction of anywhere from 90 to 99 percent of the earth. One thing is fro damn sure. One of the spookiest songs we'll ever hear. The most intelligent rock band ever??? Without a doubt I say YES.

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