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Porno For Pyros Lyrics

came home last night
there was fire and smoke on the t.v.
cops and the army
people running out in the street looting

i took off my clothes
and came four times--
could not leave myself alone

it was porno for pyros!

got in my car
saw the fire and smoke, headed to it
just for this night
i believe it is good to destroy it!

get back in the car!
let's drive on by
everybody bump and grind...

it was porno for pyros
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May 09, 2002
5 Meanings
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i think this is about the LA riots could be wrong tell me if i'm right or wrong

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It was Porno for Pyros! DUHH! Like any "fetish" pyromania, S&M, ect., you get off on, maybe not to the extent of actually you know getting off lol but in this case and this song the person or people are lol

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This is a song about GETTIN OFF to the thought of rioting...especially the burning of the buildings.

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he came four times, then went to join in on the fun.

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haha i love it, i guess people like violence and destruction, how many kids did you know when you were young that were into weapons and violence?? that was all the cool shit back then, and it all reflects perfectly on television.

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